Generic Digital Electrical Conductivity & TDS Meter Review

Hey guys, today we’re going to be looking
at this generic digital TDS & Conductivity meter. This is a very simply meter. It’s got
three buttons: the on/off, the shift and the hold on the bottom. So, the on/off obviously
will turn the device on or off, the shift button allows you to switch between parts
per million (PPM) and microsiemens per centimeter. So as you can see, right now we’re on microsiemens
per centimeter and that’s the measurement for conductivity. So we’re just going to switch
it back to TDS. Down at the bottom we’ve got the “hold” function, so once your meter has
a stable reading. Right now we’re getting a stable reading of 152 parts-per-million,
so if I want to go and record that I would go and hit “hold” and pull out my notebook
or whatever spreadsheet I’m recording this information into and write that down. This
number on the bottom here, that’s showing 78 degrees fahrenheit, so this meter will
also measure temperature. To turn it off, all you have to do is hit that on/off button
again and you’re all set! That’s it for today, thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “Generic Digital Electrical Conductivity & TDS Meter Review

  1. Hi just bought one of these meters for my aquarium. Its not very good at all. you have just tested tap water and it reads 152ppm my aquarium needs to be below 20ppm if that's the case this meter is useless for aquariums.

  2. Where it available in Pakistan, and whats price it has? Let me know on whatsApp , cell +92 333 5813590.

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