Garden Sprayer How To Assemble and Use HDX 1 Gallon Multi Purpose Sprayer

garden sprayer how to assemble and use HDX 1 gallon multi purpose garden sprayer yard sprayer Hi it’s AlaskaGranny whenever you get a break in the weather is a good time to work on outdoor chores one thing you may want in your garden and household
maintenance tools is are one gallon multi-purpose sprayers and it’s a good thing to have two garden sprayers multi purpose sprayers rociador multiuso one for fertilizer would want to help your garden and one for chemicals for things like weeds and bug killing that would be poison never want to mix the two chemicals in one sprayer it’s good to have one that is for the plus of a garden one for the negative of the garden label them so which one is for fertilizer and which is for poison HTX 1 Gallon Multi-Purpose Sprayer rociador multiuso how you assemble it it’s not difficult but it does have several steps
and make directions lay it all out so you know you have all the parts refer to the directions everything is included ready to go I laid out and made sure I
have all my pieces the first thing you do is take the pink syphon hose and you attach it to the sprayer right here this goes into this red nozzle see just stick it
in a way make sure it’s secure and then you go to the hole here and you insert it and you have to wiggle it down a little bit because inside its gonna go all the way
to the bottom and it also needs to be able to loop
around a little bit so that it can get every last drop at it and it has this cap already on the hose you screw this down tight and it’s as easy as that attach the hose flow control to the
other end in the hose and you can see that this has a hole on
here and there’s another little cap so you
want to make sure that cap is on the hose then you wanna stick
the hose up firmly over the end to this you might have to twist it a little bit to get it as close to you as you can to their ribbed part then you want to take this and simply screw it down you want to take the wand and see how it also has a cap and you
just wanna put this right in here and screw this
down and there you go you have the whole
entire hose assembly put together I filled the garden sprayer rociador multiuso partly with water you take that big handle and put it down in
here and you just screw it down and then this
is how it works you loosen the handle and pump it up puts pressure in it you need to make sure
this little valve is closed that will release the pressure and then
you just hook the handle down when you’re pumping if you hear any moisture escape or air escaping be sure you tighten up your connectors to make sure they’re
tight then you hold down the handle and it comes out the tip then the tip is adjustable see you
can make it wider or smaller spray according to how big a surface you want to spray push this down spray there’s also a little spot right
here that when you’re spraying and if you
don’t wanna hold it down continuously you push this forward and it stays on and it’s continuing to spray without
having to hold it down and then you just click back and it will release simple when you’re done you would release valve and it would
release the pressure and then you unscrew this and
dump out any remaining chemicals that you have don’t store it with
chemicals in it put it away clean and It’ll continue to last these are the greatest feature on the handle you can simply on the wand and hold it securely when you put it
away look for the HD1 Gallon Multi-Purpose Sprayer rociador multiuso for your home and garden needs Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

52 thoughts on “Garden Sprayer How To Assemble and Use HDX 1 Gallon Multi Purpose Sprayer

  1. great….I returned it thinking it was not working…I see that nozzle that I got with mine was faulty. Its not the same as you have shown in the video…I might need to go back and get it 🙂

  2. I managed to pry it loose using a very think razor oil but when it sits overnight or even a few hours it freezes up again. At least I know now how to give it a temporary fix when I need to use it. Is it possible to buy replacement parts (wand) for this?

  3. When im connecting the hose to the gallon bottle, it doesn't want to screw on to the bottle. Yes I've made sure that the little pink hose was bent in there and that the big hose was pushed all the way in and it still wont screw on.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Instructions were not very clear and I might've really made a mess without your great video.

  5. Thank you. I almost returned mine, because I could not figure out how to assemble it and
    the idea of pumping seemed too much work.

  6. I watched 6 other videos before finding yours, which clearly demonstrated how to use this type of sprayer. Some showed the pressure release valve but never showed how to create the pressure. Others talked all about putting the pieces together but not how to use it. Thanks for a simplistic but complete demo.
    I bought a Chapin sprayer which is substantially the same thing and here is how to two pages of instructions started: "To prevent hose from blowing off, hose must cover both barbs on the outlet tube adapter and touch flange before hose nut is securely tightened." Seriously?

  7. Hello! I can't get this to pressurize. We checked all the connections. The release valve seems iffy to me. Is there anything else I should try?

  8. I couldn't really tell how wide a coverage area will stray. Some pesticides come with a disposable strayer but will only cover 4-6 inches in it's wide spray mode.

  9. Awesome tutorial. Mine is not holding pressure, but I'm going to check all of my adaptors now to make sure they're tight. I hear air coming from the top though when I first tried testing it with water. I have the Flo-Master. Thanks for posting.

  10. Thanks for this. You showed me exactly what I came looking for. I guess the lid on the old sprayer I found is just stuck from sitting or something.

  11. Can you get a pretty powerful spray stream from this if you pump it up enough? I want to use it rinse off some things outside with distilled water.

    PS: Alaska Granny, you're a cutie!

  12. thank you and thank god you did this video because the instruction sheet that came with my garden sprayer from Walmart was worthless period I bought another one last year and threw it away because I couldn't figure it out or get it to work properly so thank you very much

  13. Thank you! I was waiting for my husband to spray some weeds, but he's been so busy at work I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands before they go to seed and spread! The only thing holding me back was I didn't know how to use the sprayer. Now I do! Great video.

  14. Great video! Very informative. This covers everything. All other YouTube videos I saw did not explain as well as this one. Much better than reading instructions.

  15. You are fabulous. I spent 25 minutes trying to decipher the awful directions with everything still on the garage floor in pieces. In 5 minutes, after watching your video I was spraying away. Thank you!

  16. Purrfect instructions, thank you so much… I've had mine for years and hadn't used it and lost instructions. Ahhhh now I'm ready…. peace.

  17. Thank you so much for the video, I have had my sprayer for a year and not used it because I could not figure out how it went together…the directions are not very good. After watching you video, I had it together in a few minutes. I love YouTube videos, most are so very helpful and glad you all take the time for us that need a little help with things (even the simplest things)!

  18. Thank you so much! As soon as i pulled those instructions out, I was like, "Um no…time for youtube!" Thank goodness you posted this video!

  19. Thanks for the explanation! Our Flo-Master came with horrible directions that didn't even describe the correct parts or colors. Something so simple became very frustrating to put together until I found your video.

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