Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel “Atlas’
muy muy contento gracias por venir! I’m going for overall win number 627 and
this is a great day because it is June 24th I am 32 today and our friend Raina,
she flew all the way over from California to meet us in Spain to do
some challenges that I’m going for my very first win in the country of Spain!
This morning we flew here to Madrid, Spain and right now I am in Guadarrama
of Madrid here in Spain and we are at Texas Tavern we’re taking on their
Grizzly Burger Challenge! now almost 1,400 people have tried this thing it looks
delicious! I got to watch them cook it, but there’s a whole bunch of beef
burgers there’s a whole lot of bacon, there are some grilled onions, there’s a
bunch of cheese, we’ve got some chips or fries, and then it’s all on a ciabatta bun,
but we’ve got one hour to finish, if we fail it’s going to be 25 euros but
if we win we will each get our meals free, we’ll get sweet t-shirts to add to our
collections and we’ll be added up on their Wall of Fame! Are you ready? All
right let’s get this challenge started! All right blow out my candles because it’s
my birthday. 1,400 people have tried this thing it’s one of the oldest food
challenges in Spain so great to be taking this thing on the record is 15 minutes
and 42 seconds and by the way this girl has been talking over here, she’s going
to try to crush it she’s even standing go to hair back so we’ll get it started
we’ll see what she does and I’ll try to keep on but let’s see – 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! These beef burger patties are absolutely
massive, but it’s about five pounds of food it is going down really well
because of the juiciness of this beef, and then the cheese is just awesome,
along with the bacon and the onions but she’s over here crushing it we’re both
going to get the win let’s keep going! [Cheering] Eleven minutes in 20 seconds! New record for beating the challenge! Now that she’s done time for me to keep on eating! Under 19 minutes almost done This girl, crushed it over here, we have
Raina, she finished in 11 minutes and 20 seconds! What did you think of the challenge? It was good! The beef the bacon and the cheese are
there were definitely the best part, Now I’ve got wins in 21 countries!
Big thanks to Texas Tavern here in Guadarama of Madrid here in Spain.
I’m working on my Spanish and I’ve got plenty of time to do that
because we’ll be here for the next three weeks! Big thanks to all of you guys now
is my 32nd birthday let’s party in Spain!

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