Film Starts Sir, congratulations on the district! Though, I’ve heard Tejpur
is a rough district But you won’t have any problems.
DIG Verma is there Thanks. Now you all go. It’s time for the train.
I have to make a call How are you son? Why didn’t you call yesterday?
Anuradha was so worried Here, talk to him.
I don’t want to talk Yes, what is it?
I just didn’t get time yesterday It was twelve by the time I wrapped up
work at the office Yes, yes. I know everything.
You’re smoking a cigarette, no?
It was twelve by the time I wrapped up
work at the office Yes, yes. I know everything.
You’re smoking a cigarette, no? You women have telescopes on your noses.
Hey, I don’t even touch cigarettes One should learn
the art of lying from you Okay, tell me, why did you call up?
I’ve got a district posting Really! Where?
Tejpur Tejpur? Have you gone mad?
I’m not going to that wild district Okay, then you stay
with my mother… and I’ll eat the guest house chappatis
all my life Madam, for a district, something other
than a gold medal is required I’ve got Tejpur because
nobody wants to go there Naturally. Who wants to go
to such a violent place? Nowadays which place
isn’t violent, Anu? You don’t worry needlessly.
Make a programme to come quickly Impossible! Amit, you know how scared
I am of violence… how I opposed the IPS…
and now Tejpur Anu, it’s not what you think.
It’s just a job There are no hassles for those who
work within rules and regulations You know, I also
don’t like violence Listen, if I don’t do this now,
I don’t now when I’ll get a district And now I can’t stay without you There is a bungalow,
a very big garden…you will like it.. When are you leaving?
Right now The train is leaving
in five minutes At 7 in the morning, I’ll reach
the Motipur Division headquarters I’ll take charge from DIG Anurag Verma
and go straight to Tejpur You get your reservations done
for next week Okay Okay, come on… cheer up Anu Say bye to me properly or I’ll
keep sitting here and smoking And I’ll miss the train.
What! So you were smoking. I knew it Let me just come…then I’ll show you…!
bye….bye Fixed one for you also, sir.
no..thanks Just one, small peg
no thanks As far as we know, this is
your first district posting? Yes. You all do business? Yes. This is Nandkumar and I am
Satyasheel. We own sugar mills Well, can we ask you
a question in private? What is the going rate
for the district SP? I didn’t understand Tejpur is a district
for earning, brother Strong mafia groups there the
minister must have taken a fat packet Listen, you are under
a misconception You also, Mr SP… Only last year, we financed the
transfer of Lakhisarai SP, N B Prasad We have a factory there…
lots of labour problems That time, from the local MLA
to the Home Minister Dwarka Rai… it cost us 5 million Forgive me, but I don’t
need any finance Good morning sir hello Amit….sit down
-thanks sir Tejpur is the biggest of the six
districts in the Motipur division It’s a little disturbed. The earlier
SP Gupta had a bad time He was a nervous type…
new IPS… he clashed with the local mafia. Lost
his dignity and district as well But you don’t worry.
DSP Bhurelal is my man there Very efficient.
Keeps everyone together You just relax If there is any problem, just ring me up
and I’ll settle everything from here..-Sir You can benefit fully
from my experience I have seventy years experience.
Seventy years What Sir? -My father joined the British Police
as head constable… and after 40 years retired as DSP I was directly recruited
as the DSP 30 years ago And now I’ve been promoted to DIG From the bottom to the top,
I’m in touch with everyone You are very lucky that an officer
like me is your DIG Ok Sir… What happened? Sir, looks like the fuel pump
has given up Looks like the fuel pump
has given up Is there a garage around here? Shikarpur Police Station is close by.
We’ll get it fixed there, sir We can make it there…
slowly, sir alright We have reached Is this Shikarpur Police Station
Yes, sir It’s a huge area from
Bholapur to Kosu Ghat In around 20-25 miles, this is
the only police station Okay. You get the car repaired quickly
Yes, Sir Hey! That seems to be SP’s car. Sir…-Where is the station in-charge?
Sir….Sir Sir… the Sub-Inspector is getting
a massage. His back was aching Yesterday, he was out patrolling.
The road never the river is really bad He was on the motorcycle Sir… big boss Sir S.I. Bhola Chowdhary.
Station Incharge Shikarpur, sir You are lying here like this… suppose there was some dacoit
instead of me? Sir, what will a dacoit find
in this police station? Why… they can take
away your weapons Guns and rifles, they have their own.
The best ones Our 303 in any case gets jammed Meet me in office.
Yes sir Hey, run to the market. Get some
first class tea and snacks for sir Is this your FIR register? Sir, the stationary has been over
for three months But there are no entries here
after the twelfth of last month But we note everything, sir.
It’s not faired out… You lodge F.I.R. In this? Just some minor incidents, sir…
otherwise it’s quite peaceful sir What do you know about this area?
You hardly step out Our jeep is out of action, sir.
For a whole month… there has been no money
in the diesel fund Then how do you manage?
Sir, we use Pappu Thekedar’s car In case of emergency the car from
Kajriwal’s petrol pump also arrives We’ve developed good relations
with everyone, sir In case of an emergency, there is
never any problem with vehicles, sir Sir, breakfast is served Let’s proceed, Sir Is it done -no sir , it will take two more hours
Please accept greetings from Pappu Thekedar, sir You were just saying that there is
no money for the fuel fund… then how has this food feast
been laid out? Shikarpur is not that backward, sir And till we are here, don’t worry
about Shikarpur Police Station There will be no complaints
from here Where is this bus going?
It will go to Tejpur depot, sir Stop the bus…-what?..-just go
you get this car fixed and come Please take my car Take one piece, it’s totally fresh.
It’s been made specially for you Sir, if you stop over for the night… we’ll get a chance to offer
some special services to you take care of Sir….-yes sir
safe drive One ticket for Tejpur I’m a family man. I have children
to feed, sir. If I take… And if you don’t take it,
I’m going to get off Beat me up, sir. But don’t
make me commit this sin Looks like checking is on, sir.
What checking? The usual, sir. Must be the police
team from the station… I’ll just fix the situation I’ve also become half-mad. When
the boss is sitting here… then who is going to stop the bus?
overtake from right side You will not open your mouth.
You will not reveal my identity Get down To the officer
what a distress situations Pick up your bags and briefcases.
There is going to be a checking What sort of checking, brother? Don’t ask so many questions.
Please take your seats But it’s a straight question.
He has a right to know Don’t teach me the law. You’ve worn a
suit-pant and blasting off in English The police has the power to
conduct any checking Where is your officer?
Why? He sitting there. Whose baggage is this? Excuse me… Mr Sub Inspector…?
What’s the purpose of this checking? I was talking to you only, sir Hey Chatturbhuj Singh…
what’s this gentleman’s problem? He asks too many questions, sir Where are you coming from?
From close by Where will you go?
Listen Sub-Inspector, I’m only… Shut up! I’ll ask you the questions!
You just answer Sub Inspector Manganiram is my name
In a few minutes… I’ll teach you law and order.
You get that, or don’t you? You don’t know the power
of a Sub-Inspector You’ll be behind bars within a minute.
You’ll rot without any charge… you’ll wet your suit-pant
standing here only I was only asking you the
purpose of this checking It’s an inconvenience
to the passengers Hey Chatturbhuj, take him…
we’ll teach him a lesson He thinks he knows it all
he deserve a slap Are you arresting me?
What else? Should I welcome you? Hey… what are you doing?
Don’t you recognise him? He’s the new S.P. Of Tejpur.
What?! It was a serious mistake, sir.
A major blunder Bloody half-mind…
you don’t even recognise him! Sir, it was a mistake! You are God!
Please forgive us! Pick up these people
We’ll be ruined, sir. We apologise… One minute first stop this drama
Pick up these people
We’ll be ruined, sir. We apologise… One minute first stop this drama Give them a clean sheet of paper
I have one, please take… Sub-Inspector Manganiram,-yes sir
-please write your statement… justifying why you should not be
suspended from your post -please understand The more you cry, the more you
will have to write, Manganiram forgive me Sir
please, forgive me Sir.. Our police stations are being
run by contractors… our vehicles run at the mercy
of petrol pump owners… we take bribes and indulge
in corruption openly Our style of functioning is worse than
that of criminals Can anyone tell me why we are working
in the police? Who are we serving? Why should the public trust us? I know these lectures
will fall on deaf ears But please understand that all this
will not work with me Everyone should clearly understand
the rules and regulations… the police manual and their duties.
I will not tolerate illegal ways You will all work with honesty
and integrity… and this should be clear not to me,
but to the public Sir, I heard your entire speech.
Our eyes have open, sir Now we’ll never take
the wrong path, sir Good thing.
Thank you, sir You forgave me. Now I’ll
become honest and show you I’m going to win the best
Sub-Inspector medal sir One minute… one minute. You are
under a misconception I didn’t talk about forgiveness Rather I had asked you
for a written statement You still haven’t given it.
How can I write it, sir? My hands will be chopped off!
Sir, give me a last chance The kids will bless you, sir…
You are just wasting your time If you don’t write the statement,
I’ll have to write it myself Then write it, sir! Write my death
warrant with your own hands I’m from the backward caste,
that’s why this situation has come I took a loan of 300,000 to bribe a
minister of my own caste to be recruited I’m still paying it off, sir
Here my colleagues… have done their graduation and
post graduation in corruption Sub-Inspector R.K. Singh
has built himself… a double-storied house with black money.
And because I’m backward… Manganiram is talking
without proof! Sit down, R.K. Singh.
He’s talking such crap! Manganiram, let’s go from here if there is something wrong
in what I’m saying, sir Just because people of your caste
support you, you act smart Mangani, please don’t talk rubbish.
Rubbish? Just because I’m a scheduled caste…
Talking to him is pointless Stop arguing before the boss I will not bear this indiscipline Looking like a complete goon Well, that I am! Let me go!
What’ll you do? Call the police –
I will slam an FIR Really! I’m the superintendent here,
you’ll be the one jailed Without charge.
Let go Sir, this is yours.
It’s looking lighter, R.K. The collection was lower this time.
It’s reduced? Nonua was telling us something else.
Then why don’t you take it from him? What do you mean?
Why’re you raising hell? I’m hardly raising hell, Mr DSP First I’m suspended.
Then a cut in my share Just get it for free no… Hey, R.K., the confusion is about
Nonua presenting the wrong picture Meet him and sort out accounts.
All the accounts are clear, sir Looks like he’s getting restless Good evening, Mr Singh.
Why did you bother? You should have sent a slave…
I would have come Stop delivering these dialogues.
I’ve had enough of your hypocrisy Oh master, sit down.
Why are you getting angry? How did the DSP discover
the accounts? What are you saying, sub-inspector?
I’ll cut-off my head… and sacrifice it to the holy Ganga
if anyone can prove my betrayal Don’t fuck with me This had to bloody happen Our business has also some ethics,
R.K. Singh. You’re in the wrong He’s dead Get out of here and lie low
for sometime now The new SP will create
havoc, Mr DSP I am there, no?
Leave him here only Hail Lord Shiva…! Mass-Maha Shivratri Prayer
Organiser: Sadhu Yadav Every year we have come for Sadhu
Yadav’s Mahashivratri celebration You see my wife is a devotee
of Lord Shiva Sadhu Yadav organises
the fest so well Have you met him?
No sir, I’m busy with the Nonua case Any developments in the Nonua case?
Home Minister Dwarka Rai had rung me up He was saying, a dacoit
murders a sub-inspector… how will I show my face in the
Legislative Assembly? Amit, make a few arrests.
One or two… got it? Hail Brother Sundar!
For all time to come Yadav, your name will shine Hail brother Sundar! everything will be alright..
..please, you don’t worry..come bollenath we owe you respect
god bless you son.. Please take blessings, Mr SP. This is
the first time you have come… to Lord Bhola’s temple and today
is Mahashivratri Your sincere prayers
will be answered At least try.
Lord Shiva is very generous I know the one thing that you
need the most just ask for it What’s the harm? Come on, Amit ask for it.
Maybe you are able to nab Nonua Of course, I will Because, no matter how much Nonua
and other criminals like him… think that they are in safe hands,
the Lord won’t protect them Nonua had come here
the night before the murder This is Chandi Sahu,
a sugarcane trader He had many dealings with Nonua, sir Said anything?
No, sir. He’s not saying anything You take the rest of them and go
to the station. Leave him here..ok Sir,take all… Take me also to the station.
I can’t stay here alone Look, sir, this is not right Take me to the police station!
It’s not my fault, sir Had Nonua come here?..
Yes…. Where did he go from here?
Didn’t say anything, sir Slipped out at night itself I swear on my child, sir.
I have no relationship with him On the contrary,
he took all my cash Come to the station
and give your statement Sir?
Who are they? Some people who are associated
with his gang Said anything yet?
No. Haven’t yet asked them properly Note down their names, addresses Your name..-Laxman Pandy
-Where you stay? -here itself -and you. We are not connected to him, sir.
I run a general store in a big market His daughter is young, sir.
She used to hang around with him Come on, Mr Tiwari. It’s a year since
my daughter got married and… went away to her house in Sultanganj.
There is no socialising with Nonua Arrested them on suspicion, sir.
The DIG had rung up The minister has called
a press conference tomorrow I swear on my child, sir What to do with these people? Release them.
Let them all go Ok Sir… Greetings Baccha Sir
Greetings Bless you. How are you?
How is your son? Everything is okay, baba Summoned you so late at night because
I have to send a gift to your SP He’s here…?
With you, baba? After murdering the inspector R.K. Singh
he came here only, to my place For 12 days, I’ve been feeding
the bugger. Now his time is up You’re my child,
so I’m giving you an opportunity Utilize it well for everybody’s benefit.
The SP’s benefit, your benefit and mine If I take him alive, the boss will
make him spill all the beans The department will be ruined.
So bump off the bastard It’ll also be easy to take him What are you thinking? Look, this bugger
has started peeing! Have your tea, Bachha.
It’ll get cold Hello..control room
Bachha Yadav here Nonua and four-five of his henchmen
attacked us near the Suraiya bridge Twelve rounds were fired from our side.
Two criminals were killed… and the rest fled. I’m bringing
the dead bodies with me Nonua has been killed?
What? People are saying.
Nonua has been killed Nonua has been killed Yes, yes, but you had said
that Nonua has fled to the border That’s the information
we had received, sir Find out how Bachha Yadav
got hold of him Was ambushed, as soon as he
crossed the bridge It must have been around?
2:30-3:00 Move back They’re in the police station, sir I got news of the encounter
last night itself Wow! It’s amazing, Mr SP Even the Mumbai police doesn’t
deliver such quick results Actually! Amit Kumar Long live SP Saheb Amit Kumar
Long live! Long Live! welcome sir – How do you do ?
am ok..who are you doctor? everything going good?
-yes definitely Well done. This is what you
call results. See Mr DIG… this is our man. You arrested
the wrong people on suspicion… and then informed us. Our officer has
finished off the real dacoit That’s there, sir Amir Kumar has become an encounter
specialist as soon as he has arrived I am ecstatic. When I had sent him here
then, I had assigned him only one task That he should relieve our Tejpur of the
twin diseases of crime and corruption And today, he has totally lived up
to my expectations Today, on this occasion,
I announce that Amit Kumar… will receive the President’s Gold Medal
on the forthcoming Republic Day In this small tenure our beloved Amit kumar Got any leads?
Sir, we really are trying You just keep trying while
this upstart has become a hero No, sir. We’ll find out quickly Actually, the credit for this success
rightfully belongs to Bachha Yadav Oh yes, of course.
Soldiers obviously fight… but the medal of victory
goes to the General only Pipri dacoity incident. You were
assigned this case on April 7 By May 13, you arrested five
criminals and solved the case Raniganj double murder. You arrested
the two family members… involved in the murder
within 72 hours Sarai Tola rape case.
Nathopur murder incident… Naingarh conspiracy case…
and these remaining 18 cases Whatever was assigned to you, you
displayed success beyond expectations Most of the cases were solved
with your insight and dedication There was progress in the
investigation and enquiries And as far as I know,
there was no dishonesty Looking at these,
one cannot doubt… that you are an honest
and courageous officer But the moment I see these files,
I am baffled. It defies logic What I can’t understand is how,
for the last seven years… you have not been transferred
out of this district How all of Sadhu and Sundar’s cases
are assigned to you… and how there has been almost no
progress in any of these cases I can’t figure out what happens to your
honesty and courage in these matters Sadhu Yadav handed over Nonua
to you, no? Sir… sir I can’t quite understand
what you are saying People like you, perhaps,
don’t even understand… that today because of you,
I’m being applauded as a hero… for something I never wanted to do And if you think that I’m going
to be weighed down by this medal… that I’ve won through your minor bravery
and ignore your misdeeds… then you are mistaken,
Bachha Yadav Sir… yes Why do you work for Sadhu Yadav?
How is he related to you? No sir. It’s nothing
of the sort What have you given him
for giving you Nonua? Your integrity? Or have you
tried to sell me? Sir, I… really can’t understand… But I can understand perfectly well
that you earn your livelihood… from the police, but the person
you work for is Sadhu Yadav Sir, how can you… I haven’t done
anything of that kind Bachha Yadav, I respect
honesty and bravery But I am not blind. What you did
in the Nonua case was cowardice I will never tolerate
this kind of character I want the truth and you
will tell me the truth And what do you think? Since he’s from
your caste, he will protect you? Bachha Yadav, these people care
neither about caste nor blood When Nonua took shelter with him… so what guarantee is there that
the day you have served his purpose… he won’t sell you? You can go now How are you …take some gifts
distribute among them come on Bhurelal, take this ….
First give me some…I’m suspended Of course Manganiram.
Take two packets What on earth is happening here? Our Lord Shiva has blessed your true
devotion and answered your prayers Your winning a medal is a matter
of pride for Tejpur for that i am distributing sweets
Stop this right now! And who gave you the permission for
this theatrical performance? We are the uncrowned emperors
of Tejpur Here we don’t take permission.
We grant it Learn the new rules as soon
as possible, Sadhu Yadav It’ll be good for you I thought you were
a sensible man, SP I went to great lengths to
assure your advancement… even sent you a huge token… but I was wrong You are not worthy of my friendship Let’s go Even earlier I suspected
Sadhu Yadav is behind this What is the SP doing now? He’s called Bachha Yadav to the room.
Find out what’s going on I had told you that these people
have no loyalties Inspector Bachha Yadav, I want the
complete report of your statement And until you give those to me,
you will not do any other work here Hello
call Amit on line… Sir, the DIG is on the line You’ve done well, Amit. Yadav deserves
this kind of treatment. Bloody rogue! Sir, you… I’ve just heard about
Sadhu Yadav being insulted These incidents can’t be
kept under wraps in the department Anyway, what are you doing
with Bachha Yadav? Sir, it’s hard to say anything
right now. I’m making an enquiry Yes, but proceed cautiously.
The minister himself has praised you His standing with the department
may be affected… if the truth about
the Nonua case is revealed After you take a confession
from Bachha Yadav… I’ll tell you how to proceed I’ll definitely speak to you
when the need arises, sir Should we give Bachha Yadav a memo
on behalf of the department? You want to give it? Sir, you are the one who told him
not to come to work DSP Bhurelal, I’m doing whatever
has to be done regarding him If your help is required, I’ll ask Sir..this…i will look through
One more thing Informing the DIG about what is
happening here and entering my room… without permission, are not the
attributes of a good police officer In future, keep that in mind
Ok..sir You may go…
Ok..Sir my job will be no more
so what?..baba himself had earned you the job Don’t get stressed..
This S.P will be kicked away Of course, there’s money
in the Bhatti business… but brother Sundar, this is beyond me.
So who’s telling you to do it? Just finance it Your money and my labour fifty-fifty welcome sister ..welcome sister
welcome…come in.. He’s been drinking since morning Now, why are you standing outside?
Come in Why has he come here? He came with us.
I need to talk to you Hell, I don’t know whether
I have a job or not I’m stuck in the middle with neither
a chargesheet nor any duty What do you say? Please stop now.
How much will you pour? Don’t give me lectures.
Pass me three glasses Actually take the glass away.
And Bhabhi, make some steaming hot tea What’s the matter? The SP is not willing to agree.
I’ll lose my job Bachha, only you can do something.
Cut the crap and get to the point Buddy, we have to arrange
for Manganiram’s transfer Bhurelal had taken the matter
to the DIG Verma has made a demand of two lakhs.
So? Heard that you’re also
getting a transfer If you can tell Sadhu Baba,
then mine also… That’s why I don’t associate with you.
What do you think I am, a broker? I don a Khakhi uniform.
I’m a policeman If you are a policeman, then
why do you work under constant fear? Not a moment of peace.
Sometimes there’s the fear of goons… sometimes it’s the boss, sometimes
you’re afraid of losing respect Danger in everything.
Why do you do this job? Where is Baba?
Sitting in the garden Do something fast. If this new SP
sticks on there’ll be trouble He’s creating havoc for our men.
Are you talking about Bachha? Yeah, he’d come to me.
He’s very hassled Let the bastard die. He’s our pet dog.
After all when will he come in handy? You worry about your business.
What happened to the PWD tender?-yeah ,tomorrow 4 pm How are you Bachha Yadav? Heard
the SP stripped off your uniform Bachha has come.
Come Bachha. How are you? come,let’s go
what happened ? Everything is fine.
Why are you so tense? Hey, nothing will happen to you,
I’m there Take this. Tell me if you need more No Baba. You’ve given me everything.
Now I don’t want anything more Good morning, brother Sundar. I’d kept
it ready the moment I heard the siren Well Kesari, what’s the tension at the
Market Association Building tender? Nothing brother. The same old story.
These vendor types… have formed a union and filled the
tender. They’ll construct a building How much chuna have you put, Bansi?
It’ll cut my mouth, you bastard Spit out boss,
I’ll prepare another one Go ahead, Kesari. It’s time for the
tender at the PWD Engineer’s office Open the tender What’s the matter, Munna Thakur?
Why are you screaming? This bastard Chief Engineer,
talking a lot of law The Union’s tender is 2,756,500 And Sundar Construction…
3,035,000 And this building’s contract
is given to Sundar Construction Stamp this now This is not legal Do as you have been told, Engineer.
Otherwise, we’ll totally cripple you Look, I can’t do this Now can you do it, eh? Since the time you’ve joined Tejpur,
I’ve been witnessing your drama Enough of your legal mumbo-jumbo Motherfucker, you just don’t
get things straight? This bloody had to happen Remember! Sundar Construction Rabidas. I publish a newspaper here.
Tejpur Express. I had called you up We’ve taken the X-Ray.
There is more injury in the left arm Why did you refuse to
give a statement to the police? it was just a accident
that’s why i didn’t complain If you yourself don’t help
the police then… It’s no big deal, Sir.
I just fell down the stairs Khan, please arrange for their
security. And try to speak to them – sir Whenever you want to talk or file a
statement, don’t hesitate to come to me This is not an accident injury.
I want the correct report Hey Mr Editor, why are you
working overtime? Let him be. He’s not
even settled in as yet He doesn’t look the type
who will calm down, Bhurelal I want a report on all the cases
against Sundar Yadav I’m Amit Kumar. The district SP Yes
Came to talk to you… about your daughter.
She is not here Where is she?
She is at our relative’s place Our brothers stay in Gujarat
and Rajasthan. She has gone there Do you know Sundar Yadav? No, I don’t know any Sundar Yadav.
I have not made any complaint Why are you misleading sir? I’m not misleading him. I said,
I don’t want to make any statement Just go away Khan, don’t force her Mother is lying.
Ravi My mother is lying I know that, Ravi. But your mom
is lying for you, not for herself she is scared that
alongwith your sister… Sundar Yadav may also kidnap you She is a mother. She is afraid I had come to remove that fear
but she doesn’t trust me You’ll catch hold of the crooks
and bring my sister back? If your mother wants that,
then definitely What should I do?
I’m alone and helpless They’ve abducted my daughter and
now my son… they threaten to kill us The police can’t be trusted. No one
from the community takes a stand You just lodge your report,
I’ll handle the rest All right Close all gates.
Nobody should be able to enter They are going to create trouble I’ll inform the boss.
You call up for back up Open the gate, Munna Thakur,
don’t raise hell We don’t have orders
from Sadhu Baba Why is there so much confusion
at the gate? There’s a new play in town Sir, they are not opening the gate So what are you doing? Arrest all of them Surround them from all sides Search for Sundar Yadav
and bring him out Seems to be in a big hurry Do sit down Where is Sundar Yadav?
You’re acting all innocent Is he going to sit here
and wait for you? There you ordered his arrest and here
I got a call from your headquarters Sir, he has left Sorry, your work wasn’t done But you’re visiting my humble abode
for the first time… so have some tea.
My wife makes it well Who told you that
we are leaving from here? Our men will stay here 24 hours
of the day Without their permission
you can’t even move So you are placing me
under house arrest? Now just keep watching
what I do to you You won’t be able to do a thing, SP Many like you have come and gone.
They couldn’t touch me Don’t live under this misconception,
Sadhu Yadav Whenever the need arises, you’ll be
dragged to the police station And remember,
our tea is very bitter We shall overcome… We shall overcome one day We have the faith… implicit faith… We shall overcome one day we shall overcome one day Duck! Catch him!
He has run into that lane I’m okay, Anu Dangerous attack on Tejpur SP Now what will happen, father?
I don’t know Sir, please let me take action.
My report is confirmed The man was called from
outside the district You are off duty, Bachha Yadav,
give your report to Tiwari Duties can be figured later. This is
a matter of attack on our boss There’s no need to get so excited,
so many capable officers are at it This department is not
running on because of you, okay? Sir, then why don’t you
just suspend me? That is not in my power.
Don’t try and sort out things You are not on duty.
You can go now Came to meet sir.
He’s sleeping right now Fine Come in What’s the matter?
Can’t bear it any longer, sir I can’t live like this, sir. Either
court marshal me or give me a chance Everywhere I go, all eyes
are full of questions and I have no answers I have made mistakes
but I am not a bad person, sir I’ve performed my duties
with utmost bravery No one worth his salt can accuse me
of taking a single bribe Give me on chance, sir. If there is
any shortcoming in my duty… then take my resignation
immediately, sir Pick up those files If you know that he has made
a mistake, why don’t you take action? I’m taking a risk. Bachha Yadav is
inherently not a bad person, I think Can you trust him? I don’t know.
But this is his last chance What’s the matter, Bachha?
Is everything okay? The police have found out.
Sundar will have to flee immediately..-yes Listen, you yourself go to Bhawanipur.
Make him cross the border Hey Dadua? Everything okay?
Blessings How long will you sit like this?
Wear these clothes and do up your face,
else Sundar will hack you to pieces Goodness! Electric I’m carefree, my intoxicating beauty
is beyond compare Everywhere… in and around the town,
the word is that I’m amazing Go and fetch her Tied to the corner of my veil,
hang millions of hearts How many do I take care of? I told you no, I won’t go She is refusing She is refusing? I’ll make that bitch agree Merrily the gazelle sways,
evoking a desire in many Oh, it’s so tough on her, how long
can she suppress her desires? Her heart too
is endlessly amorous What’s the matter? Again you
are pissed off and heated up Look, Dadua has arranged
this entire festivity only for you And if you don’t go,
they will feel so insulted Come for a little while, come I’m not going Why won’t you? Fair, moon-like face,
dark eyes You are fair, you got
a moon-like face, dark are your eyes Bachelors all over India
are after me Be my queen…
I’m dazed! Says everyone Amazing! Some ask me out for the evening show,
some ask the night show Who do I go out with, Lord? Who do I go out with, Lord?
I’m in a dilemma Bloody bitch!
You’re making me violent How often have I told you
that I love you? Goodness Merrily the gazelle sways
as she walks ignorant Her chiming anklets
make the Moon’s heart skip a beat My heart is endlessly
amorous for you, my love I’m a lassie from Delhi,
lethal is my charm Spare me, please Give me your heart,
says the Merchant of Love Oh, how can I… just trade my heart? I’m waiting for someone
who is one in a million He shall make me his bride, and
happily I shall go away in a palanquin Inspector Bachha Yadav is here.
Who else is with him? He’s alone Bachha Yadav is here I’ll be there You’ve come at the wrong time, Bachha I know. The police has found out The police can’t do anything here
Don’t talk crap, fucker The SP has been attacked He himself is coming here
with a special force You’ll be slaughtered like a pig We can’t risk Sundar’s life. Let’s go.
What route, sir? Pipra road, via Bhairavganj.
I’ll help you cross the border You’ve really gone mad.
No car can go on that road There’s no need. I’ll take him
on the motorcycle… hurry up Don’t worry. Bachha is my brother.
Just take care of my stuff Stop…What’s this? You’d said
we’ll take the Pipra route Dadua has come to know about that
route, are you going to trust him? Bugger is a pimp,
anyone can buy him off Any bloody person can sell himself.
Do keep it… today I’m truly paying my debt
of gratitude… even if I die in the process Where are we?
I’ve fixed up with the mill Our guy will make you
cross the border in his truck Motherfucker! If you arrest me, I’ll be released
in 24 hours, SP Check the records.
Understand? No… take him away Well done..-You gave me a chance, sir.
You believed in me You risked your life.
I’m proud of you You’ve praised me enough, sir.
My heart is swelling with pride Where’s the girl? She’s in Bhavanipur right now Get her sent for tonight itself.
Fine But my son should not be harmed Cool down, Sadhu…
and let’s get on with business Quote your price and
get out son sent, acquitted Good evening. I’m DIG Verma Just dropped in to find out
if you’re facing any problems? No, everything’s fine.
Just haven’t heard about my daughter She’ll be found. You’ll just
have to cooperate with us Sir, me… These are bad people.
Sadhu and Sundar Yadav Withdraw your complaint, and
your daughter will come back to you Mr DIG, I’ve been through such hell
in these past three months… what kind of future do you
foresee for her? I’m never going to forgive that devil So what will you do? You are relying
on the support of SP Amit Kumar… who will be transferred soon
and Sundar Yadav … he has to get bail sooner or later.
Then? Your daughter has already gone,
your son will follow too Why are you screaming at my mother?
Don’t say that, son Tell them to go, mother If you care about your son’s safety,
change your statement Keep an eye on her son
If you care about your son’s safety,
change your statement Keep an eye on her son Till the end of time
Sadhu, your name will shine! Long live Sundar! Is the remand application ready?
It is Your honour, there are already
some cases filed… against the accused Sundar Yadav In Bhairavganj police station
C. R No 37-98… under sections 307, 147, 148 and 149 Your honour,
all the charges are baseless No chargesheet has been filed as yet The police is investigating
all the cases Your honour, there are 12 cases filed
against Sundar Yadav… and are under investigation
Your honour, there are 12 cases filed
against Sundar Yadav… and are under investigation If investigation has not been completed
for the past four-five years… then what can you do now?
Today’s hearing is for which case? Your honour, C. R 63/2002 lodged
in the Tejpur police station… under section 363 and 376, sir. He has
been charged with the kidnapping… and rape of a minor girl
called Apoorva Kumari, your honour This is a lie, your honour There’s no mention of this incident
in the police records Apoorva Kumari, who’s been mentioned
here, lives in Gujarat… with her relatives.
And her mother endorses that Don’t worry, lady… your daughter
has been returned, no? Your son is in my safe custody This accusation is
totally false, your honour The police has neither
any evidence nor any witness And the date being cited
is around 3 months ago When was the FIR lodged? The girl’s mother is here FIR was registered on 23th March.
The girl’s mother is present in court Sir, that girl has reached here.
Who? Apoorva, sir… her daughter.
She’s sitting here You got this FIR written? Please ask her where her daughter is Where is your daughter? Please tell the judge where
your daughter is. Where has she gone? She has not gone anywhere, Mr Judge
…she’s right here So then this complaint… this FIR? Please don’t waste
the court’s time Don’t be scared. Even if
your daughter has come back… tell the court the truth.
After bearing such insults… if you are still not going
to help the police… then the police is also going to
lose faith in the public. Look… I have nothing to say, Mr SP.
My daughter didn’t go anywhere I didn’t make any complaint.
Please just let me go SP Amit Kumar must be restrained
He is provoking her to lie He has no right to misuse
his position and power I’m not doing any such thing,
your honour If she changes her stance,
we cannot punish the criminals I’m only asking her to tell the truth.
The truth, Mr SP is that… ever since you came to Tejpur… for some personal reasons you have
been after my client Sundar Yadav You have been harassing him
because of some personal vendetta This is completely wrong your honour,
the police is just doing its job Distinguishing between right and wrong,
Mr Amit Kumar is what I’m doing If you try to disturb
the court proceedings… I shall charge you
with contempt of court I’m warning the police… against arresting people
based on false accusations… and wasting the court’s
precious time like this The defendant is declared not guilty
and is hereby released Don’t let this traitor Yadav go I’ll give him a dog’s death Just give me the orders, Sundar.
I’ll hack him to pieces right here Greetings, mother-in-law.
You’ve already started crying? Your daughter has not
even been sent off Take care of my sweetheart.
I’ll come soon The job of the police
is to maintain peace and security If you are going to get excited… like a bunch of school kids
and create scenes, we’re done for What was the need for this,
may I ask? What did you gain? The police was discredited
in open court I’m sitting at
the Division Headquarters… ask me who has to be arrested,
what action has to be taken Just because the minister praised you
in public, it’s gone to your head How does it concern him?
He’ll praise you and go We have to suffer the consequences Listen, now stop it The food has been
heated thrice, Amit… You eat, I’m not hungry What’s happening to you, Amit?
Why this enmity with food? Enmity? What do you mean? Who am I dead against?
You? This house? This society? That mother and daughter?
Or am I against my own department? Whom? I’m only doing my duty… and I have become everyone’s
sworn enemy Criminals bloody all of them.
All impotent cowards That DIG Verma he says
be nice and affectionate Nice and affectionate, my foot! The DIG drops in at her place
at midnight and threatens the widow Sadhu’s dog! He wants me to be practical What enmity are you talking about? Go and have dinner. I’m not hungry There is a message
for the night patrol Reach lal Chowk immediately.
Some disturbance Insp. Pandey on the line.
Received the Control Room message We are reaching Lal Chowk Pull out the bastard.
He barks too much. Motherfucker I’ve had enough of his wise-cracks
about Sadhu Baba Sir, shall we make an entry? No, let the bastards rot here…
we’ll see tomorrow What were you saying
in court, motherfucker? Exactly what you heard, you traitor Bachha Yadav, watch out! Shut up, motherfucker Hey… don’t you dare abuse me Who are you glaring at, you bastard?
Prajapati, open the lock-up Bachha Yadav Showing me his eyes, motherfucker
Yeah… so you’ll pull them out? Showing me his eyes, motherfucker.
I’ll smash them Open bastard, bloody open!
I’ll burn the bastard with acid! What is this? Gangaajal.
We’ll bloody purify Tejpur today They are in such pain
they are not able to speak They won’t be able to testify Their eyes have been smashed with
a pointed weapon, then burnt with acid Who has done this?
Nobody is speaking up, sir I want names, not your
unhelpful silence Whoever has done this… I’m not going to spare him Which police officers
are responsible for this act? Sir, you can’t just leave like this
without giving any replies It’s your responsibility sir,
you will have to reply What reply do you want? Sir, last night at Lal Chowk… the way you behaved with Munna Thakur
and Kesari Dalal… we can guess… Don’t make guesses.
Whatever transpired last night… is being investigated and you
will get the correct reply This incident happened in your
station, Tiwari. It wasn’t right I had gone off duty, Sundar Just tell me who all
were involved in this? We were not there Sadhu Baba There were twelve more inmates
in the lock-up They had a fight among themselves
at night… the electricity went off at that time
…God knows how it happened Don’t fuck with me.
Look, my blood is boiling Just tell me straight whether
Bachha Yadav was there or not Why are you scared Tiwari.
I’m there, no? None of us was here Till when will the sacrificial
lamb’s mother rejoice, Tiwari? The day Munna and Kesari come back
to their senses… and give their statements
…till that day If anyone opens his mouth,
he’ll be killed Won’t breathe a word.
Did you see anything? Didn’t see anything, sir And you? Not a word!
You dig? Why don’t you speak, motherfucker?
Cat’s caught your tongue or what? Won’t talk, sir. Will die
but won’t open my mouth Let him go, Tiwari.
Kali Pahalwan keeps his word Hey, he won’t speak,
some other bastard will No one will talk, if our jobs
come under threat we’ll create havoc You all better remember Did you all notice one thing?
Not even one FIR has been lodged… in Tejpur Police Station today Bloody no incidents.
How can anything happen, sir? Every bloody person is shitting bricks
because of the fear of Gangaajal Just that…
don’t open your mouth… remember Will do. Kali will not disclose last
night’s incident till the day he dies Agreed, crime is on decline,
but what kind of law is this… that people’s eyes are smashed
in police custody? Why? Isn’t chopping of a thief’s hand
legal punishment in many countries? Brother, the right thing is happening
in Tejpur and now it will continue Blind law of Tejpur Looks like Rabidas has totally
made up his mind to be a martyr Come on… I’m going to interview the priest
at the mosque in Shahpura Come out… Tejpur Express You wait here,
I’ll just see… What are these rumors that you are
spreading? It’ll cost you dearly Rumors? Where. What are these rumors that you are spreading?
It’ll cost you dearly
rumors I am not spreading anything So then what epic are you writing?
Hey, the first time the police… has done the right thing
and you still have a problem I publish a newspaper
for all of you only If you have any contradictory news,
I’ll print that too But publishing the correct news
is my duty, also my right How can you suppress that? Will definitely
suppress it, Mr Editor If you write anything
against Amit Kumar ever again… neither you nor your paper
will survive This is completely unfair, brother And publishing this is incorrect news,
blaming the police, isn’t that unfair? You think you can print
any damn thing? Do you see what is happening? Why don’t you tell your father
to keep silent? We are not going to tolerate
this drama anymore. Remember that! If you don’t come back to your senses
then from Rabidas you’ll become Surdas
We are not going to tolerate
this drama anymore. Remember that! If you don’t come back to your senses
then from Rabidas you’ll become Surdas Those two deserved the acid
Mr Chowdhary Thefts! Dacoity! Murders!
They have ruined this town! You are worrying for no reasons.
Those two are bloody criminals! The police and the law
is not going to do any good Decide this matter here itself Why don’t you people understand?
Sir will fire me How will he find out? Haven’t you
heard what happened in Tejpur? Now don’t waste time.
Bring both of them out Why bring them out?
Do it inside if you want to Hey Neta, leave the girl’s hands Anyone say something? No one will move forward Catch the bastards and smash them all I apologise, sir. By mistake
your wife had an accident You do whatever you want to do, sir Kill me if you want but this is
what will happen in Tejpur Now if anyone eyes my sister then he
will get only one response Gangaajal Why have you brought the car here?
It’s the Shikarpur Police Station Carry on Mr Inspector,
sir’s car just passed by What are you saying?
Why didn’t they stop here? God knows!
But sir himself was sitting Seems like there’s some
fresh trouble brewing. Get my cap Get the car Find out where their houses are Where does he stay? Come on… there…
shoo away these bastards Sir, it’s his wife.
We haven’t done anything Tell her to stop this crying business.
Ask her where those people are Go quickly, catch hold
of both of them If you guys squeal,
I’ll bury your families alive. Dig? Sir, what’s the matter? You all are not required here.
And Chowdhary, go to the station I’ll talk to you later Ask him only, sir.
She is his wife Hey, what will she say, Mr SP? Ask me
about the games these devils play Can you see her?
She is Bansuriya, my daughter Hey, who’s that? What is she saying?
Keep shut, bloody bastard! Hey, speak courteously
in front of the SP Today you are teaching me manner,
Mr Policeman What happened that day when
I was getting her married? Not a soul from the police station
even came to take a glimpse Somehow I just got her married.
I sent off a corpse God knows how he knew… stopped
the car in the middle of the road… and stabbed seven of the groom’s men Our son-in-law was knifed in the middle
of the road. His hands and legs tied He ruined my flower-like daughter
in front of everyone Then he took the same car and ran over
my son-in-law’s body… this sinner! Don’t tell lie..-He has been meted out justice.
He won’t even find place in hell Who did this to you? Why don’t you talk? Nothing has happened over here, sir.
He was already blind Put them into the jeep.
Take them to Tejpur. We’ll talk there We have done nothing Why are you worrying, Mr Chowdhary? Each and every child
of Shikarpur is with you You found out? Amit, did you find out?
Find out what? Who were the ones who smashed them
and then burnt their eyes with acid? I’m… investigating the incident Investigating the incident!
But how can they do this? Your police can do whatever it wants,
even animals don’t behave like this Anuradha, please try to understand Their people who have suffered
in this incident were criminals Murder, rape and dacoity
was their profession Oh! So they have the right to smash
the eyes of the accused… wow! I’m not saying that
this action is right
Oh! So they have the right to smash
the eyes of the accused… wow! I’m not saying that
this action is right Whatever they have done is wrong
and they will be duly punished What action are you taking? Please! I know what has to be done.
I’m aware of my responsibilities You don’t need to worry.
The truth will out on its own Munna Thakur and Kesari Dalal
have given their statements All of you have been accused
of being involved in the incident I’m going to take action,
do you have anything to say? Why don’t you all speak? No sir, we have nothing to say And Chowdhary? The Shikarpur Station
incident happened in your presence No sir, check the FIR book,
there is no entry of these You can do a full enquiry yourself.
There is no accusation against me You are lying.
No sir, you can ask anyone And you have also written
in your statement… that these two were not there
in the police station that night Sir, you had only told us
not to make an entry in the diary And that’s why you all did this Do you all possess
something called humanity? You all have committed a crime
and now you’re lying like cowards I myself am going to do an enquiry
and based on that… I’ll file a case against you It’s a dog’s life!
Shameful and humiliating! Keep quiet, and the public yells.
Do something, and the boss yells The criminals command more respect.
They are not answerable to anyone I don’t get it either. An incident
occurred inside our police station… So what? Why are you nervous, Tiwari? You guys stay out of this.
I’ll take the entire responsibility What will the SP do?
Suspend me, right? I’d be better off Can’t live any longer like an eunuch.
Wonderful Great. We’ll make a memorial
for you right inside the premises Martyr Bholanath Pandey Stop racking your brains I have decided on it.
My statement is ready I’m going to keep it in the SP’s table.
Hey! You alone? Why must you? Tiwari, I’m doing this because
I was the one who smashed their eyes Besides, I don’t regret one bit
what I did I have written, for everyone’s sake.
Bachha, don’t act in haste Khan, I’ve resolved Let’s see what happens He’s out of his mind What’s the matter?
Why weren’t you picking up the phone? Where is Babua? Father…. Look there, daddy has come Why did you betray me?
Motherfucker! Talk! Somebody help! Treated you like my brother. But you?
I had to you, motherfucker… I’ll slaughter you like a pig An eye for an eye Daddy Daddy… daddy Just let me see him once Just let me see him once Send it for postmortem Use all our resources.
This time he shouldn’t get away Tell me, motherfucker!
Where is Sundar? I don’t know.
Tell me, bastards I don’t know Tell me Get him. Sir, I’ve searched everywhere.
He didn’t come here Where’ll he go? Get hold
of every single man of his Yes sir Sorry… not right now I want the bastard
and his four accomplices Cut the crap, Bhurelal!
What’ve you guys been doing? We’ve been raiding the places, sir.
We are trying. I mean… What do you mean? You still
haven’t got any information… about Sundar
and his four accomplices? Go right now and bring Sadhu Yadav
here, now he’ll tell us Didn’t you hear? I want him now
in the headquarter Don’t come inside,
there’s too much smoke What is happening, Amit? You can carry on,
I’ll just come Are you a woman or what? Keep drilling the bastards until
they open their mouths. Whack them! I want the whereabouts
of Bachha Yadav’s murderers Whack them again
when they come around! You are just not worthy
of this light! Bring them inside Where is Sundar? Where is Sundar? And where have you
hidden these four? You all play this game
of hide and seek, SP I do everything proudly,
on the open If you have the guts, arrest me.
Sadhu doesn’t get scared You haven’t seen fear yet, Sadhu If Sundar doesn’t show up
in 24 hours… I’ll whack you so hard that you will
fear to look at your own reflection What’ll you do? Smash my eyes?
You’ll kill me? You will not be let off
so easily, Sadhu Yadav Don’t forget Sadhu
…twenty four hours If anyone lays even a finger on my son,
it will be disastrous, Mr DIG Don’t be immature, Sadhu If Amit Kumar gets hold of Sundar,
then I won’t be able to do anything Do as I say. Let him surrender himself
in court and get bail Send fifty lakhs to
the district judge Fifty lakhs! He was asking for a crore. Got it
halved with a lot of difficulty 50 percent should be delivered before
eight o’clock. Send the rest to me DIG, I will send the money,
of course. Once Sundar gets bail, DIG, then
watch how we deal with this crazy You just arrange the money,
then give me a call What was the time fixed? He’s left from there,
must be reaching Motherfucker, acting pricey… What’s the matter, Mr Yadav?
Everything okay…? Forget about that,
there’s no time You immediately go and deliver
the 25 lakhs to the district judge 25 lakhs, Mr Sadhu now,
at this time… Before seven in the morning,
it should be on his breakfast table I’m going to make arrangement
for the rest It’s difficult, Sadhu Baba.
I can’t do this at such short notice What? It’s a question of my son.
I’ll tear you to pieces 25 lakhs! District judge…
before seven in the morning bastard sir…you? Our turn is about to come.
Where is Mr Sundar? He’ll be here any moment now case no:-107
Don’t call out now Catch him Pick him up Stop them! They’ve taken him!
Stop them! Now, nothing can be done, until
the police produce him over here But this SP will eat him alive,
why don’t you understand? They’ll smash his eye The court can only do something if the
matter is presented in court, Mr Yadav Bastard! You want to sleep, eh? Motherfucker,
I’ll make you yearn for sleep! The police has continuously kept
Sundar Yadav in custody… three times for a period
of twelve days. Your honour… what kind of investigation is going on
if it’s still not complete? There is no charge sheet till now,
no witness, no evidence The police hasn’t submitted any list of
the items found on the scene of crime Please notice my client’s
state, your honour The police has taken his statement
seven times Now he has nothing left to say
…nothing at all Your honour, our investigation
is carrying on right now Your honour, in the police custody
our client is in danger… with him… There can be no bail
in these charges… but the accused is to be sent
to judicial custody And, you all please
fill the charge sheets quickly How are you all? Forgive us! Right inside the court
I proved you a liar Everyday I used to tell mother,
let’s go to the SP Hey, what are you saying? Don’t you
think I understand your compulsions? Have you seen a guy for her or no?
Get her married Don’t spare Sundar Yadav, sir SP Amit Kumar!
Long live! Long live! Tejpur Police
Long live! Long live! what they teaches in school..Has sir come?
Yes, ma’am Hey Manasi, he has come Jai Hind
Hey Manasi, he has come Jai Hind Do have some paan, sir.
It’s the special peppermint I don’t eat paan This is not paan, sir, it’s a
refreshment. It’ll refresh your mind Hey, hurry up, sir is leaving Hot tea! Manganiram’s son Honest Tea Vendor. Please take it.
It’s made with pure milk And I’m selling it
at the cheapest rate in the market He’s our number two, sir.
Number one comes here for good night Number two for good morning An honest effort, sir
When do they go to school? What’ll they do in school, sir?
If they study… then they won’t even do manual work.
Sir, taste the tea please On one condition. Send both
your children back to school And come for duty tomorrow onwards It’s good The matter is out of my hands.
Do something quickly… otherwise it will be difficult
to last out the remand period I’ve heard, Gangaajal… You amaze me Mr DIG. You compiled such
a huge file and didn’t even inform me Sorry …Sir But you yourself had
congratulated him, sir That’s what I have come to regret SP Amit Kumar, what do you think
of yourself? I gave you a district for free,
recommending you… for the President’s medal.
And what do you do… go ahead and ensure that my position
itself is threatened I’m sorry about whatever
happened in Tejpur, sir But I’m investigating each and every
incident myself and soon enough I’II… That’s what I’m not being able
to understand… why are you doing
this double mistake? First of all your formula
to decrease crime… and then on top of that
this enquiry Why are you throwing stones into mud,
who’ll get dirty with the splashes? what max will happen to you
just a transfer Okay Mr Minister, stop this politics
of yours and get on with my work That’s exactly
what I’m doing, brother Listen, stop this
investigation immediately When the public is not complaining
then there is no need to You just get bail for Sundar Yadav What!
Yes, he’s in great danger Everyday these people
threaten to smash his eyes Why are you interrupting?
I’m speaking to him, no? Listen, get him bail
and give me the report Didn’t you hear? Tomorrow is
Sundar’s date, he has to get bail Sir, he can’t get bail.
Why, what’s the problem? Sir, he’s the one who murdered
Sub-Insp. Bachha Yadav Then tell me the cost.
What do you want? Sadhu Yadav, you don’t have the stature
to pay the price of Bachha Yadav Anyway, what have you paid
the minister? Whatever you want to do, do it While I’m there, Sundar Yadav
will not get bail You won’t survive, SP sit down gentleman,
i will explain it to you.. I know the public of Tejpur
has suffered great injustice But Amit Kumar
was your favoured officer You had sent his name
for the President’s medal Listen, we want peace and security
but not at this cost But what action
is the government taking? I will initiate an independent
enquiry by a former high court judge During this period all the six suspected
police officers have been suspended… and the SP of Tejpur, Amit Kumar,
has been given orders… to go on leave immediately.
The commission’s report will be… submitted to the government
within one month What does this forced leave mean? It means I can’t go to office,
can’t work… assume I’m not on my post at all Now what’ll happen Amit? Nothing… the commission’s
enquiry will begin… Once I’ve given my statement
we’ll go from here You’ll stay with the police only? Why? Are you afraid? No, not now The SP has gone now.
Lets see who saves you all Break it down. Bomb it What’s going on there?
Let see Who are they, sister? Hey hurry up.
You don’t create any disturbance Till when will you keep
your daughter caged? Listen to me carefully old woman.
If you betray Sundar, you’ll be ruined This was bound to happen Writing this letter in blood,
don’t mistake it for ink And I swear on this blood that… if you try to get Apoorva
married off to anyone then… I’ll wipe off your entire family That oldie from Ghaziabad will not…
from Tejpur platform alive Remember Apoorva is mine Not one jail but I’ll break several
forts and take her away My name you must remember,
Sundar Yadav Must have committed some sin that
this problem has been born If she died I’d be content Does anyone curse their
daughter like this? Sit What should I do Mr. SP? This marriage was fixed
with great difficulty My daughter has lost her dignity,
there’s no one to help us Somehow we found this guy.
So what if he’s father of two… has a shop in Ghaziabad…
Now this is her fatewhat shall I do? You went to the police station? Who’ll listen to me when
you are not there? N0, its not like that.
The police will do its work Police Station, Tejpur.
Who is the duty officer? It’s Insp. Mangani Ram sir.
How are you Mangani? Sir, without you how’ll I be… Hey Mangani, its not like that.
Good I called up… Roopmati’s daughter Apoorva –
its her wedding I know sir.
This marriage shouldn’t break It won’t break sir. Goodnight Don’t get involved in
this chaos, Tiwari The enquiry commission’s decision
will prove very harsh That’s why we’ve come to you. Somehow
get my name struck off the report Let go to the DIG with some donation,
only he can do the needful We won’t let you go sir.
There’ll be a revolt We’ll do a chakka jam The government’s decision is wrong.
We’ll change it Now, the public has awakened sir.
You’ll get total support You also just support us blindly Long Live Amit Kumar Everything will be fine, Anu Insp. Shahid Khan, do you accept
the charges levied against you? I am innocent Inspector Bholanath Pandey
not guilty Inspector Lal Kanth Tewari
not guilty Habildar Ram Ratan Singh
not guilty Habildar Prajapati Mishra
not guilty S.P Mr.Amit Do you accept the charges
levied against you? Yes your honour,
I accept the charges Do you find yourself guilty? Yes, your honour, since I am the
Police Superintendent of Tejpur… I take full responsibility for
whatsoever has happened here Mr. Amit Kumar, how would you like to
defend yourself? Some lawyer… No your honour, I don’t need any lawyer Please file your replies in two days.
The hearing will continue Sir we want to speak to you Sir, its a question of our lives There is no point Pandey.
You all do what you think is right … my stance will not change We’ll be ruined.
Why are you so worried? His sole admitting won’t matter.
They won’t find any witness and nothing will be proved You already came ? Today I’ll definitely
take you with me son What’s the matter? You’re not happy? Today is her wedding if I don’t get
bail today I’ll break out of jail Hey son, today no one is
going to stop your bail As long as I am here
you cannot enter Get out of my way!
I’ll get you suspended I’ll slaughter anyone
who dares to move Let her go Why? You couldn’t wait to get her
married? In too much of a hurry… Someone please help Let go of my sister You’re not doing the right thing…
Let go of my wife Mangani Ram on the line sir.
Sundar Yadav has landed up here Sir, please come here fast Hey, what are you doing here, Mangani? Sir, grave injustice has happened.
Sundar Yadav is kidnapping the girl Come on.
So, why are you getting hassled? And hadn’t I sent you
to Lal Chowk for duty! Save her, Mr DSP You leave from here –
you’ll get your share No one will move forward Stop being juvenile, Mangani-
don’t be mad That’s enough Mr. DSP… even
the devil has some limits, but you… Come on Leave my daughter alone, devil.
Leave her! Hey, old women Mother Are you gone mad? You’ll injure your hand!
What are you doing? What I should’ve done much earlier Don’t come any further All of you seem to be
enjoying this show. Quietly, keep watching my disaster Nor am I anyone’s sister,
neither anyone’s daughter?! I am just filth, a dirty patch Stop this theatrical show,
you’ll cut your hand It’s all over You ruined everything Move Don’t be stubborn.
Let’s go from here now Take them away There’s no need to take them anywhere.
We’ll decide here itself You leave them to us, sir… Yes-yes. Leave them Today their saga will end here itself We’ll smash both the bastards Back off Hey, bring out the Gangaajal Stop them Hit them Praise to the Goddess Ganga What is this that you are doing?
Have you gone mad? Yes sir, we have all gone mad And with this Gangaajal
we will purify our Tejpur You are all diseased. That you attribute
this alkaline to Gangaajal and… desecrate the Gangaajal You have set afire the limitations of
a civilised society… and your humanity in
the clasps of this acid. Do you think this will
give you renunciation? It will purify the land of Tejpur? Whatever happens today
we will not spare them Come to your senses! Don’t forget,
with criminals in our custody… delivering them to the halls of
justice healthy and alive is our duty Sir. Whose well-being are you
talking about? He is the one who
murdered Bachha Yadav They are devils. You’ll save them? Khan, I’m not saving them but saving
society from becoming devilish There’s no custom of smashing eyes and
burning them with acid in our society But there is no power
in our rules and laws, sir They’ll escape through courts
and legal proceedings We are frail and not the law, Bansi Our selfish motives have
deteriorated the law. Else we would not have given
our mandate to such… corrupt and blackmarketers… as our leaders who keep on insulting
the law and the society time and again And remember society gets its own kind
of Police, as the person appointed… is one amongst the society,
selfish and weak That is the weakness we
have to uproot, Mr. SP Today when the people of Tejpur
have made a decision about… the father and son why
are you interfering? Because you have taken
the wrong decision If you are going to take decision with
the help of terror, keeping humanity… and law at stake,
that’s dictatorship It will not end at blinding
the criminals, as punishment In future even your genuine voice
of rebellion will be silenced It will be all over I have arrested these criminals.
And I shall treat them as per law And if anyone stops me from
doing my duty… I will be very strict with him Move! Take them away Stop it Don’t come forward or
I’ll cut off her head The commission enquiry at length and
testimonies by hundreds of witnesses… resulted in no outcome Finally, all the accused policemen were
acquitted, and their duties restored Whatever be the truth
according to Tejpur folks… but Amit Kumar knew his facts,
which he held on to the last Film Ends

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