GO System powered by TAPS3T

TAPS 3T loads your wave with
power and push at the push of a button. It’s always adjustable, always consistent,
and always firing. Introducing the GO System powered by TAPS 3T. Whether you’re setting up for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or heading home,
the all new GO system powered by taps 3t makes dialing in your boat literally
effortless. Just push Go and your cruise control, ballast, and TAPS settings will
automatically be set, no setup or dialing-in instructions needed.
You’ll get barrels right out of the box. the TAPS 3T exclusive plate design
utilizes a military-grade actuator that withstands over three tons of pressure,
giving you more reliability than any other surf system on the market. TAPS 3T
was tested down to the millimeter so that it will deliver consistent waves
set after set. TAPS 3T’s list enhancement capabilities and delayed
convergence will form the longest and most powerful surf wave on either side
of the boat. Just select your surf range on the Tige Clear User Experience and
then you’re on your way with your perfect wave. Versatility is built into
our core. loaded with underfloor ballast, the proven performance of the Convex V
and TAPS 3t your next wakeboard set will be epic and easy. Also, thanks to the
patented Convex V Hull, Tige is the only inboard that allows you to go from a
massive wake to a smooth and soft slalom wake. When you’re ready to switch things
up just push GO ski, select your skill level, and you’re ready to roll. And when
you’re ready to head in and call it a day, the go home feature will
automatically drain ballast and set your cruise control to 30 miles per hour.
When you’re ready, let’s go! Experience the GO System and TAPS 3t today at your local Tige dealer!

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