GCN’s Top Ten Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

One, try pre-breakfast riding.
When you get up in the morning, you’re in a fasted state, having
probably not eaten for eight hours or more. Going for an early morning ride
pre-breakfast will encourage your body to burn fats, particularly if you have a
double espresso. This is a method that Team Sky Riders have used in the past. The
ride doesn’t need to be long or intense. Thirty minutes to an
hour is steady riding, so this is ideal if you commute to work.
However, the important thing with this strategy is that you follow the ride
with a good, healthy breakfast, oatmeal of similar. Never skip breakfast
totally. Two, save energy bars and gels for racing and use natural products for
training. Energy bars and gels are very dense in calories. This is how they should
be, able to deliver very quick energy to your body when you most need it. However, in general, it’s unlikely that
you’ll be using as many calories per hour in training as you would do in a race. So,
why not try making yourself some natural products for training? Homemade flapjacks,
or mini jam, or honey sandwiches will not only provide you with enough energy,
but they also taste great as well. Three, use electrolyte drinks instead of
energy drinks. Energy drinks provide just that, energy. They’re designed to give you
carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which means that they get into your
muscles very quickly, plus electrolytes to replace the salt that
you lose through sweat. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a
good idea to replace your energy drink with an electrolyte drink, which is all
the electrolytes you need but none of the calories. This is particularly relevant if
you’re not riding for more than two hours at a time. Four, make a plan and stick to it. It’s
much easier to stick to something if it’s planned in advance, and that applies to
your training and your diet. Try to plan at least one week in advance, because
remember, five one-hour rides a week make you fitter and leaner than one
five-hour ride at the weekend. When making a plan, it’s important that
it’s achievable. Setting your sights too high will inevitably mean that you
falter and then get fed up. In general, plans should progress gradually. Either
increase in the duration you ride at a certain intensity or the
intensity at a certain duration. Five, cut sugar from tea and coffee. When
Bradley Wiggins lost a lot of weight in 2009 proceeding to finish fourth at the
Tour de France, one of the things he changed was to cut sugar
from his tea and coffee. It makes sense. If you have four cups of
coffee or tea a day, that’s 60 calories that you could be saving. Now, over the
course of a year, that’s an amazing 22,000 calories, equivalent to nine days of food
for the average amount. Six, remove high calorie drinks from your
diet. It’s easy to forget about drinks when we think about diet, but certain
drinks contain calories equivalent to an entire meal. For example, a Starbucks
venti White Chocolate Mocha contains an incredible 580 calories, equivalent to
two McDonald’s cheeseburgers. We’ve already recommended taking
sugar out of you tea and coffee, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that
milk and flavorings will normally contain a lot of calories, too. Unfortunately,
the same applies to alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is secondary to fat in caloric
density with seven calories per gram, so try to reduce your intake of
alcohol or opt for lower calorie drinks, such as Wiggo’s favorite, vodka tonic. Seven, eat whilst riding to
prevent a post-ride binge. We’ve told you how to reduce
your calories when training. Now, we’re going to tell
you how to get enough. If you’ve never blown up on a ride,
then you’re not a proper cyclist. It’s happened to us all, running
out of glycogen, and feeling weak, dizzy, and like you could eat an entire
warehouse of chocolate. The problem, apart from feeling so terrible, is
that we often overeat when we get home, or to the cafe, because it takes too
long for our brain to catch up with what’s being ingested. To avoid this, make sure
you eat and drink enough on your training rides to prevent a
huge post-ride binge. Eight, increase the distance of your
commute to work. Whilst having a routine can often be a good thing, sometimes
it means that you don’t progress. If you commute to work, why not try doing
a longer route, either going in or on your way home once or twice a week? The extra
kilometers might well reignite your weight loss, helping you
achieve your goals. Nine, don’t drop your calorie
intake excessively. It’s very easy, especially on January 1st, to try and cut
everything bad from your diet in the attempt to be perfect athlete. However, we
know that’s not going to last very long, and if you deprive yourself with every
little treat, it’s not going to be very long before you crack completely. Whenever
you start a diet, the reduction in calorie intake should be small, so they
can keep to it and still lose weight. Ten, reduce calories later in the evening.
The alternative to pre-breakfast riding is to stack your calories at the start of the
day. It’s a technique that many pro-riders put to good effect. The theory is fairly
simple. Eat as much as you want for breakfast, but that’s going to be your
biggest meal of the day. Then eat a good, healthy lunch with less calories than your
breakfast, and then a smaller dinner in the evening. Studies have been carried
out to show the effectiveness of this strategy, which is based on the fact
that you’re more likely to burn off the calories that you consume at breakfast
than those you consume in the evening which often sit in your stomach. If you
adhere to even some of these principles, you’d be well on your
way to losing weight. For more videos like
this, subscribe to GCN. Now what are we going to do? So, now
we are ready to make the two knots, so, starting at one end of the inner
tube, just put a simple knot in it.

100 thoughts on “GCN’s Top Ten Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

  1. I like your idea of stacking calories in the earlier part of the day, "eat like a King in the morning and like a pauper in the evening" :).

  2. i could die if i don't say that this is one of your best videos. Even though i almost know all the advices you mentioned give the video this kind of serious topic attitude make it even better. all the advices are right and anyone who wants to lose weight should take this video at least as a start if your pretend to use cycling as your exercise. i have lost 30kg doing most of the things that are explained on the video.

  3. i ve done the same stuff but execpt biking i was just walking, walking for 3-4 hours so i lost 13kilos in 2 month but i still feel that my body is out of shape that's why i am bying a bike today, i am gonna get the btwin rocrider, i know it's a entry level bike but i am just a beginner and i may fall in love with cycling or hated so better not waste lot of money on my first bike and thank you GCN

  4. Ok i appreciate what the video is saying but its really hard to believe these claims because u dont provide a single source. Just "studies shows this and that" but what studies, done by whom, have they been tested or are you simply listing the usual things that ever person likes to believe

  5. You don't need to cut sugar from tea and coffee, just drink less tea or coffee. or just have an espresso.

  6. I started slimming world in January lost 4 stone in 8 month ..i hv just completed my 3rd triathlon at 56 year old .
    I hv a hybrid bike had it years now 🙂
    I've just bought myself a road bike for 1st time ever boardman carbon road bike.. absolutely love it .. but I know 4 stone ago I wud of bust the tyres lol…
    Love your tips .. just fin work sat pm seen this video and now am off out on my road bike :))))

  7. HI guys i lost 18 pound within 2 week ,its amazing .i never thought it would work but it done miracle https://tinyurl.com/yda6ff6e

  8. I have started riding to try to loose weight.. my biggest problem is while I am at work and extremely tired.. I snack.. like right now I am having pop tarts.. I hate myself when I tired eat.

  9. I don't drink alc.
    I rarely eat sugar.
    Never eat fast food. Veggies, fruits and legumes are my main foods.

    It still takes soooooo long. Well better slow than fast…

  10. Hey, depends what espresso, the watery english one is basically nothing, If you take a double spanish cortado or an Italian espresso, you'll die of heart attack

  11. Started cycling three years ago. I could barely peddle five miles. I am 5’11” and weighted 255 pounds. But I kept riding. I staring eating healthy, no sugars at all, well ok a bit of wine but otherwise no. Three years later I weight 150 pounds and recently completed my first Century in under seven hours with over seven thousand feet of climbing. I am 68 years old. Thank you cycling and GCN!

  12. i lost about 20kg in 6 months by abstaining from sugar, milk (and milk based product like cheese, butter, icecream etc), soy, bread, fried foods and alcohol. i eat mostly rice (2-3 spoons per serving), eggs, mushrooms, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli and fruits with some occasional meat like beef steak thrown in during weekends. basically im not allowed to eat pizza, fried chicken, burgers, or any other fast food.

  13. Alcohol no way turn into fat or energy in the body, it's a big mistake. Petrol has even more calories, try to drink it.

  14. Hello. I really love your channel. It's a great information for me who's a beginner in this. I wanted to ask if you have meal plans?

  15. 3:07 "unfortunately"??? Unfortunately what? FUCK ALCOHOL? No sympathy for cutting sugar but ALCOHOL gets sympathy? Really…?

  16. I'm not flirting but am I the only one who could listen to him read the dictionary? I love his voice!

  17. 1:41 if you really want to lose weight leave your door open all day, when you come back someone will have relieved you of all you fatty food.

  18. Thanks for the tips, as a young rider I'm trying hard to train my muscles and was previously just using energy drinks.

  19. I do all this things and training 3 to four times a week spinning and I don’t loose not even a bloody kilo! Im gonna be fat forever!

  20. Also good idea to keep track of blood glucose
    I have a ton of tests on my channel.

  21. I fill one of my bottles with my favorite canned soup along with some dry foods. The standard sized can fits just right in a standard bike bottle. I usually choose a meaty one with some rice in it. It's kinda gross sometimes but hey I NEVER hit the wall this way. It's cheap and it works well.

  22. Great video, I was glad to see I already was doing a few of the tips. My question is, how soon after waking up would you need to go riding for maximum efficacy, what's the window?

  23. I cut out sugar from coffee and replaced it with healthier honey. I also use unsweetened almond milk as well.

  24. my big question on this is what do you do as a diabetic…. I think I would sugar crash if I rode before breakfast

  25. i went to a dietologist once. she adviced me to keep adopting a mediterrean diet. i found out i didn't have to change anything in my diet in terms of the size of the portions but i had to cut out unealthy fats and eat some more proteins.
    i remember that at breakfast i either had milk with 2 biscuits or crackers with a greek yogurt.
    then at lunch i had 80g of pasta, or an equal portion of rice or some eggs. it's important not eat more than that.
    in the evening i was told to eat an apple.
    at dinner i ate some bread, but a tiny amount and also, white meat and more rarely red meat. i also ate legumes. and that's it. there are a lot more variations though. fish is very important to eat at least once a week. you can use olive oil, but not in excess. same for the salt.
    i did a 30 minutes workout (on bike with the highest gear) per day and i lost 1 kg a week (10 in total). i kept myself hydratated. yes calories have to be counted, but it's even more important to take care of your muscles, because after a workout that isn't focused on building strenght, your muscles start to diminish in size and you'll still be left with all the unhealthy fat. you don't want to lose weight on your muscles, you want to lose fat.

  26. Like sugar in tea? Me too! Want sugar with zero calories? It exists and seems to be the biggest secret out there- erythritol! A natural sugar alcohol(but is not alcoholic!) the downside is it’s 10x the price of sugar and only 2/3s as sweet. I marry it with aspartame, a big tsp of erythritol and 2 aspartame sweeteners. It’s changed tea/coffee/latte drinking forever!

  27. I just started riding bicycle to work for like 2 months, I don't feel any weight loss yet but I noticed that I get less stressed at work. Suddenly I started working smart rather than working hard. Hopefully I can follow these tips and finally start losing weight 'coz my problem is I can't stop eating after I got home from work.

  28. What I like from this: if you adhere to even some of these… in other words ( and I say this as someone who has lost 46lbs this year) you don't have to get it 100% right to make a difference.

  29. that breakfastvwas all sugar! banana, english muffin, suagar fruit spred. no protien! might be a huge problem right there mate

  30. As a back care specialist, I am often recommending cycling (and swimming) to people who need to lose weight. Compared to running, cycling is lower impact on the hips, knees, ankles and back. I recommend a 40mm suspension seat post or full suspension to people with disc problems. Happy cycling!

  31. Nice.. something to look forward, just bought a hardtail..but i probably can cycle in the night and maybe 1-2 days in the morning..does that count?

  32. Recently I lost 3kg in just two seconds on the bike. I went over one of those rumble strips at speed and all my water bottles went flying everywhere. Although maybe that isn't quite what you were hoping for.

  33. Lost a ton of weight mainly by cycling and watching my caloric intake. I only have a couple one rule that I'm not flexible on:
    1. No liquid calories.

    Also, I'm not too fussed about performance in my workouts just yet. Ideally you'll find a routine that works for you and ignore all the "cardio is bad for weightloss" etc. bs out there. Any workout is better than none at all and you're much more likely to stick to a routine if you enjoy what you're doing.

  34. Due to work (chef) I hardly eat in the morning, a little at noon and alot when i'm home late from work… I tried the other way around but I really think it depends what job you have.. Eating alot late at night boosts my energy in the morning although it doesn't make much sense for others its what my body is used to after years of 70 h weeks, i ride 40-45 km 6 days out of 7, using the eat alot in the morning strategy is a mental breakdown and my body just wants to get rid of the food on my morning ride to work..

    1st tip to lose weight is listen to your body and what it needs. Always supply your body with healthy food and especially SELF made.

  35. sugar, bread, pasta, rice.. all carbo-calorie bombs to be avoided as much as possible. ahh but i do love spaghetti…………

  36. I have actually implemented this unique “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a number of weeks by now and the effects are incredible. They give me plenty of energy and control my desire for foods, yet I don`t crash when they wear off which I really like, and they also don`t make me jittery. I have not changed anything else I`m doing and also have lost 7 pounds. .

  37. Just so you know: Consuming for example 60 kcal extra per day for a year isn't the equivalent of gaining fat equivalent to to those 365*60 kcal. If you consume extra calories, your body will adjust itself (to a degree) by physiological means such as increasing the body temperature sloghtly during the night, which burns a great amount of energy (look up NASA studies on how much heat the human body emits if you want to know details)

  38. I have lost 15kg in 10 weeks by cycling around 20+ miles a day and cutting out ALL SUGAR including fruits and cutting down on carbs.
    I also have been intermittent fasting, which means that I only eat in a 4 hr window.
    I have breakfast around 4pm and my last meal before 8pm.

    Before I ride, I have a coffee with about a teaspoon of milk and then I have a few cups of tea during the day until I finally have breakfast. …
    I feel much better for it.

  39. If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight…if you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight…simple.

  40. Best way is to use fitness tracking. Strava for example is free and you don't need hardware (garmin and the like), and it gives a rough estimation of the calories you burned on a ride. Couple Strava to a calorietracker like MFP and it will automaticly calculate how much you are allowed to eat. Couple very accurate entry of your food intake with basic common sense and you'll lose kilo's in weeks without having to deprive yourself of the things you like.

  41. Unfortunately I cannot perform this.

    If I lose weight I have to go to the doctor. I then become TOO LIGHT.

    I just have to try to get heavier.

    I often ride my sports bike.

    Occasionally I ride about 100 km. And for the rest, I ride 3 1-hour trips every week (approx. 20km).

  42. I think you should make it clear that your advice is specifically for men.
    Men and women burn fat and carbohydrate in considerably different ways:
    It is better for men to eat AFTER exercising if they want to burn fat. This is because after exercise, men will use that carbohydrate to replace the carbohydrate in their muscles rather than burn it for fuel and will continue to burn fat instead.
    For women, research clearly shows that eating BEFORE they exercise is better than eating after if they want to burn fat. Women’s bodies tend to burn fat more easily than men’s, and are not fuelled so much by carbohydrate. Moreover, women are much better at conserving carbohydrate during exercise.
    (Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4glyLcrhgqQtPGQYM11l1YJ/the-big-experiment-how-can-i-get-my-body-to-burn-more-fat-without-doing-more-exercise)

  43. Sugar is not cool.. It's not for European folk, bananas don't grow in Europe nor do coffee beans. Eat like our ancestors and enjoy life.. Chocolate is a once a month treat for us peasant types 😁

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