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Yerkanave Englis la thaane da irruke?
Inga enna paakura? Let’s see what are the different sounds we hear around Chennai in the morning Ma Milk! Why are you throwing the paper like this? One Devotee asked, “Swami..” Goods haven’t gone Ma I want to pee Ma did you iron my pink chudidhar? Dear, leave before he comes!
-Before Who comes?! Your Boss!
You only said he is coming early today. But do you know the sound that was heard in Ganesh’s house? I must join the Gym today! Gemini Ganesan who went to the Gym That is… that only If boys go to the gym it is only because of 4 theories First, theory of “Aarwa Kollaar” The desire to get Six-Pack abs after watching any hero flaunt it No.2 “Theory of Ballaveena Body” The boy who cannot even lift his own weight,
how will he lift this? * Jai Baahubali!!* No.3 “Theory of Over-Vai” Why are you hitting me? Being a Nonjaan, you are doing things like this? Call me even Anjaan, I will take it Never call me Nonjaan!
-What will you do if i do call you that? Ask me after 6 months
-Where will you go for 6 months? I am going to the GYYMMMM!
Hmph! Keeping the gym in mind do you know where this boy will go first? From the olden days to now, the first gym that all guys go to is The park! But the guys of today don’t get space in the park, or the parking *Woof* The only place where they easily get
seats are in Engineering Colleges After watching inspiring personalities like this, this boy will immediately take another decision What will that be? Homework! That is… work out from home After reading random books… Watching a few Youtube channels… They will start the workout from home The first day will always be great But the next day… Thank you sir
*My left hand is fasting today* More than this pain, there is another pain
that will definitely make him go to the gym! That is, the “Theory of Kailti-Vidrathu” Hey Deepika!
I’m Ganesh talking By the way… What is the response to my love? You look like a skinny mushroom
and want love also? Mushroom?
You mean my body? Deepu! Deepu! Deepu!
uh She gave it good! Now, he will decide 100% Proprietor : Bahalwaan Ballaguru All gyms will have a person like this Who will repeat the same thing Monthly : 2000 Yearly : 11.5 plus tax For 2000 itself my dad will not feed me for 2 months The nation is looking forward that we have to become viral Monthly or Annual?
What do we take? When in deep thought a door will open Anna, the song…. Please change it. Annual Membership! Now do you understand? Why love failure boys go to the gym immediately The first day you eagerly look forward to in the gym Hi sir! Sir I’m new… This is the respect you will get You will remember your PT master at a clueless moment like this Yes! My PT master is there for me! Ei! Who is that?! Being stupid!
-Sorry Whether they give you a bill or not in a gym,
they will give you this My diet chart! This is how I will eat henceforth Hello? Hey Ganesh! It is Syed’s sister’s wedding! They are serving three meals of Biriyani!
Come in the morning! Diet or Biriyani? Diet or biriiyaa…. uuhhhhh Biriyani! Then your Diet? From next Monday! Hmm! Unfortunately… That next Monday has never come in anyone’s life The characters you are about to see,
you can see in various gyms But in various other names Branded tee shirt Branded tracks Branded shoes Wearing all this One guy will come like a Hero But if it comes to workout… Master! Master, there are too many buttons here I dont know which one to press! Master come fast Let’s meet the next character! Thambi *click* Why are you walking? Run! I used to run 20 miles on the treadmill those days Do you know?
Faster! Where was the treadmill available those days? What a fibber! Maybe that’s why he is VVS! Every gym will have someone wearing earphones You will think that he is always listening to English songs But one day What English song is he listening to? *Local tamil music* He is a local fellow! You yourself see the workout he will do! He will use such a big gym as a beauty parlour The next person is a bigger deal He will use the gym as a phone booth Every gym will have a celebrity On a complimentary membership! Saar! Is it you? Hello! What are you doing sir? I am exercising English movie?! *Weights crash* *Why?* Sir one selfie please! What are you doing next? Ah..
-All celebrities will have the same answer to this Uh… I am talking to 4 movies Will tell you once it is confirmed Super sir!
– Ahh ok ok ok Ayo! Not even one movie is confirmed and he believed me! He is “Ippo Ramasamy” Everything must happen for him immediately After taking 5 situps, he will go to the mirror He will compare In order to reduce the pot belly He will take another 10 situps Now we see the Thirruttu Kozhinga group *gym chatter* Hey its the master! 43 ! 45! The Lazy Chickens 47! Hello! Aren’t you coming to the class today? Hello Master! Grandmom… My Grandmom hit puberty! The absent chickens Sir she left The Show Chickens The Rock Gang They will place a bench in the gym and work out properly and maintain their body well We will think they are very bad people Their bodies only are like this, but their hearts… Ayo Anna Water na! It will come, you work out! For that why anna? Shhhh Its not that
– Ei dont want lets go Three Myths about the Gym If you look at the mirror often you will lose weight If you pay annual membership you
will go to the gym everyday Only young girls will go to a unisex gym there is one more above all this How many months have you been working out for? 3 months? For 3 months itself like this? Then even we will have the same result right? Hmmmm Hahahahaha! If you need someone to do something for you, tell them this Sir! Ayo! You have reduced greatly sir! Really? Do one thing! See me in the office?
– Sure sir! Sweet Fellow! Do you know how your happy gym life will end? 11.5 plus tax One minute She asked to change the song right/ That girl. Didn’t see come? That girl?! Ungrateful girl! She lost all her weight here She went and joined another heavy gym Cha! You tell me Golden Flower Who will I live for now? Thank you Didn’t you go to the gym? Gym is closed ma! Today? No. Here after. To cover up and sleep like this the amount he paid 11.5 plus tax! Hahahahahaha! We are seeing this picture every day Who could it be? Who is he? He… A friend of the Gym’s owner That’s what they told me when I asked What say? Do you know what a huge body builder he is? His name? Naammee.. Why bother about him? There is no doubt He is Arnold!

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