Heating Oil Consumption Meter Logger – Mister Oil Meter for USA – MAZOUTMAN in EUROPE

Hi everyone, today i want to show you a device that accurately keeps track of your heating oil consumption and of the remaining oil quantity in your tank. It is compatible with all brands of oil burners and is easy to install. We demonstrate the installation in the second part of this video. It is designed and assembled in Belgium. In Belgium the word for heating oi – or fuel oil – is ‘mazout’ and therefore we named it MAZOUTMAN. Let me first explain how you read the information on the display. The flame symbol means that oil is actually being burned and thus that there is oil consumption. The hour meter shows that there has been oilflow to the burner for a total measured time of 82 hours 27 minutes and 31 seconds. This oilflow to the burner happened at a rate of 4.0 liters per hour. This means a total oil consumption of 329.8 liters. There are 2670 liters left in the tank. Before we install let’s have a look at what you’ll find in the box. A user manual with clear instructions on the installation and the setting up of the device. Also special polyimide tape, a power supply and of course the device itself. Now let’s install MAZOUTMAN. First cut off the electricity to your burner and remove the burner cover. Remove the protective foil from the adhesive tape and fix MAZOUTMAN in place. Now we need to attach the sensor to the magnetic valve with the polyimide tape. Fix it in the orientation as shown in the manual. The sensor detects when this valve is open and thus when there is oil flow to the burner. If your burner has a magnetic valve, MAZOUTMAN will work with your burner. Put the cover back in place. Plug MAZOUTMAN into the power adapter and plug the power adapter into the wall socket. Turn the electricity to your burner back on. When you first power up MAZOUTMAN you will see that only the hour meter appears on the display. As soon as the magnetic valve opens, you will see the flame symbol and the hour meter starts counting. Now push the round menu key and put in the oil flow rate, in this case four liters per hour. Press the menu button again and put in the remaining oil quantity. In this case I have a full tank of 3000 liters. Now go back to the main menu and from now on MAZOUTMAN accurately keeps track of your oil consumption and the remaining oil quantity. That’s all for the installation. For more information, please visit our website www.mazoutman.be . If you have any questions you can contact us on our website or write your question as a comment below the video. If you’re interested in buying, you can buy from our website or by from your local installation or maintenance company. Thank you for watching! Bye-bye!

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