Gaining & Losing Weight : How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast With the Fruit Diet

How to lose 5 pounds on the fruit diet. Is
it possible? Would I recommend it? Hi I’m Jani Roberts, I’m a graduate of the American
Academy of Nutrition, and a Certified Personal Trainer. Here’s some tips on a fruit diet.
First of all, remember, fruit is high in sugar, so you want to take it in doses. The good
news is, when you’re eating only fruit, your blood sugar will keep coming back up, and
it will come up quickly. You’ve probably heard about this perhaps from diabetics, they always
keep a little orange juice handy, something like that, so if they do feel that blood sugar
plummeting, they can quickly get it into their system. As a result, however, the blood sugar
can tend to go up and down pretty rapidly. It can cause a little bit of dizziness, maybe
some headaches. So if you are going to do a fruit diet, please make sure you do eat
continually, probably a little bit of fruit about every hour. That’s really the only way
to do it, and do it safely. I really wouldn’t recommend doing it longer than a day. It might
just be something you can do, to clean the system out a little bit. There’s a lot of
fiber found in fruit, be sure to eat all of the skin, that’s where all that fiber is going
to be found. And whatever you do, make sure all the fruit you consume is organic. Fruit
tend to be treated with a lot of herbicides and pesticides, hundreds of chemicals are
used, just to grow things as simple as apples. So you really want to make sure, that it’s
organic, so you know you’re not getting that concentrated source of herbicides and pesticides.
But again, remember, if you’re going to do a fruit diet, not too long, maybe just for
a day, and watch that blood sugar. If you get dizzy at all, you’re not sure, go ahead
and have some protein, and make sure that blood sugar stays balance, be safe. It’s always
a good idea to do any kind of diet like this with supervision from a physician, or perhaps
a nutritionist. Good luck, I know you can do it. Lose weight on the fruit diet, it’ll
work, one day. Thanks for joining, Jani Roberts.

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