Hi everyone! So it’s day seven of my water challenge. My 1 gallon water challenge. Day 7, and I just wanted to give you guys an updated on how it’s going. At first I started with just carrying it. Just drinking from the jug and I had that week off. So it was a little bit easier to do that. And now that I’m out and about and back to work. It’s a little bit more difficult to to drink the water. So I’ve switched to basically 1.5 liter. So I fill up just another one of these which gives me three litres, and then I fill this another bottle up. And I get it to about here, which gives me about give me one gallon which would be 3.78 litres if your Canadian of water that’s what I’m drinking today. So I’m gonna have a drink now to prove to you guys that I’m actually doing it to keep me honest. So so… It’s been going pretty good. It’s um It’s a little bit difficult to drink all of the water, but I have been drinking the water and I’ve been just peeing like crazy. So I’d say like every 20 minutes or so you pee. But I have.. I’ve noticed some results. Mostly on my face. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but um before I have had like really you know bags under my eyes. So I had like a lot of water retention. I think you can see like this one is better. This one here is better than this one this one has a little bit more water, but I’ve noticed that Because I drinking the water. I’m losing water. I’m losing the puffiness here. That’s what I wanted to say I’m losing the puffiness here, but you can actually see the puffiness here. So it’s getting better and I do believe that it is due to the water. The water is helping and my face is not as dry. You’ll notice that my face does kind of a little more hydrated and and I’ve also been you know combining this with apple cider vinegar, and I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar three times a day. So that has been I think contributing and I have noticed that I have lost weight as well. So… so yeah, if you haven’t seen my apple cider vinegar video. I’m gonna put a link to the description. So that if you want to join me on this journey. You can also drink the apple cider vinegar too and might as well do do whatever you can do, but mainly I did the water challenge because I wanted to do something to help with my face and a lot of people have said to me. You need to drink more water. So I don’t have any breakouts right now. So it’s definitely helped helping me with the breakouts. So I have no breakouts right now, which I’m really happy about. And I’m gonna continue, and I will let you guys know how I do for I’m gonna. I’m going to do another update it when I’m at 14 weeks. So oh one other thing I wanted to mention. My hair’s a little bit different. So.. what you’ll notice about me is I like to change up my look quite a bit, so I’m wearing a wig. This is a wig and if you’re interested. This is a wig that I bought with my own money. But if you’re interested and you like the wig and you want to maybe get a wig. This same similar wig. This is the wig. This is where I got it. This is the name of it. So hopefully you can see it. This is it here. Yeah. So ah…put it a little bit closer. So basically it’s it’s the company is a go-go and I hope you can see the number. It’s all it’s available in 1, 1b, 2, 4, F, 1B/30 F4/30 whatever that means but if you’re interested. This is the wig I’m wearing. Yeah and I’ll see you in 14 weeks, and that’s it. Subscribe and stay happy and stay positive and stay healthy. Bye!

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