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Hello viewers welcome to G-Studios.. Today we gonna see a recipe on Dhal Halwa.. It may be a new for you because, normally we people use to prepare the halwa by using some vegetables like carrot, beetroot and all.. So, that is why today i have brought this for you.. because, children will have love on this immediately.. so, today we gonna prepare a halwa by using Gram dhal.. so viewers, lets get into the show.. At first let me tell you about the required ingredients … 1st i have taken sugar.. (sugar you can add as you required..) Take 100 gms of gram dhal.. And Cashews.. cashews usually we use to add by roasting it and decorating on sweets… but, here we gonna use this in a different manner.. Finally take 1 clove, 1 cinnamon, 1 elachi To roast those items i have taken 10 rs ghee… you can use any ghee that whatever brand you want… At first we gonna boil that gram dhal so, i have taken cooker.. After that add 100gms gram dhal And add that cashews .. as i told before we gonna boil this cashew along with the dhal.. To boil this we have to add water into it.. so, i am adding some 2 glass of water into it water level is enough.. it can boil it seems after boiling it will looks like smashy dhal… Now, we gonna place the pressure cooker on the stove.. i am done … so after more than 7 to 8 whistles we can off the stove.. as i told i got that more than 7 to 8 whistle so, i gonna off the stove.. now, i gonna open this and going to filter that water separately see viewers, i have already done filtering.. and let them cool for some time…and also the dhal looks very smashy.. this is what the correct content.. after cooling we gonna grind this dhal by using blender.. while grinding it may get tighten at that time we have to add this water a little and grind.. so, lets grind and will go for other process.. Now, i gonna change this into the jar.. when it looks you can see that how smashed it was.. so that would very easy to grind… see viewers, it looks very soft content.. we should grind till it get this much soft.. so, after heating a pan.. i gonna add that ghee once a ghee gets heated then add those all the cinnamon, clove, and get roast after roasting this we can add the paste of dhal.. it has roasted well so, now adding that dhal paste into it.. After adding this once it get mixed with the ghee then add sugar .. While adding sugar.. should add some little little amount of sugar when stirring itself… its getting liquid content because we have added.. sugar into it, when sugar get dissolved then it will get some liquid content.. let it be… till it get like strong content… to change the colour.. we gonna add some kesari powder.. Do stir continuously.. and once it get remove the raw smell then the halwa will be ready.. now, i am adding keasri powder to change the colour.. so viewers, it has the eatable its ready to serve.. so it has ready.. normally we use to add a roasted dry grapes on halwa.. but i gonna add as raw dry grapes.. so viewers, i has ready to serve.. but, i am not going to serve to anyone.. me only going to taste this…lets see.. let me tell you how it is once i tasted.. so, i have made this many times in my life.. but, today it was awesome.. So, dont forget to try this … after trying do share your experience about the recipe And finally we made this.. i shown everything that how to make this.. even you can change something like you can decorate this by using roasted cashews, pista or anything whatever you want… children can adapt this sweet in very short period.. everyone can eat this after watching dont forget to comment on my recipe.. So, dont forget to like and share my video.. and most important is that dont forget to subscribe my channel.. after subscribing do click on a bell as well. if you people want to know about any new dishes.. do let me know through comment box.. will do in next video.. until that bye from Roshni.. Bye..

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