gaining weight with my new group

Hey guys, so i’m gonna fatten up myself vlog. (giggles) Soo we’re walking. (mumbles) how will you get fat if you walk i think you need to ride a motor. Evar: I look like uhmm Evar: Superman Lera: That superman has curls in it’s forehead? N-N: yeah Lera: We’re just done eating N-N: Say it in English Lera: Uhh we just we just ate Uhh (Evar giggling) Lera: The Shomai, shomai and N-N: Hotdog (N-N off camera)
I don’t care about ya’ll i’m gonna cut the scene. Lera: And this is me N-N: Your looking for. (chuckles) N-N: What are we called Ler? The I Don’t Know group Don’t know. I don’t know group We are four of us and we have like extra you like guest so yeah I don’t know what I’m saying what I’m saying like wut? N-N: Guys! What our we called again? Vince: I Don’t Know Group Vince: I Don’t Know Group
Lera: I Don’t Know (coughs) Because we don’t have any ideas what to name to our group that’s why we just name, I Don’t Know group (N-N fangirling)
Yieeeeee😍😍 Hope All! Lera: Your soo lucky this year var. N-N: I Agree (our shock friend mumbling) quack

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