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Hey guys, welcome to the Hanna Lab. Today we’re going to go over the HALO Wireless
pH meter. You have a smartphone or tablet. HALO brings convenience and portability to
a whole new level. The world’s first Wireless pH meter with
built in Bluetooth, paired with the Hanna Lab App. Designed for industry professionals and hobbyists,
the HALO wireless pH Meter Line meets your needs. Let’s take a look at the HI11312 HALO designed
for general applications and everyday use. This Wireless pH Meter has a refillable glass
body and spherical, general purpose glass sensing bulb. The double junction design ensures that the
KCl electrolyte is free of silver chloride between the sample to be measured and the
internal reference cell, resisting clogging and any potential precipitation at the junction. To connect your HALO, be sure Bluetooth is
enabled on your device. Open our Hanna Lab App and press the Bluetooth
Symbol. Now press the button on your Halo. Our App will recognize your electrode. Tap connect and you will be ready to calibrate. Calibration is an important part of keeping
your HALO operating at its best. We recommend calibrating before each use. To Calibrate your Halo pH Meter, go into the
settings menu. Tap calibrate and you will be taken to the
calibration screen. Your HALO can calibrate up to five points
that are automatically recognized. You can find all the calibration solutions
you need right on the product page. Rinse and place your probe in your pH calibration
solution and wait for a stable reading. Once stable, tap confirm. To calibrate the next point, first we recommend
that you rinse your electrode with deionized water to prevent contamination. Place in the next buffer and your saved calibration
will be stored and our app will begin calibrating your next point. after you have calibrated your desired points,
hit save to return to the measurement screen. Now that you’re calibrated,
You are ready to begin taking measurements. When you’re not using your pH probe, keep
it in storage solution. Without proper storage, the electrode gets
dehydrated. It’s best if you rinse and store your electrode
after every use. We recommend our HI70300 Bottle of Storage
Solution. If you don’t have storage solution, pH 4
buffer works too.” “So that’s it. Our HALO wireless pH meter makes pH measurement
easier and more accessible than ever. “You can find everything you need for your
HALO at hannainst.com Buffers, solutions and other products can
be found right on the Product page. “Thanks for stopping by and we hope you
found this helpful.” Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and
Instagram And if you have Questions You can reach us
with # HannaQuestions See you soon!

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