Heavy rain warning issued for Seoul and surrounding areas

We begin with the heavy downpours drenching
the nation… Heavy rain warnings have been issued for many
parts of the country including Seoul and surrounding areas… as the autumn monsoon front continues
to affect the Peninsula. Korea is also bracing for Typhoon Lingling…
now on its path to hit South Korea this weekend…. packing winds of up to 200 kilometers per
hour. Our Eum Jiyoung has our top story. Heavy downpours have already drenched Seoul
and the surrounding regions. The Korea Meteorological Administration issued
heavy rain warnings as of 4 PM Thursday for many parts of the nation… including Seoul,
Gyeonggi-do, Gangwon-do, Jeolla-do Provinces and Jeju Island. These regions are currently receiving up to
50 millimeters of rain per hour,… accompanied by thunder and lightning. An expert at Kweather, a private Korean weather
agency,… forecasted that heavy rain due to the autumn monsoon front… is likely to
continue until tomorrow morning in the central regions,… including the capital area and
Gangwon-do province. “Heavy rain warnings are issued when more
than 90 millimeters of rain is expected in 3 hours or 180 millimeters of rain is expected
in 12 hours.” What’s more, Typhoon Lingling is expected
to slam into the Korean Peninsula this weekend. Torrential rain and strong winds are expected
to lash Jeju Island… from Saturday morning until Sunday. The storm is then expected to pass through
the capital region,… en-route to Vladivostok, Russia the following day. “The typhoon is expected to pack winds of
up to 35 meters per second as it pass the western sea. This is strong enough to turn over a running
train.” As serious damage is expected, people are
advised to prepare thoroughly to minimize any harm to lives and property. Experts advise securing windows, stay indoors
and taking extra precaution against landslides.

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