Fricking hard – Ep 1 | Road to 99 kg vlog

Hello everyone! I really need to lose some weight,
around 22 Kilos in 3 months, and I decided to start running. I also started on a diet today, but I want
to do some running as well,
and the fact is that I really hate running. I hate running, I hate walking. So in order to make this more interesting,
I’m gonna record this and create a vlog. So welcome to my vlog, enjoy my journey! Currently I weigh 122 *Kg (269 lb) and
I want to go back to at least 100 (220 lb) by the 25th of October this year. So I have exactly 3 months. Let’s see how it goes and hopefully you’ll
enjoy this journey together with me. We might see some running, we might see some
other activities, we might see some nice diet food. This is how I look today, I’m a bit round. I really don’t feel comfortable with my weight
today. So I really, really want to make this happen
in 3 moths. I’m gonna do this and then I gonna remind
my self using this vlog of how hard it was. Let’s do some running! Since this is my first time running in … forever,
like ever, I’m gonna start off lightly. Last time I ran was one and half years ago. It was this marathon for blood donations called
Blodomloppet and everyone at work wanted to run so I decided to join in and I joined in
for the 10 km run. I said: “No, no 5 km, let’s take the 10 one.” to have a challenge and it was… It was a challenge. But I finished, I finished.. I did a lot of walking but I still finished. And I finished in like 1 hour and 40 minutes
or something like that so people were still there when I finished. After that 10 k run my foot hurt for like
two and a half weeks or something. So let’s have some running up the hill. Come on I can do this! It’s hard! It’s not easy to run uphill… This is still a bit uphill
but I have to walk a bit faster. I have now been out for around 20 minutes
and now I’m walking in the forest. Ah, I think I can run downhill at least. It’s much better to run downhill. Mmm, I’m on a diet, I shouldn’t be eating
bugs. It’s gonna be a crazy uphill later. Let me tell you how … how I thought running
would help. Actually, I told you, I hate running. Then one could say: “Why don’t you do something
else? Like go to the gym? Lift some weights or maybe even go swimming?” I’ve tried those before and the fact is that
after a few times, maybe a week or two I grow tired of it. Running…! Go outside, take a quick run, get back inside
and I can also do this… vlogging. Ahhh yeah! I hope that nobody will laugh at my bra, I
mean the GoPro holder for the chest. It’s hard to hold the camera up here like,
you know, real vloggers. Yeah, I’ve been walking and still I feel pain
in my shoulder instead. The uphill is here now. Let’s try this! Sprint! I’ve always hated the in-ear headphones. They always fall of off my year, even the
ones that you really push in. Let’s do another sprint! Hard! I did it! 43 minutes, 4 k, and average pace 10:35. This is it guys! My first run and episode of the vlog. Hope you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the
sunset behind me. Thanks for being there and if you liked it
give it a like and if you want to be with me for this journey hit the Subscribe button
for more. Pretty tired! Bye guys!

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