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Hey guys, welcome to the Hanna Lab. Today we’ll be featuring the HI98103 Checker. This easy to use meter features two-point
calibration with one button operation. It comes with a replaceable electrode, and
being under $50, it’s a perfect tool that is right for any business or hobbyist looking
to do simple pH measurement. One Button. Everything you need to do with this meter
operates with just one button. It’s how you turn it on and off, enter calibration
mode, and even change the automatic shut off times. Everything simplified to just one button. Your HI98103 Checker comes with everything
you need to begin testing. Along with the Checker, comes pH 4 and 7 packets,
Cleaning solution, the manual and quality certificate. Before running out of these solution samples,
I recommend you check out our compatible products on our website. For this meter, we recommend the
HI77400 calibration set the HI70300 storage solution and the HI7061 Cleaning Solution Calibration is an important part of keeping
your tester operating at its best. We recommend calibrating your meter before
each use. To Calibrate your meter, press and hold the
button. Once CAL is displayed, the meter will prompt
you to put it in either 4 or 7 buffer. It will automatically recognize which buffer
you use first. Once the first point is done rinse the electrode
in distilled water. Then enter it in the second buffer. After the meter is done calibrating, it will
automatically return to measurement mode. Now you’re ready to start testing. When you’re not using your tester, keep
it in storage solution. Without proper storage, the electrode gets
dehydrated. If you don’t have storage solution, you
can always use pH 4 buffer too. We recommend you clean and store your electrode
after every use. The HI7061 cleaning solution is what we recommend. Be sure to always clean the electrode before
you store it away. So that’s it. The HI98103 Checker is a simple to use, no
fuss, no frills tool for anyone who needs to test their pH. You can find everything you need for your
Checker at hannainst.com Buffers, solutions and other products can
be found right on the Product page. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you found
this helpful. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and
Instagram And if you have Questions You can reach us
with #HannaQuestions See you soon!

9 thoughts on “Hanna Lab – Hanna Instruments Checker® HI98103 pH Meter

  1. Mostly just and advertisement for their products, NO useful info on what to do if your ph meter doesn't calibrate like they show it does perfectly in the video. I have yet to have it work the first time

  2. do you not want us to know how well/poorly this probe does for a titration ?
    in that case its response time will show up. as well as just how accurately it
    reads outside the calibration range.

    if this is all the better you show us how it works or what it can do i'm holding
    on to my money. you're guilty of hiding the truth by negligence.

    i will pay your website a visit. maybe someone else besides you is
    making demo videos there for shoppers

  3. Mine worked reasonably well for about six months, but it stopped being able to be calibrated. They go on like the one button feature is fantastic. I would personally rather have a second or third button just to be able to have more control over the calibration. Stopped working entirely, and I need to get something else.

  4. I bought six Checker by HANNA PH meter probes, they too stopped working, the PH reading just blinks on and on never stabilises and on attempts to calibrate jumps from readings 3 to 19 LOL, waste of money

  5. buenas tardes adquiri un tester H198103 pero el instructivo viene en ingles me podrian ayudar en español por fabor

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