100 thoughts on “Grow onions and spring onions from seed, for large harvests of high quality

  1. I tried to plant spring onions this year but did not get very good results at last.

    I have been looking for videos of how to plant spring onions from seeds tonight. I spent hours but did not get anything I need and full of questions in my brain.

    When I see your video, I feel very impressed. You have answered all the questions I had in my brain so far and show me a very clear pictures of how to do it properly next year.

    I just want to leave my first youtube comment to your video. Thanks for your great work and introduction.

  2. I've always grown sets but after watching this video i'm going to try from seed. What a brilliant informative video this is. I've subscribed. THANKS.

  3. I'm amazed to see tidy grass next to your compost bays rather than soil and bits of material everywhere. Mine is never like that. Maybe no sifting.

  4. I watched an Italian grandmother making tomato sauce with a big stick similar to the one you use in this guide and then you using one..my sister and I have decided that that is whats missing from our lives; a big giant helper stick! However I cannot seem to find one. Did you make yours? Where might I be able to find one? 🙂

  5. I wonder why most of the farmers in Greece use small bulbs to grow spring and bulb onions witch they buy very expensive. It seems so easy from seed. Your videos are indeed very helpful.Thank you for that

  6. Hi Charles, thanks for another great video, I have tried your method of growing onions but I seem to have a problem getting the seed to germinate I followed what you do and I even bought 3 types of onion seed, so I use a plastic cell tray filled with compost make a hole put 5 seeds in then water and leave for two weeks, if soil looks dry I would water again. But nothing maybe one or two but not the 150 I sown. Please any ideas.

  7. would October around the 5th to 10th be OK to sow spring onions in modules and still be OK to plant out once there big enough ?

  8. Seeing the joy in Charles while harvesting his onions is just so nice and contagious!

    I'm off to my garden!

  9. There is some ambiguity in my mind because I am aware that the term “compost” is used differently the US and Britain. Americans refer to compost as the product of finished composting that comes from the garden heap, while the British call a bag of potting soil or garden soil mix “compost.”
    So Charles, when you say you spread three or four inches on top of your growing beds, are you referring to your homemade composted material?

  10. I use to rustle roses in the 70s..average success rate…..and went to propigate an old farm.rose last year…dang…aI cant even get one to take…odd…odd…odd.im trying this fall for hard wood..cant.figure out what is.wrong.

  11. I am wondering if, as I have previously learned, transplanting onions would attract onion fly, attracted by the smell from the disturbances? Clearly you are not having that problem so I intend to change my habits, thank you.

  12. what a great video and tremendous harvest. i tried a spanish clumping onion two years in a row with little result. after watcging this persentation i will try again with a larger sweet onion in 2019. thanks for sharing knowledge!

  13. I am in Southern California and the stores are selling onion sets. The weather is warmer here in winter. Days are 75 and nights are 50 farenheit. Is it alright to plant my sets because of ther climate difference? Thank you.

  14. Wow – thanks to you I've grown my first ever successful onion crop! They're just coming out now for drying and I'm so pleased with them. I've grown Creamgold (a good Aussie storing onion) and Domenica Sweet, another more fleshy onion that I'll probably use first. I've left a few to try to get them to flower for seed, but no luck so far. Anyways, thanks so much for this video Charles – I did it!

  15. I'm grateful for your video and I will be watching more, but I find like everything else, (home-baking) (gardening) and other creative craft hobbies it has all become too expensive.

  16. This might sound like a silly question to seasoned gardeners, but…. it appears that you put the trays indoors without light, correct? Do they need any amount of light, then, before transplanting into the garden? How much and when?

  17. I love your channel! You consistently and quietly mutter little truth bombs that radically changes my work:harvest ratio.

  18. Hi I hope you don't mind me asking, but I seem to have problems getting my onion seeds to germinate, my question is do you use a propergator clear lid? Would this, do you think, cause the compost to stay wet and rot the seeds? Thanks

  19. I must have put my sets in too early most of them bolted and the ones that didnt bolt didnt store well only lasted to december will try seeds next and also plant sets later on cheers charles

  20. Mr. Dowding, it is a pleasure to watch your educational videos, thank you. Please just a quick question: if you were to intend to have consistent non-bulbing harvests May-October, how would you organise successions? What is the actual harvest window for non-bulbing onions?

  21. Do you have any experience with multi-annual spring onion (allium fistulosum)? I wonder can i also sow these as a clump, 7-8 seeds, or does each seed already produce several spring onions? Do the onions regrow from the root, or how does it work with the multi-annual variety? I am new to spring onions altogether and have some seeds i want to try out this spring.. (https://www.bingenheimersaatgut.de/winterheckenzwiebel.html)

  22. Excellent video, simply explained and well presented, your methods are very similar to my own but I tend to hang mine from the washing line to ripen, the occasional shower doesn't seem to bother them and when they're ready I plait them together into strings (and no, I'm not Italian before anybody asks) and store them indoors, like yourself they last the full winter, great little veg.

  23. I had a neighbor who told me I should cut the tops like grass on the onions that I plant from seed until I get them in the ground. Do you think this is necessary?

  24. I love your videos and echo everyone’s appreciation for how you wait and put the whole life cycle into one video. Do you have any control over the ads YouTube puts on? I was shown a Roundup ad before this video and I would think it would be totally against everything you stand for. Just wanted you to know. Maybe the ads are based on my viewing, now that I think about it, but I only view organic type people’s videos

  25. I thought unions are plants that take 2 years to fully grow.
    Do you have a special variety or is it because of a different method?

    I’m also trying out your no dig method this year, have you got any tips or things to avoid?
    You’re truly a inspiration for us here.
    Greetings from the Netherlands ??

  26. @5:35 you are the only one on youtube showed how to do it right others coming showing transplants 6 feet tall with no explaining howlong it takes to get big,i thank you good video 5*

  27. I believe there was an ancient Egyptian prayer that went something like " Beer and fish, onions and bread, thank the gods we now are fed." Or something along that line…….Might have been "Onions and bread, onions and bread, thank the gods for onions and bread." I vaguely remember that onions were mentioned more than once in the lines. It's easy to see why, as one plant can feed you all year round, and goes good with, well just about every recipe ever. I even made onion wine once long ago, made some of the best salad dressing I've ever had, and was great for cooking…….didn't last long 🙂 Thanks for the video Charles.

  28. Note to self. – before I sow anything I haven’t grown before I must check and see if Charles has video on the topic! I’ll try it this way next year! ?

  29. @10:30 in my country the wind is very strong and onion plants gets bent almost everyday sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we get onion maggots,:(

  30. thank you for sharing your knowledge as I just bought some seed trays last night. Keep up the good work!

  31. The problem I have with storing onions is temperature and humidity. I live in SW France where we can grow lovely onions but I have real problems storing these onions because the temperature after harvest allied with humidity means the onions do not store nearly as well as the would in a climate with out the high winter temperature fluctuations we get regularly . For example I could easily have temperatures as high as 20C or more for a week in December then the next week it could drop to 10C with high humidity and I do not have anywhere I can isolate my stored onions from these conditions. Of course these cycles can happen every month after harvest so the onions inevitably start to sprout early.

  32. I yesterday planted out my spring onion cells and realised the importance of getting the right sort of tray. My onions flatly refused to leave the thin walled cells they were growing in and I finished cutting them up with scissors in order to get the bunches out without breaking them up. Conversely, my peas, which were in thicker slightly more conical cells with a larger bottom hole slid out exactly as Charles did and fitted the prodded holes better. So a lesson learned. Not sure if it is the shape or the hole size.

  33. Hello! Thanks for the great video. How come you hang your onions in a ceiling beam in a room. I'm new at gardening. Don't onions store best in a cool underground/cupboard type environment?

  34. I'll be sowing mine this weekend. I'll try that on half of them! Still over 130cm of snow on top of the garden though!

  35. Why are these onions able to store for months but the onions I buy from the grocery store go bad after a couple weeks?

  36. You have the BEST videos I've seen so far. I love the fact you show and tell us everything in stages over time. Keep it up!!

  37. Would the bulbs of these onions get bigger if spaced apart more or is this average size for this type of onion? I'm wanting to try growing some kind of large onion type.

  38. Thank you for doing a sowing to harvest video like this, this took a long time to put together and I am very grateful. Absolutely love your content! Thank you!

  39. Thank you Charles for such amazingly informative videos! Whenever I have a question about planting some specific vegetable, yours is the channel I turn to most. I have been gardening using a no-dig method for close to 20 years and I am still learning from you. 🙂

    That said, I have one question. Do you harden off your onion seedlings before planting them outdoors? Mine are grown inside, in a grow room, and I have always hardened them off before planting BUT I'm wondering if the row cover is enough to protect them?

    Thanks again!

  40. Hi there Mr. Dowding my onions keep on falling over when they get a certain size. Your onions always stand up strait. Greetings from Germany

  41. You give all these information with recording the whole process… Mr Dowding, thanks sir. And also your videos made me a 'No Dig' fan even i haven't tried it yet.(due to lack of compost) 🙂 Greetings from Istanbul.

  42. I learned a huge lesson last year when I transplanted onion seedlings near peas…I relocated the onion seedlings like you advised me too. Anyway, we harvested loads of peas but alas, very few onions and not very large sized leeks. This year I am back with a clear mind and a will to succeed. Peas at one end of the garden and onions and leeks at the very, very, really very opposite end (many metres of space apart 🙂 ). I hope to save some seed from Ishikura bunching onions (aka spring onions) this autumn…they have been growing away for some time now.

  43. You remind me of "The Happy Onion Man" of internet fame, look him up if you don't already know who he is. Joyful to watch and thank you for showing me how to grow onions.

  44. Beautiful sweet tasting veg, that gives enormous pleasure when harvesting, storing and then eating for months. Charles sums it all up to perfection. Multi sowing definitely the way – especially for springs. Sets can be planted only 4" apart in rows too, spaced 8-10" between rows. Very productive. Very nice. Thank you.

  45. Great video, i watch all of your videos to help me, as i also am new to growing my own veg. After doing a few tomatoes and cucumbers last year i literally couldn't believe the difference between them compared to supermarket veg. One question though, my i have my onions about ready in the trays to plant outside, as we are in May now am i too late?? The packet states Jan-Jun Sow.(I followed the instructions on the seed pack and found your video after)

  46. very helpful especially as all my set sown onions are going to seed.they were planted in autumn for overwintering as that is what the packets said to do when i purchased them,this is also what i usually do and normally only get a couple of seed heads.i never realised the seys should only really be sown in early spring,why do they sell them in late summer and say plant for overwintering if they are prone to going to seed by that method?i will definately be using seed next year even more so as i seem to be struggling to get any reasonable spring onions from seed as well

  47. It may seem a silly question: can onion sets be multisown in the garden in groups of three or four? I am a little behind for planting onion seeds this year.

  48. When you thin out the partially grown bulb onions (at 9:00), can you re-plant those ‘spring’ onions elsewhere to get a full crop of large onions? Thanks!

  49. Must remenber the tip not to plant sets until after the spring equinox.
    Mulit sowing is the way forward.

  50. I find all of your videos very informative. I watch them multiple times to make notes for my own garden. At the moment my onions start to lay down, I think it's too early. I set them as little onions in autumn and I live in Germany next to Düsseldorf and the Rhine. Mild climate but clay soil. I am not sure if I should start to harvest because some of them start to rott. It looks like that they are cracked or nibbled. Should I lay down the others too? or wait until they do it for itself and harvest the layed ones to have them used in kitchen instead of throwing them away at the end? Next time I try it with seeding. I already ordered seeds from bingenheimer. I hope you can give me a little help. Thank you.

  51. I.love onion with salads, Beans,and with.special oil,oregano and other for eat with bread crotons,I try plant fresh onion, eat same part and plants others, now I will use seeds! Tanks for teaching!

  52. As said many times, your videos are great – and your diary makes a great timetable. Two questions. When germinating the seeds, do you water again after the initial watering? And I noticed your stack of seed trays indoors – how long do you leave them stacked like that?

  53. Thank you very much for this and all other videos. I’m very much inspired, and, full of dare, have started my own onions.

  54. Had never grown onions from seed before and so having watched this video we gave it a go, and we have just harvested a bumper crop – mostly great whoppers of onions! Not a single mouldy or rotten onion either – a far cry from our past experience of growing from sets. We should be self sufficient in onions for several months even as a large family! This is such a fantastic discovery and is definitely the way ahead! Many thanks for the tutorial.

  55. Charles you have a lovely soothing voice as well as being thoroughly informative. I am sure I feel calmer as well as feeling more confident and knowledgable. Who needs meditation when we have

  56. I realize this is an older video Charles, but still; Thanks for sharing, such great knowledge imparted! I had an older work mate that used to say walk on your onions with snowshoes (*here in Northern Ontario Canada), when the tops are nice and big to develop the bulbs! I see you too bend the stocks to increase the bulb size. I really wasn't sure it was a real thing till I saw you talk about it! Cheers!

  57. Wait, I’m confused lol. Did you actually burp at 6:20? Lol it’s a natural thing but I just didn’t expect it! ? Thank you for these videos. Onions were the only things I planted this year but I hope to do much more next year!!

  58. why did my onions go soft 3 months after i pick them.i dried them for 2 week after picking and stored in my shed.thanks

  59. I always enjoy watching this video. I am planning to grow red onions this year in zone 7b. What type of red onions do you recommend and are they the same as the yellow ones, as far as growing? RJ

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