Guinness world record: The tallest domino structure on earth: 10.05 meter (32.9 feet)

Hi my name further and my name is Michael
So our plan is to make a 10 meter high domino tower out these domino stones, as you can see they’re really small and the old record is at six meters it will be really hard to
beat his record if the tower topples we don’t really have the chance to built it up again lets get started now we can use our lifting ramp to pull it up to the roof now I have to be careful because it is really wabbly so that you don’t hit the tower now we have reached the three meter level we have nearly a third of the total height there is one stone which has been kicked out and Michael is going to repair the problem hopefully successful reparation are our Domino tower so new personal record till now it is really wabbly on this lifting ramp because of that it’s not that easy to
build straight lines no if the tower topples we don’t really have the chance to build it up again The tower toppled down, because I have been a little bit to shaky and when I set one domino it fell down. It has been three rows
before we would have reached the old world record so we will try to built a smaller tower, a tower with a smaller diameter told smaller diameter so but so that we can reach the world record we hope that it will work but we don’t knwo let’s see the yeah world record so as you can see second attempt but now it stands there and everything build now is plus for the world record record now we’ve reached the height all seven meters
and unbelievable 45 centimetres. Tomorrow when our official observers arrive then we will go up again and we will build until the tower will topple good a Co yeah I yeah in

52 thoughts on “Guinness world record: The tallest domino structure on earth: 10.05 meter (32.9 feet)

  1. Oh nooooo! The first fail was terrible! (even though, I've never heard such an epic scream before XD)
    Congrats with this amazing world record!

  2. Dass ihr nach diesem krassen Fail nicht aufgegeben habt, ist echt bewundernswert! Sehr starke Leistung! Den Rekord habt ihr euch echt verdient.

  3. Na endlich ein Video. Darauf haben wir schon lange gewartet. Wir hatten im Yspertal auch einen Fail bei dem allerdings nicht der ganze Turm einstürzte, sondern nur vereinzelte Steine herunterfielen. Übrigens haben wir euren alten Rekord nicht gebrochen. Tom Holmes – September 2013 – 5,27 Meter. Das war unsere zu brechende Höhe.

  4. Es sieht einfach nur krass aus, wie der Turm beim zweiten Versuch zur Seite lehnt, anfängt einzustürzen, und dann oben abbricht und runterfällt. o.O Aber Respekt!

  5. We thought this was super cool! My 6 year old daughter loves domino challenges! We think you two are great congratulations!

  6. This is why swedes dont accomplish anything of importance to busy doing nerdlinger shit than to grow a pair and actually accomplish something important.

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