G.Skill KM 670 &  KM 660 @ Computex 2018

Hi, I’m mark from G.Skill. Welcome to the
G.Skill booth at Computex 2018. Today I’m going to show you two professional mechanical keyboards here featuring CHERRY mechanical key switches. We’re using CHERRY mechanical key switches because they are very durable throughout their lifetime… …and these two keyboards will be featured and available in CHERRY Red Blue and Brown. These two mechanical keyboards are aimed at the office professional users… …and also video editing, multimedia editing users. So we’re going to have a very clean sleek look and then for Portability and compatibility… …this is going to be featuring a detachable USB type-c cable… …and then the plastic used for the key caps will be ABS and it’s going to be double injection. So the key cap lettering is not going to fail as while you’re using it and as you’re using it over time. So it’s going to be very durable. We have the KM 670 version here, that’s the full 104 keys… …and then we also have the KM 660 right here and that’s going to be the tenkeyless version. These two keyboards are going to be available hopefully at the end of the year towards Q4. So, look forward to that on the market
and thank you for coming to G.Skill.

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