100 thoughts on “Golden Gummy, Stupid Science, and Chest Hair | A.T. #118

  1. We still have the old fan art – it has been moved to the walls in the hallway. It's getting very colorful throughout the building, and we love it! If you follow us on Snapchat (vat19team), you've probably seen some photos of the fan art move.

  2. my picture its on there mine says merry Christmas vat 19 on green paper and there is a mini santa at the bottom

  3. is it just me who thinks its kinda strange that they get fan art cos they sell things?

    no just me? oh well

  4. this site is the shovelware for expensive shitty inventions and gimmicks you guys sure found a way to scam money outta people so gotta give ya props its all gimmick shit that looks cool at first but is very shallow and not worth the money like kinetic sand fucking worthless my daughter got bored so quick

  5. At 6:51 does eany one realise face that kinda looks like danny with a moustache at the top of the maze? Like if you realized!!!

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