Gravitational Force – Why do you weigh less on the moon? | #aumsum

Topic: Gravitational Force. Why do you weigh less on the moon? Hey. What are you doing? It is not possible. You cannot fly on earth. Please listen. Look. I had warned you. Now, why don’t try the same activity on the moon? There you will weigh much less and thus, you can fly short distances. See. I was correct. Do you know why you weighed less on the moon? To understand this, we need to first learn
about weight. No. Not those weights. Weight is the force with which an object is pulled towards the center of the earth. Or any other celestial body. This force is called the gravitational force. Greater the gravitational force exerted by
the celestial body. More will be the weight of an object present on it. So, does this mean that the moon exerts less gravitational force than the earth? You are right. But do you know why? This is because gravitational force is directly proportional to the mass of an object. Greater the mass, greater will be the gravitational force exerted by it and thus, more will be our weight. As the moon has lesser mass than the earth. It has a weaker gravitational pull and hence, we weigh less on the moon.

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  2. Really awesome work.i dont think so that any one can explain better than you people with such kind of animations.My request is you people please prepare complete video on CBSE TOPICS particularly From 9th and 10th.It will be really helpfull for all the teaching and student community.

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  4. Question. If the Moon has 1/80th of the mass of Earth then why does it not have 1/80th of the Earth's gravity? It has 1/6th of the Earth's gravity. Please explain.

  5. Voice: tells aumsum to fly at the moon
    Aumsum: (grab a ladder to the moon )
    Me: wait what and where did you grab that ladder

  6. Weight is the force with which an object is pulled towards the earth or any other celestial body.. That force is called gravitational force

  7. if gravity depends on the mass of the planet than Jupiter has the greatest mass from all planets but it not having much gravity

  8. Gravitational force is inversely proportional to Radius. And the radius of moon is far less that of earth. Doesn't this factor compensate with the mass factor?

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