Heavy monsoon showers then typhoon on its way_090319

good afternoon keep an umbrella handy
today a band of rain that’s been dropping downpours in certain regions
will expand to central regions starting this evening and the central western
regions Luke is soaked tomorrow there could be up to 300 millimeters of heavy
rain so be well prepared for downpours what small Rd 13s typhoon of the season
Ling Ling is making its way towards Korea’s central regions tropical storm
Ling Ling is forecast to continue to strengthen and hit Korea’s central
regions by the weekend bringing heavy rain and strong winds so we do need to
keep close watch over the typhoons developments in today’s daily highs will
be a touch cooler than Monday ranging from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius Seoul will
get up to 28 degrees this afternoon that’s Korea for you and here’s the
International weather for viewers around the world

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  1. From one beautiful person to another……….your sharing of the weather is Hot

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