Heavy rain again tonight in Jeju, nationwide rain tomorrow _ 082819

Grapes are very popular in the summer thanks
to their abundant content of vitamins and antioxidants. They are also highly known for their sweet
taste. Grapes offer a wealth of health benefits. They help protect against chronic health conditions,
such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. But excessive consumption of grapes can be
counterproductive, because they have high acidic and sugar levels, which can cause stomach
aches and diarrhea. Hello I’m Michelle Park here with the latest
weather update. Today, the central region has seen some sporadic
showers due to instability in the atmosphere. Tomorrow, rain clouds will form over the upper
parts of the country as well,… bringing in a lot more rain than today. Jeju island, where its been raining for 4
consecutive days,… more than 120 millimeters is expected until tomorrow. The central region including the capital will
receive up to 40 millimeters of precipitation. The rainy day will lower the mercury a few
more notches through the night,… Seoul kicking off at 22 degrees Celsius, and
pretty much similar elsewhere. Our daily highs will be on the cooler side
as well. Seoul, Daejeon and Daegu topping out to 28
degrees, Busan 25 and Jeju at 26 degrees. After the rain, a mild weekend is in the forecast,…
so it will be nice to plan an outing. But keep in mind and carry an extra piece
of clothing to keep you warm throughout the evening. Next week, the southern regions are expected
to receive another round of long-awaited autumn rain. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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