Good-O-Meter Skit (MCS 6th Grade)

Assistant: For all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God. Judge: Next. File please. Let’s see here. Some lying. Some stealing. And a few acts of kindness here and there. Man 1: I’ve tried to have a good life. My Dad is a pastor after all (suggestive tone). I went to church. I got baptized. I even played a wise man in the nativity play. Yep, I always tried to be good. Judge: Tell you what. Let’s find out how good. Why Don’t you have a seat here. –The bad bell sounds–
Assistant: This way, please. Man 1: But, my dad was a pastor! He was a PASTOR!! (frantic tone) Judge: Next! File please. Thank you, sir. Hey! Impressive! Man 2: Yep, I devoted my whole life to
making the world a better place. I donated money to charity. I gave food to the poor. I volunteered at the Love Kitchen. I even helped saved a cat out a tree once. I just wish I could have done more. Judge: You know it is interesting though. As I look at the last page here. It seems every charity you worked for reported money being missing for their bank accounts. Oh, it’s a coincidence, I am sure. Why don’t you have a seat. –The bad bell sounds—
Assistant: This way, please. Man 2: Wait, there must be some kind of a
MISTAKE! (panic tone) I’ve got VISA! I’ve got MasterCard! It’s everywhere you want to be!” Judge: Next! File please. Woman: Okay, so I did a lot of bad things. I admit it. But, when I do bad things. I do good things. Like to balance it out Like, one time I cheated on a test. But, then I picked up trash at the
park. That should balance out, right? Judge: You would think. Why don’t you have a seat. And we’ll find out. –The bad bell sounds– Assistant: This way. Woman: But, it should have balanced out! It should’ve balanced out! It should’ve balanced out! (upset) Judge: Next! File pl..Oh, Wow! (surprised) Woe! Someone has been busy! I have not seen one of you in a long while. Yikes! Woe! Man 3: (Says nothing. Feels great regret.) Judge: Tell you what, why don’t we get this over with. Have a… Oh, Jesus is he with you? Jesus: (Nods. Hands Judge new folder.) Judge: In that case, let’s see what we got. Oh, Child of God! In that case, please have a seat. No, no, Him. Not you. Him! –The perfect bell sounds— Person-in-Crowd: Hey, wait! That’s totally not fair! Crowd: (Yelling and Complaining)
Assistant: (Gestures for silence) Judge: That’s why it is called…Grace! Next! Last Speaker: Jesus died for our sins. He took our place on the cross. He is perfect! And if you choose to put your faith in Him, then you can be a Child of God too!!!! Final Thoughts: Good deeds don’t get you into Heaven. Doing good to balance out the bad. Does not get you into Heaven. It’s not some great skill. It’s Jesus and Jesus only. Because only He is perfect!

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