If I give you 500 pesos to walk from Ortigas to Makati, will you do it? Yah. Oo. (Yes.) siyempre! (of course!) I’ll do it. For 500? Sure! Yeah, of course! Sure! That 500 is mine already! Ha! No! Ay no! Hahaha. If with heels? No, no, no! still for 500 pesos? No. No. No. No. No! Sure!Yes! I’m serious!Let’s see. We’re near Buendia. Still feeling okay. Though my one ankle is feeling a bit sore. Buy some fishballs! We’re near the Makati Business District. My feet are still a bit okay. Can I take off the shoes now? Is 500 pesos worth it? No! It should be 1,000 pesos! Wearing heels is really hard! As in!

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