Fuc*ed My Knee | 25 Meter Gainer (82ft)

I feel like I am gonna have a go pretty soon Thomas: No comment from me…
All good? I feel like I am gonna have a go pretty soon Good, Thomas is in the water. Where is the boat going? Puh, nice. You ready Thomas? Pontus: My knee is not fully working It is my left one, I can move it… but There is something that is not all good I do not think Emil will go for it after my reaction. Aight, Emil is not going for it.

100 thoughts on “Fuc*ed My Knee | 25 Meter Gainer (82ft)

  1. Totally anticlimactic… If you say "fucked my knee" im gonna think you straight wiped out and broke that shit, not just hyperextended it a little.
    You tensed up too much which is why you hyperextended it. If anything you should have just tucked in if you felt too much resistance on your legs. Jumping for 6 or 7 or however long you claim should make you think like that….. And just to put the cherry on top of this troll cake, if theres a barbed wire fence, that usually means someone got hurt doing the same dumb shit…

  2. He fucked his knee because he landed with his feet flat on the water. If he pointed his toes down he would have been more streamlined and the force of the water would not push his toes up.

  3. Vad är grejen med alla patienter i korridoren, har läkarna tagit semester? Man får va glad man inte skadar sig under sommartider..

  4. Weirdest feeling ever, passing by where you jumped from on the bridge, and I kinda felt that it was the same place so I came to check and it actually was the same place, anyways hope you get good again and stay well

  5. Never ever ever have your legs fully straightened when landing, it's like they teach you with a leg press machine. When you do that all the weight is put on your joints and not your muscles!!!!

  6. Hade ni kunnat göra en video på en totourial typ hur man ska landa och hoppa när man hoppar från högte höjder, har hoppat som högst ifrån 16m och när man landar då känns det som att landa på asfalt, så tänkte om det fanns något speciellt sätt att land Tex

  7. Håller du GoPron i munnen när du hoppar från klippor, isf vida ditt pov setup och om inte, hur filmar du? Btw skitbra video som vanligt!

  8. Jag tror nog att ditt hopp ändå avbockade de flesta personernas bucketlist. Grymt hopp.

    Lite kul att du inte rekomenderar någonting i dina videos. Vissa skulle se dig som en hycklare för att du gör de själv i dina videos. Men samtidigit så är det endå upp till var och en att bestämma vad de ska göra och inte göra.

  9. You fucking lunatic…. 💦😅

    But i have to say; you must have balls to visit a swedish hospital these days aswell.

  10. You're such a stupid fool and you got everything you deserved. Hope your knee is fucked for good so you stop doing this shit.

  11. Vill ni kolla på mer cliff jumping borde ni kolla in Adrenaline Addiction’s kanal, han är helt sjukt grym

  12. You should have thrown a big stone to prepare the water.
    It allows to oxygenate the water and to return more face

  13. Hey Pontus57! Your video looks perfect for our video of the month contest on Campfire because of your amazing footage! We would love to see you upload it to http://campfire.outsidetv.com/home to have the opportunity to win a carabiner + headlamp, Boreo helmet/harness, portable crash pad, and some free publicity! See you on the site!

  14. watching your shadow come down the wall was fkn unreal. good timing and i hope your knee comes out good in the long run.

  15. Just imagine if you trip, slip or stumble right before you are meant to jump..that’s going to be a scary painful death.

  16. Hey guys, just a suggestion: at 25 meters the extra surface area of your shoe adds a MASSIVE amount of force to your knees on impact. If you are jumping higher than 8m, go barefoot.

  17. Bor 10 min bort o kollat på d stället i 3 år nu!! aldrig checkat påriktigt men varenda gång ja åkr förbi blir man ju jävligt taggad men undrar om d går att gå ner längre o hoppa från cirka 15 m ksk? Sjukt coolt o se nån hoppa!!

  18. man borde starta ett program i svensk tv som heter ballar av titan och det programmet borde vara dedikerat till dig. fyyyyfaaan det va helt jävla sinnesjukt!

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