Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel!! It’s me again Sanly in this video I am gonna do a vlog in UK, just a daily vlog Many of you requested me to do “what I eat in a day” video so I thought instead of just showing you what I eat or cook why not bring you guys along with me to grocery shopping! I bring my own plastic bag so I don’t need to buy it again and also more environmental friendly! I am here already, but first I’m getting a birthday card for Ben since his birthday is coming soon One of the differences between UK and Indo is how popular greeting card here in the UK I will show you all the varieties of cards there is even a shop specialised in selling just these cards I am gonna choose from this section “For Him” gonna find the boyfriend one though, haven’t got to husband yet ๐Ÿ™‚ so I ended up choosing this one usually the things that are expensive in Indo are cheaper here, vice versa so when I am here I usually indulge in all the stuffs that sell cheaper here like cherries, raspberries, almond milk there are lots of milk varieties here almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk, cashew milk, oat milk those are generally healthier milk options, some are vegan too so it’s easier to eat healthy here my favorite is alpro almond milk, unsweetened this is like one of the best almond milks I also got the coconut milk, which is not santan it’s lighter, sweeter, tastier I also got plain milk for cooking This is the section for food that I don’t know and never ate but I usually take one just to try what it tastes like but because I am trying to eat healthy this week, so I am not gonna take these these candles are so cute Looking at all these made me want to make a birthday cake for Ben This one though, so cute! They also have instant noodles I’ve tried several but so far none beats indomie… and they are pretty expensive 1.20 pounds equal 20.000 IDR for a cup noodle you weigh the fruits yourself here this is the “reduced to clear” section where all things are discounted for example I got this big bag of spinach for only 80 pens, but it expires today but it is actually still fresh, so I will choose this one over the normal priced ones there are also lots of rice options here it’s usually only white and red rice in Indo but the rice here is usually flavored because white rice to them is tasteless so I am done with grocery shopping I bought quite a lot today… I’ve got the vegetables here, meat here and I found this brand and I bought three packs this is vegetarian meat I got the steak one looking like this I also got the minced beef and diced chicken Let’s see how these taste Cherries, raspberries and blueberries are cheaper here well not that cheap actually, 2 for 3 pounds it’s around 60.000IDR for 2 packs but I think it costs up to 100.000 in Indo for this one pack I am gonna check out now, I’ve spent to much time here and I am gonna show you what I got later *just casually teaching Ben bahasa indonesia* I am home and it’s time to see all the things I bought just now I initially planned for a week worth of food, but then I realised this is enough even for two weeks! and for two people! so I got these beverages because I am into milks that are not from cows so I got almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, coconut water, and also plain milk here for veggies, I got spinach, mushrooms, green beans, mixed veggies of carrots and potatoes I got another bag of potatoes here I got this at reduced price ๐Ÿ™‚ one of my happiness is in finding discount ๐Ÿ™‚ so it was 1.25, reduced to 0.85, around 15.000IDR for this bag This one right here was also reduced to 68 pens so veggies here are quite cheap except for the chopped veggies, they are a bit pricier but I am quite lazy, so for me it’s ok that it is slightly pricier so I don’t need to put in that effort into chopping them these are the meats, which are the more expensive ones first one I got was diced beef these are the ones I mentioned, vegan meat it’s quite heavy so I think even though it is a bit pricy it’s worth it because this is enough for several meals I got 1 kg of chicken leg, or thigh, here 15 eggs chicken breast here because Ben prefers this while I prefer chicken thighs I also got these 4 salmon fillets that’s quite a lot for meat the rest are just fruits like raspberries, cherries, blueberries I like blueberries a lot that’s why I got two packs I also got banana I also got yogurt as a healthier snack I also got bread and tortilla I also got this crab stick as sushi filling because Ben said he wanted to eat sushi I also got this 100% vegan butter I also got chia seeds to make chia pudding I also got cinnamon to go with the chia pudding I got cheese here and I also got containers for the leftovers to be stored in the fridge and I got this one instant noodle, free from milk, wheat, and gluten free the picture looks nice so I just want to try how it tastes that’s all for my shopping I will show you the total price now The total is 65 pounds, which is about 1.2million in rupiah this is 2 weeks worth of food for 2 people so it is 600.000 for 1 person, 2 weeks which means that it is only 300.000 per person for 1 week isn’t it surprising how cheap it is? and this is in London, where people always say that everything is expensive I made a polling yesterday on instagram asking you how much you spend on food for a day most of you answered 100.000-150.000 IDR there were some who answered 50.000/day, or even 1.000.000/day but most answers ranged between 100.000-150.000 as compared to me spending 300.000/week so it is around 40.000-45.000/day after much confusion… yes it is 40.000/day for 3 meals it is way cheaper than most of you who spend 100.000-150.000/day I did not buy any carbs like pasta so let’s just round it up to 50.000/day which is very reasonable, cheap in fact you can see that I got salmon and other nice food it wasn’t even like a budget meal I got nice and healthy food so that’s my video today Just wanna show you how it is grocery shopping in London whether it is expensive or cheap and it turns out to be reasonable hope you guys enjoy this video see you in the next video! Bye!


  1. Enak banget ya disana varian buahnya banyak n murah pula. Susu2 vegan juga udah umum bgt n banyak bgt dsna. Kapan ya indonesia bs gitu.. Tiap ke supermarket sllu makanan yg ga sehat. Kalopun ada makanan sehat sllu mahal.

  2. Literally ngebantu bgt kak:") sapa tau ntar jodoh w bule uk juga wkwkwk atau sapa tau nanti suatu saat bisa liburan kesana jd bisa minimin uang yg keluar deh:")

  3. Masak sendiri itu lebih hemat dari pada beli, tapi kebanyakan org" sekarang itu alasan gak tau masak lah apa lah itu lah, resep/tutorial loh banyak di google. padahal klo makanan beli juga kebanyakan malas, pdahal klo masak sendiri berasa makan masakan ibu, walaupun rasanya beda.

  4. Wow ga nyangka 300rb seminggu itu murah lho aplg udh ada buah, sayur sm daging2an, aku aja belanja di supermarket Indo bisa habis 200-300 ribu cuma snack2 doang.

  5. yesss…paling suka di tesco di bag reduced to clear… masih oke2 banget yaa trus muraaah..aku pernah dpt whole salmon dari harga ยฃ50an jadi ยฃ15 an ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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