the world’s biggest bubble wrap oh hey what good is your boy won’t be in today not only am I making the world’s biggest bubble rot balls but we’re destroying it probably gonna hit it with the car and all this up so go down fast I like but I want minimum 200,000 likes on this video one because as you can see there’s a lot of lumber out there there’s a lot of water out there but what’s in my hands this fixed iPhone there’s going to be a link at the top of description all you got to do is click on that link and it makes it real works like a wrapper so the more things you follow me and the more things you follow just restin are the better chance you have at winning an iPhone 7 so I want you guys to go out paid and then click every single link like I always say guys the more active you are the better chance you ever winning so go down and smack that like one 200,000 like minimum but without further ado check out the program the amount of butter that we this is all the bubble wrap used in the prank against my mom and my dad where I covered their car but that’s not enough now my brother in the background I went to the store leaned out as much bubble wrap as a high because I want to meet this ball men I’m on my height so for all these balls that I made guys you know I like to start with the core and I want the core to be as height and as compact as possible potater it is the heavier it is the more it’s gonna hurt getting hit by the ball so I got my clear tape here he found a bunch of like just trash bubble wrap so we’re just gonna curl up into a ball and as you guys can see we’re in my pants gym today so we got a lot of space so I think things are going to go a lot smoother than they usually do okay so chill chill why do you have my head was it’s tricky to talk but if my hand is cut off by the end of this video you guys know who did it anyway so this is the clue we are working with right now it’s not a pretty thing but we’re not going to worry about how it looks on the outside until the very end because you know it’s not what matters on the outside it’s all about the inside is all about the aesthetic but no one cares what the inside alright so here we go the building beat up can fill they processed again okay guys basically if you’ve got like a little base to the ball dozens going to cut off here so we can even it out a midget looks like a nice fear katana alert goddamn the katana is so sharp so this is the ball we are starting where it looks pretty nice but to be bigger now so we are not even 1/12 done and this is what the ball looking like so far I see it weighs like 10 pound it’s pretty light just because it’s bubble-wrap but we have so much wrap to go that it’s a wrap I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before but basically that invest in line from here all the way almost to the end of the gym a giant lion of Barra because we have almost extra bubble wrap to make it look pretty it’s not going to be the perfect rolls in the center but like I said guys it’s only the outside that matters we’ll come look at this you want some satisfaction katana versus bull why was that it is going to be an easy to cut on here this little baseball killer side by the way just for size guys our ball is a little bit bigger than one of these exercise balls and you know what these things are good for oh absolutely not that laughing here exactly that here one giant roll alert everybody gets in the roll anyways guys make sure you cameraman’s in the roll with the tripod and okay no we have to go hi guys it’s just a bit of an update if the ball we’re working with right now is actually starting to gain some winkler probably like 30 35 pounds I don’t know it doesn’t go what are you trying to do right now so guys we’re just gonna so regret hey guys we decided we’re going to pretty it out if the two boxes we have of this nice big bubble wrap I don’t know if I got an old fizzy boxes just not even open it you got attempted I’m seeing a hold guys and just like that now that is how you roll a snowball oh hold on oh god is anything cool shot I did anything on camera okay guys so the ball is looking nice and pretty pretty much almost as big as my brother here isn’t decimally sitting down I just made myself some bubble wrap Armour I’d say we’re probably about 60% done but we can make a little bigger okay guys so apparently the whole time I’ve been working on this ball just he’s been in that corner working on his own hundred layer bubble wrap wall the entire time look at this guy he’s been awake that’s what are you doing bro we are making the world’s biggest bubble wrap ball so I’m going to need all of your bubble wrap though whoever hides it will be against both hoses coming and joining minor in my mr. big roll my walls better than your ball looks like we’re gonna have to find out oh my god Rick which we’re gonna have to take it so much for all your work really baby come on let’s go I’m just joking guys if you want to see how absolutely enjoy this wall wait the description hooky how we absolutely the monster on just got to the channel click it as soon as you’re done this video let’s ask it to my ball kind of speed things up just a little bit it’s pretty big balls now we just got a vide it up [Music] alright guys so here it is took us five hours to make the world’s biggest bubble wrap ball Wow okay guys so this is by far I don’t care what anyone’s name world record size bubble wrap ball honestly I don’t think anybody’s debate nobody’s done this because no one’s dumb enough to buy this much while we’re out it’s probably like six hundred dollars worth over out in one ball and we’re just going to cut it open how tall are you 6 5 6 5 that’s like almost 6 feet we want to do oh I wish Ryan would give me jump kick and jump and sure it up I don’t think you can move em please smash the like button right now I am oute asleep right now so I’m not trying to break an ankle or like this is how you injure yourself I’m telling you you need a running start that is higher than you think don’t really hurt my seat guys but it does you just got to do it and don’t think he’s breaking a bone okay Oh almost oh you did yeah you heard of me one more last leg but you guys OH why men can’t jump it’s true okay go to the top rope okay so happy reasonably came to that dead my next challenge is football challenge the line is right here with the Rope there’s Pat here for protection how far can you hit this path this line my body checking it Dustin played football I casually played football back in the day but I know you do your pain trains buddy you did hit a high but it’s still rolling right here is your you’re lying hi guys so this is what I got a beat so that’s right no no there there chill I know you grease your way in football a few years but he has this back in my turn ah okay no Football Club enough I just read both very smashing these all right Brian killed my knees I broke his neck I served you in a strongman competition we’re gonna see how high you can throw it here’s your target Dustin you didn’t get it over there straight up you can throw it and then push it while it’s in the air one so like a volley hi Dustin’s up first oh are you behind the bar what’s happening are you saying well you’re not even near the bowl you pick me hit the ball no but here we go here we go go closer to the Bofors I’ll push it onto you you got it okay he’s got it not your target here we go this is huge oh my god three two one Huey oh it’s looking is your neck okay okay look okay luckily I’m taller and I got bigger whoa whoa whoa one more chance attempt number two it’s blurry up Oh God okay no no no no no it’s you’re lucky okay the camera was blurry but it doesn’t down where you have to get the tall bar well okay fine fine fine nothing to the short bar I am taller so I will do the tall bars wolfram explain oh hi let me next to balance say the words you my friend are not a sassy oh that’s it okay we got atmosphere I just realized oh you have massive poles you have to get over here fits my bag after free review I did get over to Barney’s if these little pools on the side so I’m doing the small one but I’m gonna fear Martha oh that technique though when I was watching Wow not here oh that legit almost crushed me tell me I’m not sound again I tested together this thing is how far can the katana go inside of it isn’t that okay okay well that’s there I take some shots of baseball bat yeah well I can’t do this Kosmic y’all my throat about to hear he’s got to home speak alright guys that’s it I think you know what time it is ooh oh my god that’s what I call a drop kick you don’t want to mess with him another one – Jesus that is a nice trick all right something like you’re going out on him or something like that like that now guys right before the video he picked up extra sharp blade her coin to go so deep in it I’ll leave this to the professionals whew that was very satisfying that sounds T mm Oh Jackie saw one more one portal ittle bit further do not miss mom and dad if he misses I’m sorry it’s not I didn’t I didn’t want to let her do it oh well good he didn’t miss it all guys dead center Wow look how deep that is that is like the arrows like this long haul it could actually be fun oh oh my god okay this one’s going to be a little more close and personal this one’s going to be a little closer personal part whew ah oh my god I don’t want to actually smoke it because I don’t want to have this airbag punch me in the face but let’s just give it a little bit of gas to having a little bit of rocket League a little rocket League oh car moves is no problem your you’ll pass ha ha ha okay let’s settle it right at the entrance to the gym there okay all right guys there’s 10 seconds left in the game we are down and I need to tie the game up let’s get it there’s the goal there’s nine seconds [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh ours Maddy by the way guy do not try to recreate it or reattempt with that old Sunday but we are trained professional and rocket League experiments so this is so bloody it’s no fun ok last one they walk one more ok our sweeper three-pointer fourth quarters buzzer beater hey call me LeBron James here ok last but not least we pretty much have done everything to this ball jump on it this that there’s only one way to finish it off what is the most satisfying thing you can think of a giant parking ball ok the answer is a flaming katana so let’s light it up now guys my mom specifically told me not to claim this katana a thousand degrees and cut this ball so honestly for her safety we’re going to do it but we’re going to at least take the right safety precaution so we have a huge bucket of water right here we have a fire extinguisher right here mom you’ll be proud of me ok I’m not trying to light on fire today we are going to rip off a small sample piece of the bubble wrap to see how burn apparently the stuff is really flammable so I guess you will see that it’s flammable don’t burn your hand okay you don’t want to breathe the plastic but it is flammable it’s not crazy though my mom is just like it’s going to explode so we have a katana right here we have torches right here we just hit it with a car so there’s not much more worse you can get I made this broken blowtorch that’s almost filled up let’s ruin my fresh katana okay guys here we go with Nathan red plays off a nice piece of it oh my god who is sinking in giving us that look that’s it oh I just glide baby a pro this is the most satisfying thing ever no effort just you open it up a little more mom I know I said once that but all right this one’s gotten pretty hot great two one oh it’s so good two seconds room oh oh look at this oh oh my god come on I’m giving you a loud client even though you should not smell the plastic guys look at how satisfying this is just through here and coming out here oh my God look at this look at this I did this old indent of the nice pocket me one more indent oh my god guys indent alert oh I just want to take that out put that with us okay so there you guys go I hope you enjoyed the video do not forget about this big iPhone 7 giveaway link at the very top of description oh I need you right to go down and smack that like button because we literally just ran the car into the eyeball so I want Midna mom if we’re gonna keep doing these videos I need two hundred thousands like postman let’s go go down to my belly button right now there’s five a thirty five million come on I’m in class yet so this is for you guys comment down below more crazy balls drawing to me again to start suggesting crap anyways again I Will Survive enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys soon with another video and as always [Music] you

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