Hach FH950 Portable Flow Meter

SFX: Gurgling water Today I would like to introduce you to a
cost-effective alternative for mobile flow measurement. The best choice for quick and
uncomplicated use under severe conditions. Its sensor works on the magnetic inductive principal It has no mechanically moving parts, and
therefore requires practically no maintenance. Together, with its robust and waterproof
handheld unit, the flow meter was designed for use with conventional
measuring rods using the classical verticals method. The built-in, rechargeable battery lasts for 18 hours when the unit is
intensively in use. The measuring principle, in combination
with the compact sensor shape with good flow characteristics, allows reliable measurement even at the
lowest flow velocities and even in very shallow water. It can be used without any compromises,
even in water that contains sediment or weeds. and also in turbulent flow conditions. The large color display provides
excellent legibility even in direct sunlight. A simple operating software guides the
user through the measurement step-by-step. Setup, measurement, and data handling can
be learned with no problems, even if you have little
experience. All the data can be read at once and is saved automatically. There is no
need to keep error-prone manual logs. Reading errors
are excluded and measurements can easily be carried out by just one person. This saves up to
half the time on site But the flow meter doesn’t just save
time when measuring. Things go faster back at your desk as
well. There is no need for calculations after the measurement. The flow meter
automatically carries out the flow calculations according to international standards. The data can be
transferred to a PC and further processed there without any
problems. The flow meter increases your mobility and makes your work flows more efficient. No compromises. Compact, robust, and almost
maintenance-free. Absolutely user-friendly and a huge time saver while requiring a
minimum number of people. Automatic data storage and flow
calculation. Optionally, can be equipped with a
pressure cell for automatic depth measurement and sensor positioning. Fast data transfer and superb data quality, this is leading edge technology for
quantitative hydrology. You can find further information on
applications and technical details on our home page. (www.HachFlow.com) SFX: Gurgling water Thank you for watching.

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  1. We're having a lot of trouble with the user manual for stream profiles.  We would appreciate a video focused only on instruction versus marketing.

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