Fujifilm X-T4: New Features, Price, Release Date

(light music) (laughs) (upbeat music) (explosions) (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, welcome to Pal2Tech. Well, today is the day. This is it. No more rumors, no more
speculating, no more guessing. Fujifilm just announced
the official details of the brand new X-T4 camera. I’ve divided this video
into four distinct parts. New features and highlights, design and ergonomics, new video features, and my final thoughts
on today’s announcement. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it. The new Fujifilm X-T4
camera will cost $1700. It’s available for preorder right now, and I have a link down below, and it will be released
on April 30th this year. The X-T4 comes with the
same 26.1 megapixel, X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, the same one that the X-T3 has, and that’s just fine
with me for two reasons: first, it’s an amazing sensor, and second, there is so much more to a digital camera than just the sensor. Now, in addition to
shooting raw and jpeg files, the camera will now allow a new eight or 16 bit RGB TIFF file format option. Now the pixel dimension options
of these recorded images to the SD cards will be
the exact same as the X-T3. You know, the S, M, and L sizes, with the largest size being
6240 pixels by 4160 pixels. Also new, when shooting raw is selected, you can now choose between a non-reversible compressed option, and a normal lossless compressed. I’m not sure why the
hell you’d wanna do that, but hey, it’s an option. Here’s the first major new feature, let’s talk battery life. We have a brand new, completely different, and much more powerful
battery, called the NP-W235. The new battery looks like this, and now goes up to 2350 milliamps. Translation? You go from getting about
390 shots on the X-T3, to about 500 shots on
the X-T4 in Normal mode. That’s about 1 1/2 times the battery life of the X-T3’s battery, and if you use the battery grip, which allows for two additional batteries, you’re looking at getting over 1500 shots without having to change
out the batteries. The battery charger now
charges two batteries at once, and shows you the levels remaining right on the charger itself. Very cool. Next up on the list is the shutter. Fujifilm has increased the actuations, and it’s now at 300,000, which is twice as much as the X-T3. It’s also quieter. 30% quieter. And it’s also faster, they’ve sped it up, they’ve sped it up. The mechanical shutter has increased from 11 frames per second,
to 15 frames per second in Burst mode, while the electronic shutter
is 30 frames per second, with a 1.25 crop factor
that’s blackout free. All the other shutter items, such as shutter speed maximums, mechanical, electronic,
e-front curtain options, all that stuff, they’re all
pretty much the same specs as on the X-T3. The sync speed for the flash
will also remain the same at 1/250th of a second. With all that increased
speed for the shutter, let’s talk autofocus. The X-T4 is claiming in
autofocus performance will be as fast as 0.02 seconds. They also claim that
face eye auto tracking has been, now I quote,
“dramatically improved,” and, are you sitting down for this one? That the tracking autofocus success rate has more than doubled,
that compared to the X-T3. Wow. Okay, this is pretty mind blowing, but I caution that this needs to be tested in the real world, but if that’s true, I can hardly wait to test this out. Now, let’s talk about IBIS. So many people have asked for it, and here it is. The X-T4 provides a five axis, 6 1/2 stop image stabilization when used with 18 out of
the 29 Fujifilm lenses. These are the lenses that offer this IBIS, and here’s what they offer. Apparently this new IBIS has eight times the detection accuracy
over the X-H1’s IBIS. There are no springs
in the IBIS mechanism. Rather, they’re using magnets
to make that thing work. Again listen, I need an
X-T4 in my hands ASAP, to see how these rather
bold claims hold up. Finally we get to the LCD
and electronic viewfinder. The resolution on the three inch LCD has been increased from 1.04 million dots to 1.62 million dots. Additionally there are now three modes that you can set for the LCD
and electronic viewfinder. There’s Low-Light Priority, which allows users to see the
subject clearly in low light. Resolution Priority, now
what this does apparently is it enhances all of the
resolution and details of the subject while you’re
looking through the viewfinder. And Frame Rate Priority,
which minimizes blur in the viewfinder, when you’re
shooting a moving subject. And finally they added a locking mechanism for the eyecup to prevent
it from getting knocked or torn off. Before I get into design and ergonomics, there’s a couple of other brief items. There’s a new ETERNA Bleach
Bypass film simulation, and a Classic Negative film simulation. White balance now has white priority and aperture priority
options, in addition to auto. Highlight and shadow
tones can now be adjusted by half stops. So that’ll give you some
finer level of control, if you use those features. There’s also a new HDR mode. Color effect, color chrome, blue, some kind of thing and so forth. Listen, it’s late. I’m tired, and I shoot raw anyway, but it’s nice to see these features added for jpeg shooters. There’s a bunch of
others, such as clarity, extended multiple exposure bracketing. Listen, I’m not gonna go over all of them, but I will have links to
the Fujifilm website below. The camera will weigh
slightly more than the X-T3, for a total of 607 grams. Now that includes the
battery and the SD card, and the body will be just slightly larger than the X-T3. Let me show you what that looks like here. Okay, so have a look at this. As you can see, the dotted outline here is where the X-T3 body ends, and as you can see the
grip extends further out, which is actually really nice, because you can get a better hold of the grip side of the camera, and as you move down the camera, you can see the outline of
the X-T3 in the dotted lines. Really around the X-T4, it’s
pretty much the same size. Overall the camera’s really
not that much larger, and from what I can see the
main size change they made was exactly where I had hoped it would be, right on that grip. I’ll have a link below to
the Fuji Rumors website, so you can check out this
photo in more detail. The X-T3 in these photographs is my X-T3, so it looks a little beat up, okay, but what I did was I
took pictures of my X-T3, and I have them as a comparison to the press leaked photos of the X-T4, so you can see them compared, okay? The only main difference between the front of the X-T4 and the X-T3 is
the new sync terminal cover, right here, which is flatter, and it looks a bit thinner
than the one on the X-T3. Looking now at the right
side of the camera, we can see they’ve taken
the two compartments and merged them into one. So I’m assuming that we’ll either have the SD card slots together, with the remote release connector cover inside this one door housing, or they relocated the remote
release connector port to the other side of the camera. Let’s check out the top of the camera now, where there are some major differences. First off they relocated
the top function button from between the shutter speed and exposure compensation dial, to now above the exposure
compensation dial, and I think this is pretty
much a better place for it, as I was always, you
know, mashing my finger between these two dials right here, trying to get to this button. To me it makes better ergonomic
sense to have it here. If you look at the ISO shutter speed, and exposure compensation dials, you’ll see that they sort of taper off. They get a bit thinner
toward the top of the dial. They kind of go like that. I’m not sure the reason for this change, maybe it’s just cosmetic, and this is one of those
things I would really love to have the camera in front of me, to see if it makes a difference, if it makes the dials
easier to just manipulate. Who knows, we’ll find out. Lastly, a major change is the removal of the metering mode,
and instead replacing it with the stills video switching function. I can see this being, along
with the flippy screen, which I’ll discuss in a minute, somewhat divisive for some Fujifilm users, particularly stills only photographers. The bottom of the camera is
pretty similar to the X-T3. Interestingly they shifted
the battery door opening latch to side, instead of top to bottom, right? Look at that difference. There’s the X-T3, there’s the X-T4. Looking at the back of the camera now, autofocus lock has been moved
over to the left button, replacing the auto exposure lock button. Then they swapped out the Q menu button for the auto exposure lock button. Personally I’m not
thrilled with that change. First off, if anyone is holding the camera up to their, say their left eye, it may be more difficult for them to reach the Autofocus On button. And second, I never use
the Q menu ever at all. I never use the Q menu, ever, never. Also the top two buttons seem different. The Autofocus On button is rounder, and the Q one is sort of flat, and that’s a good thing I think, as you can quickly tell them apart, without having to look at them. One thing that I am a bit bugged about, is that the headphone jack was removed from the camera, and it’s
only on the vertical grip. Yes it’s, it’s great
that Fujifilm included a USB-C adapter in the box, but frankly I am so flipping
sick of these dongles, and it’s yet another thing that I’m gonna have to lose on set, so, you know, okay. And now we come to the flippy screen. This is by far the most polarizing issue for photographers, particularly those that are used to the tilt screen on the X-T2 and the X-T3. To be clear, a flip around screen was something that I
personally wanted badly for the X-T4. However, I had figured
that they would have gone with a similar design that
was used by the X-T100. That camera has a flip around screen, but also a tilt function as well, so you kind of get the
best of both worlds. However, from what I can see
in the X-T4 product photos, it appears that Fuji went
more with Canon’s design with the flippy screen, sort
of like this one on the 80D. See, it’s like a real vlogger’s screen. So for example, you know
if you’re shooting, right, if you wanna turn the camera around with this design of a flippy screen, you can just go, you know, boom, and then just shoot yourself like this, and then just kind of put it
back real quick, real easy. If you’re up high, you
can turn it like this, but you can turn it all the way like that, which is nice if you’re
holding the camera up high. The only issue obviously is now the screen is sticking out this way, and it’s not directly
underneath the viewfinder, and more importantly the lens. I don’t know, and I, honestly, I think this screen design change would bother street photographers
more than anyone else. So like, because you know,
if you have the X-T3, and you’ve got this tilt screen, you can lift up like this. Boom, you hold it in, and even more importantly
for vertical shots, you can have it, you know, you can have it out like that, and you can be more
discreet with it, right? So if you have the flip screen, it’s gonna go out this way. But is it a big enough issue to not get the camera because of it? How fragile is the flippy screen? How much rotation does it have, and what is it actually like using on busy shoots in a variety of non-video, professional shooting situations
for still photography? You know, a few press release images showing this flippy screen
cannot answer those questions for me, so more than
anything else on this camera, except perhaps IBIS, this new
screen needs to be tested, and reviewed, by actual users. I am surprised they did not go with the design choice of the X-T100, or some kind of way to flip it up, or keeping basically
the best of both worlds. So I’m reserving my final conclusion on whether or not this
flippy screen’s design choice is well suited for this camera, until I can actually
test the hell out of it, for both still and video
shooting situations. We will revisit the flippy screen. Next we come to video. Well, unfortunately they didn’t
give us 6K this time around, and that was a big disappointment for me, because I really did want that for the ability to zoom
crop footage down to 4K. Oh well. Maybe in X-H2, or an X-T5,
it’s not the end of the world. There are some really
wonderful new video features in the X-T4. First off is a new Electronic
Image Stabilization function for Video mode. I see this being great for
weddings and events, etc., where you don’t wanna
haul a gimbal around, just to get more stable footage
while walking and shooting. So you can combine this new Elctronic Image Stabilization function with the camera’s new IBIS, and voila, you have the potential to use
some great Fujifilm lenses, previously you could never use for video, such as the 16 to 55, or
the 35 millimeter prime. Fuji also has thrown in,
as an extra added bonus, a new Image Stabilization Boost mode, for stationary handheld
shooting situations. Now while the camera still keeps 4K 60p, up to 400 megabits per second as its high-end video shooting mode, Fujifilm has also added a new
240 frames per second feature at full HD. Why would you need this? For awesome slow-mo footage. Now here’s a new video feature
I absolutely, I love this. I love this new video feature they added. You can now simultaneously record video, to both SD cards at the same time, while you’re shooting. Ah. The camera still offers F-log, HLG, and both All-Intra and Long GOP options for video recording,
but now it also offers a new F-Log View Assist function to correct low saturation,
low contrast video while recording F-Log. One of the problems in recording F-Log, is that your histogram
is not actually showing your contrast and your saturation, since, you know, you’re
adding a LUT later on in post production, and this can really throw things off. So by having this new
F-Log View Assist mode, or whatever they’re calling it, you now get the best of both worlds. You get the ability to shoot in F-Log, as well as accurately measure
your exposure saturation on the fly. This is big, and I
normally have to lug around the Atomos Ninja V for this function, and now it’s built right into the camera. They’ve made some other changes as well, such as a new Crop
Magnification Mode function, to prevent changes to the angle of view when switching to a different video mode, and lastly they’ve added an ability, a new ability, to not only
support an external microphone, but also a line level input, where you can connect in
external audio equipment. My head is spinning. And then, and there’s even more stuff. Congratulations on making
it this far in my video, if you’re still around. I’m sure a lot of you dropped off already. It’s a long video tonight. Will it succeed? Only time will tell. Here’s the good news though: whether you love or
hate this new direction that Fujifilm is going with the X-T4, I think this is a winning
situation for everyone. If you love it, well, the
camera’s on sale right now, go order one. And if you hate it, well, you know what? The price for the X-T3, which is the best digital
mirrorless camera ever created in my opinion, just went way down, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Listen there will be updates, firmware changes coming,
and of course, the lenses. I think they’re coming out with three new lenses or something. I’m too tired to go into the lenses, or even look at the lenses right now. We’ll get to that another time. A lot more to come. In the meantime, I do
wanna mention something, and end this video with something. Sometimes in all the hype of technology, it’s easy to get carried away about gear. You know, getting the latest gear, and feeling like you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have the
latest and greatest gear. You know, some people just
bought an X-T3 last week, and other people, the
minute they buy the X-T4, well Fujifilm’s just gonna go out and announce the X-T5, it never ends. Being a good photographer means being able to see and instinctively
know how to get a good shot, regardless of what kind of camera it is. The art of photography is not about gear. It’s about vision, empathy, art, and the ability to see
and capture the world in a unique way, from a
unique perspective: yours. And your vision and craft will outperform, and outlast any camera model,
or any brand ever made, now or in the future. Thank you for watching. If you like the video, please give it the Like and Subscribe, and I will see you again
in a new video soon. So long. (laughs) Okay. (upbeat music)

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