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adaptation of the Mel Acheson Picture Of the Day article: Matter,
Charge and Conjecture. The link to the article may be found
in the description box of this video. Electricians know the electric
force is thirty nine orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, and the
graviticians know the gravitational force is 40 orders of magnitude
stronger than electricity. This misses the point. On the purely mathematical
level, you can plug numbers into the equations to get any
magnitude of force you want. The gravitational force between
two 10 kilogram lead spheres placed one meter apart is
the figure on your screen. To equal that force with
electricity, the spheres would have to be charged
to this figure: This could be achieved
with a current of one micro ampere in less
than a millisecond. The technology of nylon rods
rubbed over cat fur can transfer enough static charge to overcome the
gravitational attraction of lead spheres. But can you get electricity
to move planets? That would require
a lot of cats. The question is not relative strengths
of forces but rather whether it’s possible to accumulate
enough charge and move it with enough power to toss
planets around like electrons. Irving Langmuir could provide
some enlightenment here. He’s dead, but his
discoveries linger on. One discovery was that just
a few ions in a substance can cause it to behave
in unexpected ways. It forms cells and filaments. Charges separate into double layers that
insulate cells from each other. The filaments twist
around each other. They writhe
and radiate. They seem almost alive–which is why
Irving called the substance a plasma. An accumulation of charge inside
one cell doesn’t interact with that in another cell until the
double layers break down. Then they interact
with tremendous power. Another discovery
(maybe this wasn’t Langmuir’s) was that plasmas exhibit the same
behavior over large ranges of scale. From millimeter-sized sparks in a lab that
last a millionth of a second to kilometer-long lightning
bolts that last several seconds, the same
properties can be observed. A long list of investigators
has tried to draw attention to the similarities between
certain astronomical phenomena and these lab
and terrestrial plasmas. Just on a theoretical level,
it seems rather simple to scale up a lightning
bolt that can toss around our lead
spheres to the size of an interplanetary bolt that
can toss around planets. But does it actually happen? We can’t clip the leads from
a planet-sized voltmeter across the solar system and
measure the voltage drop. So we’re left arguing
about similarities. And we all know argument
from analogy is fallacious. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily
wrong, only that it’s uncertain. The idea of gravity
tossing planets around is familiar, the idea of
plasma doing it isn’t. Much of our preference for one idea over
another is simply the business of familiarity. Much of the work required to
reach a new understanding of something is just this effort to
make the unfamiliar familiar. By analogy with argument from analogy,
argument from familiarity is also fallacious. After allowing for the
preference for familiarity, gravity is in no better
shape than plasma. We see large accumulations of
matter-which we could just as easily see as large accumulations of
charge if that idea were familiar. We assume an identity
between the ideas of a large accumulation of matter and a large
accumulation of mass, but mass is a property–that’s not necessarily
identical with quantity of matter. The Machian idea of inertial mass being
the relationship of a particle of matter to all other particles within its
sphere of communication implies that a newly created particle
increases its mass as it ages. The Meta Model idea of gravitational
mass being the shielding effect of other matter within the mean collisional
distance of gravitons implies an upper limit of matter accumulations beyond
which mass remains constant. We can’t hatch a Machian chicken and
see if it grows without feeding it corn, nor can we stick a large
toothpick into cakes of Meta matter to see if there’s
uncooked mass in the middle. What we’re stuck with is
a conflict of paradigms. Each explains overlapping sets
of data in different ways. We won’t know for sure
if the universe is electric until we travel to a Seyfert galaxy and stick
our finger in the socket. Nor will we know for sure
if it’s gravitic until we drop a Newton’s apple off
the Leaning Tower of M87. The question of what’s
the truth is premature. The truth is this: no paradigm is believable,
that is to say, none are certain. Being stuck with a conflict of
paradigms is really an opportunity. We can choose whichever
conjecture strikes our fancy and follow its implications to see if
we can invent something new to make our lives more
comfortable and exciting. It’s not necessary to choose;
it’s an opportunity to choose. We’re better off having more conjectures
to choose from than having less. It’s time to scrap the outworn philosophy
of physics based on an illusory certainty. Instead, a more biological
philosophy based on conjectures and refutations (Karl Popper’s
phrase) or blind variations with selective retention (Donald Campbell’s
phrase) would be more appropriate for small soft creatures
living on a speck of terrestrial dirt and
prancing around the cosmos.

100 thoughts on “Gravity vs Plasma – Matter, Charge and Conjecture | Space News

  1. If planets and other celestial bodies were layered in composition, with some layers such as cores and crusts being more conductive, and other layers such as mantles being less conductive, then they would constitute spherical capacitors, allowing them to be charged and discharged with voltage, and if they do internally contain large masses of ferromagnetic materials such as iron and nickle, then they could also be capable of absorbing and releasing large amounts of electrical current, and thus, with the capacitive properties of a layered construction, and the inductive properties of large masses of ferromagnetic material, planets and other celestial bodies could charge and discharge large amounts of electrical power, pure watts, voltage X current. And so as these different celestial bodies would be charged to their own individual potentials, different bodies would be at different electrical potentials, and so besides being able to discharge vast amounts of electrical power between them should they come into close enough proximity, but their different electrical potentials would attract each other in a static electricity sense, the greater the difference of charge potentials, and the less the distance between the bodies, the greater the static electrical attraction.

  2. I think a lot of us grew up with what was most familiar,, which became what we believed. When other opinions and options became easily to obtain, and feasible to understand,, you no loner have to "believe" what you are taught or told. That may have also brought about increased confusion,, but atleast now I get to weigh opposing arguements and see whom brings the most convincing theories and evidence to the table.

  3. Took my Grandson to NY City to visit Museum of Natural History and Science. They had a special exhibit for Dark Matter. Even charge an extra fee to walk down that long corridor.. To the Dark Matter Room! We skipped right on by, looking for The Plasma Room 🙂 (there is not one)
    After all I explained, it is an Electric Universe.

  4. 3:50, there is the mistake. A large ammount af matter would tend to gravitate even mpre matter to it, resultung in a positive feedback loop. Similar charges however repel eachother, resulting in a negative feedback loop.

    Large ammount of matter does accumulate because of the positive feedback loop, large ammount of charge doesn accumulate because of the negative feedback loop.

  5. With cats all that it takes is a variable >or=1…
    The real question is do you really want to know if the consequences for collecting the needed data in the wrong way at the wrong time is the end of the world?
    Cats are very much like little suns, once you learn how to read their displays.

  6. There is no such thing as gravity . The Apple fall's to the ground simply because it is heavier than air. ( the earth is hollow ).

  7. Well said. Out with old, in with the new. I find the Plasma/Electric Universe exciting. Why are scientists so reluctant to accept that which makes sense even to a layman like myself. And although I may not always grasp the intricacies fully, the overall theory is easy enough to understand. Also I believe that teaching this to children would certainly make more sense to them than the current outdated model. I've been happy find The Thunderbolts Project. The Electric/Plasma paradigm has restored my faith in science. Real scientists doing real experiments and getting real results. Not a bunch of complicated mathmatical formulae that comes purely from the mind of the mathematician. It's nice to know some scientists still rely on provable results. Thanks TBP! I look forward to every video. Peace!


  9. An unusually objective video! It looks to me like Newton’s, Kepler’s, etc, idea of gravity do have their domain. So does Wal Thornhill’s dipole model of attraction. Also Don Scott’s model of Birkeland currents, and the attraction due to that.

    Newton did realize that Kepler’s laws fit the inverse square force of gravity. Wal’s model leads to an apparent n body force, which is seen at the nuclear scale. Don Scott’s model explains the departure from inverse square rotation at the galactic scale.

    Fun, right! Even the finite range forces in the nucleus, can be modeled by assume a small scale double layer, with a field existing only between those layers.

    For those of you wanting to be told the answers, with 100% confidence, it kind of sucks. For those willing to go down the rabbit hole, this is just beginning to get fun, right?

  10. I'm still very new to EU.. Are you saying that EU is just another model with out concrete prof? That the extrapolation of EM properties may or may not apply? Why would it not apply to a large bodies? Did I misunderstand this video, or my understanding of EU is incorrect, that gravity is a manifestation of EM? Thank you.

  11. That very first image looks a lot like a human brain. Beautiful!
    I genuinely think our solar system actually collided with a smaller solar system in the distant past. It was controlled by a Red Dwarf who when it got too close disrupted our system by generating huge energy spikes, dislodging moon/planets, tilting the Jovian planets and even causing them to lose power. Might elaborate on this in the near future.

    Also for some reason I still don't understand exactly what double layers are or how they function. Still trying to figure it out.
    Thanx again TBP. 🙂

  12. The charge “thing”…. I’m having issues with it. Using it as the “thing” all the time, as if we truly know that’s what it is, hurts my head. It’s like saying we are being held to the earth as we walk along due to a differential in charge….. ya know what I mean…
    Thank you,


  14. " Electricians know that the electric force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, and graviticians know the gravitic force is 40 orders of magnitude stronger than electricity. "   Excellent point.

  15. There are only 2 forces in the world, says the sage – the force of bestowal and the force of reception. They are intentions, the physical world is simply a world of outcomes.

  16. Random Alert…Does anyone else think that a Birkeland Current kinda resembles a DNA strand.

    The sky is simply a mirror to our macrocosmic actuality displaying the linearity of how a universal bubble forms & maintains its constant. It’s like the sky and space are the inner working of our earthly collective intelligence; as above so below. Just a thought…

    Lastly, The arms of the Milky Way galaxy look as though there are a larger formation of the Birkeland Current; and those arms come together to create an electro magnetic bubble where light cannot enter or escape, this is a black hole. But it doesn’t go anywhere; it is merely a sphere of Electro magnetic energy. Each arm has a particular electrical current that allows the other arms of the galaxy to connect at the center creating a massive energy bubble…

    These are just my own thoughts…just having fun with life

  17. I think you are being too kind to the Gravity Centric Priests of the church of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. The priests do not look at data but prefer to chant with computer algorithms and computer simulations. Math is their Bible, their GOOD NEWS. The fact that very little observational data agree with this paradigm means we need DARK Matter, Dark Energy, and an unlimited supply of Black Holes. Don't get me started on the BIG BANG.

  18. Jo Loda credit lega kisi cheej ka woh kaam bhi karega. Thappad maar maar ke kaam karwaunga.

    Yehi teri aukaat hai.

    Mene jo kiya tha. Sab barbaad kar diya. Kyu ki bhai meri cheej hai. Barbad bhi me hi kar sakta hu. Ab jo credit lega Sala woh kaam bhi karega.

    Me kisi bhosadike se. Nahi darta. Beta veham hai. Yehi meri maya hai. Me jo chahe karunga. Tum logo ko tumhari aukaat dikhana hai to beta laat bhi padega.

    Credit lene wale na? Haan pata. Chal jayega. Dekh mere ko kitne majje me baitha hua hu. Sab pe nazar. Bas majje le raha hu.

  19. Gravitational Induction: Gravity without a corresponding quantity of mass. Or if you will, plasma behaviour on steroids:

  20. “The electric force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity…gravitational force is 40 orders of magnitude stronger than the electricity…” that doesn’t make any sense.

  21. Wait a minute! What if they were all Shroedinger's cats?? Would the charge still build up if no one looked at them????

  22. It seems Thunderbolts has somehow restored my faith in Science – and, paradoxically, in God – at the same time.

  23. Mathematics has never explained a daggum thing, that's not its purpose after all but my god how many times have we had to tolerate people that abuse mathematics by substituting mathematical descriptions for explanations? Tesla had no respect for people that did just that over and over again he even called einstein a fuzzy-haired mystic crackpot.

  24. Its so much easier to understand when logic is used. If mainstream science would adopt this practice we may someday get out of the horse and buggy age thinking.

  25. The longer the radius of the known the wider the circumference of the unknown, Chinese proverb I think ? but at least with the EU model the radius seems strong and robust, it makes sense, I can wrap my head around it, no more mathematical magicians for me, hands on physics will lead the way again.

  26. Australia is struggling for base load power; renewables are nice in theory but impractical in practice; government should invest in cat farms.

  27. No doubt that the universe is electric but the thunderbolt or heavy electric discharge between bodies has never been observed. We would have seen many heavy discharges between planets happening out there by now. Or are we not seeing them because we are looking at black thunderbolts. lol. No but seriously where is the proof.

  28. I can't help but be reminded of Velikovski's theory of Venus making near contact with earth, perhaps there once was an enormous electrical exchange in our local group during the time of early man, perhaps the planets were tossed around only to find thier equilibrium after the storm had passed..

  29. gravity = ohms x voltage / amps…'s voltage (potential) gives us the force (work)…the sun governs the amperage and the vacuum of space is resistance….how cute works for me

  30. I wonder if electricity is what is needed to create anti gravity. We are just missing a key part to make it work. Could electricity be a main part to manipulate artificial gravity?
    If you think about it, human kind has only recently harnessed electricity. It hasn't been very long at all on the grand scale of things.

  31. Another thought that entered my ever thinking mind is that of Dark Matter. I can’t understand why time is wasted on this, just totally missing the obvious. I have not taken one college course in my life and I can understand that there is no such thing of empty space. One example is in a sever thunderstorm. When the hair on your arms stand up, you don’t see the static in the air, also when the volt sticks, there are two points of contact that meet, what’s between the two points of arch, it’s not Nothing.
    Just another thought✌?

  32. 0:30 No electricians l know, as electricians TA & electronic hobbyist most of them can't transpose formula or have a understanding of ohms law.

  33. Exactly. (5:27) Choosing whichever conjecture strikes the fancy and inventing something new to make lives more comfortable and exciting is just what happened with the Atomic Model of the Atom verses the Cloud Model of the Atom. The more recent Cloud Model of the Atom should suffice for the current cloud computing age. So glad EU is both elegant and simple. Go EU!

  34. Being shown the heliocentric model is the one thing that shouldn't be there if we're going to speak about plasma vs gravity. We can't counter the theory of gravity by once again accepting the lies about planetary systems which are born of the big bang theory and the theory of evolution. Most truthers are unfortunately still misled.

  35. I for one, am ready to move to another planet with less gravity; because this gravity is killing my back!

    Much love to Susan, May all your days be blessed! To Dave, keep going strong! Your work is immortalized. Mike, great work and take care of your pops! Peace and Love! The Order of the White Lion blesses you all who support these three!

  36. Yep its about differentials. Its not about how much or how less. Learn about pressure and hydraulics so you can better understand going from one (pressure)magnitude to another.

  37. The Electric Universe – Wal Thornhill & David Talbott Electric Sky – Don Scott

  38. Thanks for the acknowledgement of those that contribute. Was nice to see. A conscious interconnected chaotic yet harmonious universe that is both infinite and singular simultaneously is far more appealing and realistic than our current model. Matter exists as mind.

  39. I love the cat fur sticking up for debating gravity. You guys are awesome. You opened my mind to a far more reasonable understanding of things.

  40. Gravitational Waves Update:

  41. From the Parker Solar Probe, would the "switchback" and "kinks" they discovered in the magnetic field already be predicted my Birkland current?

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