Handcuffing My Boyfriend To Cameron Dallas For A Day

I love this. Me too. [THEME MUSIC] OK, guys. So right now, Tyler and
I are both at Studio 71 and we’re waiting
for Cameron Dallas because we’re going to
vlog with him today. And we’re in Philadelphia. Yeah. Not that exciting. I mean, but I get
some sleep, so. Yeah. But do you know who
we’re filming with? No. Who? Cameron Dallas. You’re kidding. No. That’s bull [MUTED]. Hi. What’s up, guys? Good to see you. How are you? Hey, Cameron. How are you? I’m great. So what’s up? What are we going to do today? Go around California and
just see what happens. I’m down. I’m actually starving. Like I’m so hungry. Wait, this is you? That’s you? Let me see. Naomi. Oh, yeah. Ooh. Kinky. What are these? Those were a prop for a shoot. A shoot? What kind of shoot? A private shoot. To be fair, this is an
office, so it probably was an actual prop
’cause it’s a studio. Just chilling. Do you have the keys? Hey. Well, congrats on the cover. That’s pretty sick. Thanks. Yeah. I was like moving away from
the handcuffs for a second. How do you guys feel
about me handcuffing you two together for the day? I mean– Wait. It depends. My left hand– What hands? One hand, one ankle. We’ll do it this way. I’ll be just walking like this. I mean, are you a
righty or lefty? I’m right handed. Damn. So am I. What if we both– I’ll do my right hand. I would actually be fine if
we both did our– why don’t we both do our right hand? We could both do our right
hand, so we– but wait. How would you guys– no, you guys wouldn’t be
able to exist properly. I’ll go my right hand. So go left? I got to take my watch off. OK, wait. Where’s the keys? Oh no. Is that too tight? No, no. You can go– No. I’m going to leave
it that tight. I’m like, no, you
can go tighter. Now we’re good. I think we got it. You guys chilling? Yeah. I broke ’em. I didn’t actually. There we go. This isn’t a good idea. No, but that’s
what vlogs are for. I want to be the one
handcuffed to Cameron Dallas. Why is it Tyler and not me? That’s not fair. Are you done? No. This is actually hilarious. All right. I feel like we might as
well just hold hands. You know when you’re walking
and guys like touch hands and you had to move
over to the side? That’s going to be
happening with a lot, so we might as well just– We might as well
just embrace it. It’s just happening. I think Tyler’s
leaving me for Cameron. Let’s go. Let’s go, Try. Come on, Ty. You guys, come back. Hey, look. I’m chasing Cameron. Oh. That’s actually funny. So I’ll go here. And you just climb over. OK. Are you comfortable? I sneezed earlier today
and my button popped off. Really? Oh. I hate this button. Should we put the roof top up
and like hang out the roof? Cut to me and you just having
like the best day of our life. OK. It’s just happening. Do you guys want water? I’m OK. A little water, Ty? Yeah, man. I got you. Sorry, man. Just kind of like
passing through. Thanks. This looks so uncomfortable. We’re going to get food. One, two, three, four,
I declare a thumb war. I’m thrilling my own boyfriend. I did this to myself. Does that hurt your wrist when
you like try to pull it out? Ow. This actually kind of– I love this. Me too. You. You know what would be funny? What? You know like people
like feed each other and they do like that
they arm of trust thing? Like a three way link. Nailed it. That went really well. Who’s this Cameron
guy I keep hearing? I’m not sure. I’m not sure. Sounds like a cool guy. Sounds like someone you
want to get handcuffed to. Yeah. Should we go shopping? OK. Oh yeah. That’s a cool shirt. Evil boy. Where did– I’m going to go
shopping on my own. I actually kind of want this. Medium? I mean, you can’t
really try it on. Babe, can you buy it for me? Well, you have been
really, really good. I’m getting jealous. I can’t watch this anymore. Take me away. Take me away. My legs don’t work anymore. Come on. You got it. Drag me. 12 seconds later. [INAUDIBLE] That would be hilarious. We have like– [WHOOSH] One of us gets
[INAUDIBLE] the other one has to pretend to
hang out with us, too. We’d be like. No. I’d grad the net. I’d grad the net
and scoop it up. I guess this is where
we’re staying right now. Nice pants. Thanks. You’re a very open person. How could I tell? The pants. Well, this is exciting. Where should we go? What should we do? Do you have the energy? Are you awake now? I want to go do something. All right. We could work out. If you want to. Is that something that
someone just does? Like hey, what do
you want to do today? Work out? Perfect. You do that. Oh, that’s true. OK. Let’s work out. [MUSIC – AWOLNATION, “RUN”] Run. You’ve got it. Let’s go. Faster. You got it. I’m going to personally
train him to be great. He’s like already
way buffer than me. You’ve got this. Let’s go. Ow. Actually thought I was about
to fall down for a second. And then you go and
then I’m screwed. All right. Where was I? Where is the TV in here? That was a bad idea. Are you going to work out? I’m stuck. High five. I can’t even high five you. And pull. And pull. And pull. And will you do one? Then I’ll do one. Now you do two. Well how many do we do? All the way up to 10. Getting a real workout in. Oh my god, I did a push-up. That’s the first time. Wait, really? I’m not very active. Just perfectly synchronized. I guess has to be. I don’t know what to
do in this situation. Guess I’m alone. I don’t know how to help you. Oh my. I’m getting taken out. And we’re the three best
friends that anybody can have. OK. So– what’s going on? He’s taking a shower. You have the shampoo? Yeah. Thank you. Julia and I have matching
pajamas because, you know, friendship, and I made them
put on the matching pajamas while wearing handcuffs. We’re going to have to
just chill like this. It’s kind of cool. Just hold your hand up. Oh. No. Put it in and it just chills. Oh. So it’s secure? That feels [INAUDIBLE]
because I’m not fully– Here. Can you like– I’m comfortable. OK. Now we just do it. Yeah. Nice. All right. Oh yeah. And they’re really getting
everyone’s name in here. That’s you. It’s good to be back, Gary. Two, Felix. Two suspensions. I’ve never watched
the full thing. Really? I would high five you. Yes. I did high five you. Yo. Guys. You can take the
handcuffs off now. You good? [THEME MUSIC]

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  1. What's up with you and handcuffs girl. You are letting me think that you got a weird fetish or something

  2. It would be so funny if Cameron and I were handcuffed. I'm clumsy so I bump into stuff, I dont workout I eat,

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