Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts with nine-kilometer-high ash cloud

Now for a look at stories making headlines
around the world and we start in Hawaii The Kilauea (killa wayer) volcano continues
to pose a threat to residents as it spewed ash nearly nine kilometers into the air on
Thursday. For more on this and other international news
we turn to our Ro Aram… Aram…this volcano just doesn’t seem to want
to quiet down since it began erupting two weeks ago. That’s right Se-min… Scientists warn Thursday’s explosion could
be the first of a violent string of explosions in the crater. This is in part due to the continued interaction
with the lava and underground water. The last time Kilauea fired a series of steam-driven
explosions was back in 1924. Residents living near Kilauea have been given
fresh evacuation orders and pilots are being advised to avoid the potentially damaging
ash cloud. The nine-kilometer-high ash cloud scrapes
just under the cruising altitude of a jetliner. Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey say
the ash plume is expected to just blanket the nearby area, as it was a high explosion
and not a wide one. But they do warn that the wind could carry
it to as far as Higo, the largest city in Big Island. People are also being warned not to drive
until visibility improves. The ash and hot lava, which has already wrecked
about a couple dozen homes, are not the only problems. A spike of toxic sulfur dioxide gas emanating
from more than 20 fissures is also posing a threat.

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