Giant Telescopes of the Future

Astronomy is big science. It’s a vast Universe
out there, and the exploration of the cosmos requires huge instruments. This is the 5-meter Hale reflector on Palomar
Mountain. When the European Southern Observatory came into being, fifty years ago, it was the
largest telescope in the world. ESO’s Very Large Telescope at Cerro Paranal
is the state of the art now. As the most powerful observatory in history, it has revealed the
full splendor of the Universe in which we live. But astronomers have set their sights on even
bigger instruments. And ESO is realizing their dreams. San Pedro de Atacama. Tucked amidst breathtaking
scenery and natural wonders, this picturesque town is home to indigenous Atacameños and
adventurous backpackers alike. Not far from San Pedro, ESO’s first dream
machine is taking shape. It’s called ALMA – the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter
Array. Close together, the 66 antennas provide a
wide-angle view. But spread apart, they reveal much finer detail over a smaller area of sky. At submillimeter wavelengths, ALMA sees the
Universe in a different light. ?But what will it reveal? The birth of the very first galaxies in the
Universe, in the wake of the Big Bang. Cold and dusty clouds of molecular gas — the
stellar nurseries where new suns and planets are born. And: the chemistry of the cosmos. ALMA will
track down organic molecules — the building blocks of life. At 5000 meters above sea level, the array
provides an unprecedented view of the microwave Universe. While ALMA is nearly completed, ESO’s next
dream machine is still a few years away. See that mountain over there? That’s Cerro Armazones. Not far from Paranal, it will be home to the
largest telescope in the history of mankind. Meet the European Extremely Large Telescope.
The world’s biggest eye on the sky. Sporting a mirror almost forty meters across,
the E- ELT simply dwarfs every telescope that preceded it. Almost eight hundred computer-controlled
mirror segments. Complex optics to provide the sharpest possible images. A dome as tall
as a church steeple. The E-ELT is an exercise in superlatives.
But the real wonder, or course, is in the Universe out there. The E-ELT will reveal
planets orbiting other stars. Its spectrographs will sniff the atmospheres of these alien
worlds, looking for bio-signatures. Further away, the E-ELT will study individual
stars in other galaxies. It’s like meeting the inhabitants of neighboring
cities for the first time. Working as a cosmic time machine, the giant
telescope lets us look back billions of years, to learn how everything began. And it may
solve the riddle of the accelerating Universe — the mysterious fact that galaxies are
pushed away from each other faster and faster. Astronomy is big science., and it’s a science
of big mysteries. Is there life beyond Earth? ?What’s the origin of the Universe? ESO’s
new monster telescope will help in our quest to understand. We’re not there yet, but it won’t take
long. So what’s next? Well, no one knows. But ESO is ready for the adventure.

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  1. I'm sure they've both written a lot of papers and books. Unfortunately, i don't have the time to go through all of them. Can you name some that you liked or found interesting?
    And Thanx 🙂

  2. Entertaining your viewpoint, I would question why your god has made me incapable of believing from the start, thus damning one of it's own creations from the start to eternal punishment. Does that not seem quite insane on your god's behalf?

  3. I still think we should get to work on converting most of the moon's mass into one gigantic mirror. Then we would have a badass space telescope right there. 😛

  4. punishment? i think youve mistaken me for an evangelical christian…? Im an igtheist. lol, see this is what Im talking about with atheists I apologize for calling you close-minded. perhaps narrow-minded is more accurate.

  5. No actually, read again. I "assert" that youre close-minded in the sense that your mind is closed to the posibility of god – whatever god may be (Im an igtheist – look it up).
    Also, "faith"? "eternal life"? "false happy endings"? …you mean religion dont you… I never once brought up religion. Atheists are quick to assume then attack viciously, arrogantly and condescendingly… which was the whole point of this little experiment.
    Thanks for playing ^_^

  6. Thanks, I kind of recognized it as I am German myself.
    But I thought he could have been from the Netherlands or Denmark just as well. 🙂

  7. Oooh this is so exciting!!! Just imagine how much they'll be able to discover with a magnificent telescope like that!!

  8. What's narrow minded about seeing no need for a god anywhere? Reality just is and as study's so far have shown, it all works without any god.
    If your an igtheist, then you speaking like you know there is a god, is somewhat strange as you have less to go off than even the religious.

  9. Congratulations!! You proved my point. How does it feel?

    And as for – "It doesn't matter what god you were talking about. They all fall into the same catagory = imaginary."
    – I didnt say "whichever god it may be", I said "whatever god may be" to provoke thoughts & discussion to define what god is, leaving all mythical elements out of it. You'd understand that if your mind wasnt closed to the ideas of igtheism.

  10. I wasn't familiar with the term in the first place, so I did look it up. There doesn't seem to be a definitive definition. Some class it as the same as Ignosticism, an obscure belief in its self. Still you would consider the term god, meaningless if this was your belief, making your comment a strange one. As does any definition of igtheist I can find. But please feel free to give me your definition.

  11. The E-ELT as big as a Cathedral, but a better investment scientically and spiritually. Big Science – VLT, ALMA, E- ELT, LHC, Hubble, JWST are our cathedrals now.

  12. Science improves in observation and analysis exponentially — still no proof of god(s), miracles, heaven, hell, or resurrections.

  13. I guess there's no video on youtube someone wouldn't link to religion somehow.
    Anyway, proof is all around us, some people choose to be blindfolded though.

  14. Is the EELT more powerful than hubble?
    I thought that in order to see well you have to be in space because the atmosphere distorts the image:?

  15. Macroevolutionism: a big Lie. Share2care! 🙂 Subscribe! UTube: "CSE-01 Age of the Earth (FULL) Kent Hovind." Google: "False Radiometric Dating Assumptions." If I get buried on top of a Dragon, doesn't prove I evolved from the Dragon. Homologous structures prove a Common Designer who designed similarly because He knew similar functions would require similar parts! Tautology: Who survives? The fittest. Who's the fittest? Those who survive! Richest, luckiest, funniest, quickest, strongest, etc.

  16. If the Cosmic Background Radiation were REALLY from the big bang, it should be at least 50-60 degrees Kelvin. However, it is only 2-3 degress Kelvin. A much more plausible explanation for the CBR is that its source is actually from the stars in the universe. Sub! Share2care! 🙂

  17. Theoretically, it takes 20 stars to EXPLODE SIMULTANEOUSLY NEAR EACH OTHER to produce enough pressure 2 form a brand new star. That has never been observed. A more logical explanation is that stars were CREATED in equilibrium since it is impossible for a gas cloud to condense, by gravity, into a star, regardless of how massive the cloud is since the more gas u have, the more the heated gas wants to EXPAND, PREVENTING formation of a star by purely naturalistic means.

  18. There's a book called Faster Than the Speed of Light. U don't look back billions of years. U look at the way stars appear TODAY. U don't know that light has always traveled at the same speed in the past. 2 say u r looking back billions of years, u r making at least 3 assumptions: 1) light has always traveled at the same speed 2) red-shift reliably measures distances 2 faraway objects 3) u can measure billions of light-years! Be open-minded! Stunning visuals as always, SpaceRip! 🙂

  19. Christ always knows what's next since He's the all-knowing Great Physician so it's not true nobody knows what's next. 🙂

  20. yay a big giant telescope built to take super detailed pictures for my retina macbook pro wallpaper collection 🙂

  21. instead of using hundreds of billions of dollars on the military complexes in the world.

    we couldve made huge advancements in all aspects of society.

    just imagine how much better the world be in an RBE

  22. It could see high energy monsters like in the Dragon Ball Z universe, roaming around and destroying planets at will.The USA could have build one easily, instead of 2 trillion $ on a stupid middle east war which made even more enemies.

  23. idk how much better than the hubble a land based telescope would do due to atmospheric interference in the optics

  24. Adaptive optics have come a long way since there early days, allowing for excellent correction of atmospheric distortion, also these telescope are built in places like the atacama desert, the dryest place on earth, meaning lower water vapour in the air and consequently less distortion 🙂

  25. Tax the politicians, then cut the bloated backsides of the public service, cut unnessary waste like anything to do with 'climate' or environment except at the local level, tax the overpaid academics, give tax breaks to small business to help wealth creation, severely cut back on welfare that keeps the recipient an unproductive drain on society dependent on social services for life, control immigration, tell UN to get stuffed….then tax the churches —->build more telescopes

  26. Yeah, let's not care about the only Planet we currently can inhabit!

    No, you fucking moron. We're in a very large part responsible for climate change, and it IS going to do quite a bit of damage. Scratch that, it already HAS done quite a lot of damage. Hurricane Sandy anyone?

  27. Exept almost the entire scientific community's consensus is that Earth is getting warmer (and it is), and that we are responsible for accelerating it considerably (and we are). Global temperatures are getting warmer, and doing so faster than ever before. You're the moron.

  28. No, we already have, cuntbag. Every prediction exept one, the sea level rise, made by climate scientists has come true, most of them WORSE than predicted.

  29. It doesn't matter how smart you think you are, it doesn't matter how much sense your opinion makes, it doesn't matter who you are, if your opinion disagrees with experiment and observation ITS WRONG!
    Please direct me to your empirical scientific evidence that what you say is true, otherwise keep your mouth shut because nobody with a brain will take any notice of what you have to say.

  30. they hope to spy God and angels or something. there is nothing out there but the inside of the sphere of the stars which is the limit of this level of existence.

  31. It's as big as a small offshore oil platform.  Big telescopes demand big lifting equipment.  I would love to see the crane and trucks that will move the super heavy components into place.

  32. Amazing that we are shocked at a $1.3 billion dollar price tag for something that can peer into the beginnings of our universe, but NYC can build a $4 billion dollar train station. hmmm….

  33. Here's to hoping we one day get to see some 1km telescope on the far side of the moon ^^ Imagine what we could see!

  34. I like how they compare the telescope to a church when a couple hundred years ago Galileo would have been punished for his astronomical observations

  35. Some say we could use te money for other things..more meaningful..I say this IS the most meaningful use of our money along with medical and communication technology..I think we are actually spending to LITTLE on space exploration..

  36. Me gustó mucho el reportaje pero faltó el subtítulo en español ya que casi toda Latinoamérica habla español. Saludos chao ahí los veo.

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