– Now, there’s been
some murmurs for a while and also now there’s been some
pretty outspoken comments too regarding should powermeters be removed from the teams bikes at the Tour de France to try and liven up the races? Well, I’ve decided to
actually ask professionals what they think of this matter. Let’s go and find out. – You know, I think there’s a lot of other races out there that are exciting, and they’ve got powermeters as well, so. I’m not so sure it’s about a powermeter, I think they’re just bit sick and tired of
us winning, aren’t they? I think. And, you know, I think
they think that we just go and just control the
race and it’s easy and… Like this year the two stages I won, if somebody else had won them, then they probably would’ve
been the best stages. Just ’cause, maybe I’m seeing
it through rose tinted glasses but I thought they were pretty exciting. So yeah, it’s just, it’s another thing. They reduced the rider to eight and suddenly there’s
quite a few bike riders that don’t have jobs anymore. But yeah, if they wanna
take away powermeters, fine. Whatever. I just don’t think it
would effect the race. – [Interviewer] At the end of the day, you’re still gonna train
with them aren’t you so you still know your body can do. – Yeah and it’s all part
of innovation as well. You’re just always tryna improve
and move the sport forward and it seems a lot of the things that UCI try to do anyway,
is just hold it back. So yeah, I think, you know,
you look at F1 and things, it’s all about innovation
and moving forward and technology and I think that’s the way we should try to be going but, yeah. If they feel like it’s boring and things and viewing figures are down and whatever, look at the course as well. But, yeah, if they feel the
powermeters will add the that, then fine. – It’s difficult to explain. In the race… (speaking Italian) – Actually, everyone
train with the powermeter so that means, already, their body is remember this
wattage and the number so I think result, the powermeter
is, I think, no problem. Because the cappiers, long time ago, also heart rate monitor
also, it’s ban, you know? But, it’s same thing. I think, for me, like, you know, the cycling sports, always the heart and the passion so it’s not only the machines, no? We are not robots. I think, also, people want to see a kind of animal, no? – Yeah, like a more aggressive race. – So, that’s I think good idea. – I think it’s a little bit
going back in time, maybe. I think now we are so
used to the powermeters it will be strange not to use them but if it will make to sport
more attractive, we can try it but we also tried without radios and now we are back with radios so, didn’t feel made such a big difference because it was still pushing
our heart rate and other stuff. If you take everything away
and not even the kilometers, okay but then you don’t know
where you are in the race. – What I think is that
powermeter is evolutional cycling so it’s a tool that came out 25 years ago with the first SRM building. It’s evolving into something super light that can fit in every bike
and everybody can use it. I think we can just, we need to make an advantage of it, starting with what Venning is
doing, showcasing our power. People can see what we do. Also the time, I have
friends who has powermeter, just tourists, they cannot believe the power we put on the pedals. Something that I think that, race organizer, teams and riders are more inclined to share than to avoid. And actually if you think
that the team pursuit, it’s forbidden to have a powermeter and the can pace themselves perfectly, second by second in a lab, swimmers don’t have anything, they can tell you by a 100th of a second what they do in the pool. So, how long you think you’re gonna take before we can really analyze
a climb on a computer and know exactly what speed, what VAM, we have to do to basically
match the powermeter. So you need to ban the garming then. – Yeah, you have to ban
everything, heart rate. – Yeah, you need to go
back in the first century when you have one gear and
you need to swap the wheel. I think it’s useless and I think we need to make an advantage and not a disadvantage of that. I will remember to everyone, Christ Froome (speaks foreign language. And he was not there from quite a while, from probably Nibali,
especially in the race, his own way in the pass of Contador. He made a Contador way,
he made a Nibali way, even being Chris Froome
and with the powermeter. I think it’s the rider making the race and not their powermeter making the race. I will suggest to the race organizers to change in the precure. Just try, do something
different on the precure, shorter stage is working
in the last years. Probably, just don’t
try to make it too hard. – I personally don’t like it. I don’t support the idea
of banning the powermeters because I don’t think
it makes any difference. Everyone has his built
in powermeter anyway, if you are without your
computer on the bike, you still feel where your limit, your threshold more or less is. So I’m convinced if they would ban them, it’s still everyone would ride on his threshold on the climb. There wouldn’t be more text. I don’t think that there would be a big difference at all. Yeah, it’s still an interesting thought that you should consider and maybe it’s an idea to
have a stage, for example, without powermeters. Of course, it’s most
important for the climbers because they are using
it when they go up hill. Overall I think there
won’t be a big change. – So there we are, a
pretty unanimous decision, I’m sure you’ll agree
regarding powermeters and should they be
allowed on bikes or not. But let me know what you think. Should they be banned? Or should they be allowed in races like the Tour de France? Let me know down there in
the comment section below. And remember as well to like and share this video with your friends. Give it a big old thumbs up. And also remember to
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