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Under the kilometer-thick ice sheet of the Antarctic
there is a world beyond hardly anything is known. Now it’s an international research team
managed to dig a 1000 meter deep hole while drilling a lake directly
under a glacier. A madness endeavor! And not only that: it was more than unexpected
Findings made! How exactly the elaborate bore succeeded and
whether in the dark lake also the one or other undiscovered species are tracked down
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Nothing. Welcome! Not only the universe still holds many undiscovered
Surprises for us, but also the Antarctic. Because under the kilometer thick ice there is
numerous areas that are still completely unknown to us are unknown. What is hidden there? Which processes take place under the Antarctic
Ice shield off? What does it look like and how can you feel
to imagine the flow of water? Most likely hide in these
unexplored regions also organisms, of which we do not even suspect anything. Not for nothing did the scientific journal
“Nature” the world under the eternal ice Antarctica once considered the largest unexplored
Named “ecosystem of the planet”. Because to get to the appropriate depths,
are days of drilling necessary. But an international research team
a decisive success has now been achieved that helps us learn more about these mysterious ones
To experience areas of our earth. It was done in late December: several days
long had a high pressure and hot water drill through a nearly 1,100 meter thick layer of ice
worked. The research team had the needed
500 tons heavy equipment before two For months to the remote spot in the south
transported to the Antarctic. But the whole work was not in vain: Because
in the drilling 600 kilometers from the South Pole removed the research team reached the
Antarctic subglacial lake called “Lake Mercer “. It has an area of ​​160 square kilometers
and is twice as big as Manhattan. Its depth is estimated at ten to fifteen meters. And this venture is a huge success. Because that’s the second time ever
in the history of humanity, that such a subglacial lake, so a lake under one
Glacier, could be drilled directly. Although could in the 90s per
Radar lakes and rivers under the ice be detected, of which some
cut off from the outside world for 120,000 years are. Nevertheless, you hardly know anything about it until today
these areas. Such lakes probably arise because of the earth’s crust
warmer than the ice cover over it lies. The rock acts as a kind of heat source
and ensures that the ice cover from below melts. 2013 succeeded in drilling another
subglacial lake, the so-called “Lake Whillans”. The investigations showed that despite the
there are plenty of extreme conditions down there microbial life is possible. There were signs of a higher life back then
but not. The experts were accordingly excited
Also, what about the analysis of their samples this time would result. And once again, the international succeeded
Research team with a lot of effort, through the bored Schacht in the ice to take a water sample. And indeed: even in the icy waters
of the “Lake Mercer” lurk countless organisms. David Harwood, one of the involved
Scientist: “My job in the project it is, after fossil remains of diatoms
to search. They should come from the time when
the ice had withdrawn and the sea had penetrated far into the West Antarctic. When I’m in the mud after these diatoms
I also discovered the remains in it a tank that looked like a tiny one
Crustacean. The chitin of the tank was aged, stained
and dark. ” The scientists
So not only microbes and diatoms were able to do so track down, but also traces of tiny
Animals, mushrooms and plants. This find of crustaceans and tardigrades,
so-called Tardigrada, surprised the research team however, even. Also, if all the animals in the analyzed so far
Samples were dead, according to the Professionals be good that down there
also living organisms are located. Madness. The big question: how could these complex
Organisms in the icy cold and dark waters come and how can you stay there in the bitter cold
Lakes survive without sunlight ?! There are so far only assumptions. It was ice cream several million years ago
Another sea on “Lake Mercer”: at that time probably have the now discovered diatoms
lived in this region. The tardigrades and crayfish are the research team
According to probably much younger and have several thousand to ten thousand years ago
in ponds that are in the surrounding mountains are living. How exactly they got into the lake
is still unclear. It is conceivable that the marine animals flushed
had been thinner than the Antarctic ice was, according to the research team. Later she has the ice sheet in the
iced lakes included. A definitive answer to this riddle
However, only further analysis in the laboratory could be done give: Do the bear and crustaceans actually
miles deep in the dark ice lived? The author team of the current study goes
in any case, that survival of these organisms under the ice of the Antarctic
theoretically possible. The living things could get away from bacteria
and have nourished oxygen, probably in sufficient level is included. The exact analysis and interpretation of the
collected samples will probably still take a few years. But the chances are good that we through it
Can better understand life forms that For centuries the sun has not been seen
to have. Also to understand Antarctic history
This undertaking will certainly contribute. And is not excluded, too
yet another other undiscovered species is tracked down, which has been countless
Hides under the thick layer of ice for years. To the scientist John Priscu: “” In addition
you can use this biosphere with potential Habitats deep in Mars or on the ice-covered
Compare the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. So the habitats, where we are extraterrestrial
Suspect life or theoretically exist could or remains of it. The findings of Mercer Lake could
thus also exciting evidence for it deliver what kind of life on planet
could exist in our solar system. And how you look for them, you learn in space-time
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