Here’s Why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is Worth $38,000

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you why the 2018 Mustang g/t is worth the $38,000 price tag that this
model has, now first and foremost is the engine, it’s a venerable 5 liter v8 but
it’s got some interesting stuff under all this plastic, it has a GDI gasoline
direct injection, I know a lot of people are going to say, all those engines they
build up carbon in the valves, but not this engine because it’s been redesigned,
sure the earlier GDI engines and most manufacturers, the intake valves would
carbon up because the PCV valve all that air and oil mixture would get on the
intake valves, and they would carbon up over time, because there was no fuel
coming in to clean them like in an old car, like my old Celica, the fuel
injectors are on the intake manifold, so when they spray gas, they spray gas in
the intake, it get sucked in over the intake valves, which cleans them and keeps
carbon from building up, so the older-style GDI’s they just spray gas
directly into the combustion chamber and the intake valves who get clogged up
with carbon, which was a real mess, but not in this Mustang, when you take this
beauty cover off, you can see that Ford has figured that problem out, what
they’ve done is they put regular fuel injectors eight of them on the intake to
spray gas on the intake valve, then deep inside the engine they have eight GDI
injectors for the gasoline direct injection system, so what you have here
is a combo, to keep the valve from getting carboned up, sometimes the fuel injectors
on the intakes spray to clean them up and then when you need the best power
and gas mileage, it uses the GDI injectors, all run by computers, so you
end up getting the best gas mileage, the best power, and the cleanest engine all
rolled into one, or I should say all rolled up into 460 horsepower, now this
model has the optional 10 speed automatic transmission, and you might say
automatic transmission in a Mustang ahh, well if you have a road tested one of
these you’d stop saying ahhh, this baby is computer-controlled,
and its various mode you can set on it and even though you might think you
really know how to drive a stick-shift, the computer that runs
thing, if you put it in track mode, it is going to shift and drive a lot faster
than you can, the computer is much faster and smarter than you are, but if you
don’t think this automatic has power check this out, if you don’t believe me, look
it’s got paddle shifters, minus on this side and plus on this side, so you can shift
it yourself if you feel like trying to beat the computer, me I just use the drive mode, normal, sport +, track, that’s only for the track,
it’s even got a drag strip mode for doing burnouts, and the snow wet in case
it’s snowing or raining, so you can drive normal as fast as you want, and realize
that in a normal mode, it has three overdrive gears, so it’s going to get
decent gas mileage I drove this thing on the highway going to speed limit 65, and it
got like 24 miles a gallon, which for a 460 horsepower engine is decent gas
mileage, and it’s got a nice pony interior, hey my wife usually doesn’t
like sports cars, but we took the drive down to Galveston, she loved these comfy
seats, she said they were one of the most comfortable seats she’s ever had in a
car, it’s been updated look it’s got independent suspension now, and CV driveshafts,
and some of the purists are going to say, oh I want that solid rear axle, Hey
once you’ve driven one of these they handle better, the computers control the
drive better, it really is a better system, sometimes it’s good to get out of
the dinosaur ages now that’s a classic Mustang sound on
this one, but there are available other engines and other models that have what
are flat cranks like a Ferrari and they make an even more aggressive
sound, but this is the classic sound and I like the classic sound, hey they make a
really good sound, they’re loud but they’re not outrageous, they’re not like
one of those guys in a Porsche or Ferrari where they’re backfiring while
they’re down shifting and just sound like all the racket in the world’s coming
loose, these make a nice throaty sound and it has really good suspension system
that’s also run by computers, say you go to the drag strip mode and you’re doing
a burnout going down the drag strip, it sets it so the suspension goes right
so it doesn’t pull up too high, I was really impressed by how it went on the
track and then how nice it rode on the road, just an all-round car, a car that can
do all things really well, sure you could put a supercharger on it and put more
horsepower and stuff like that, but really, 460 horsepower is quite a bit of
power as it stands, and the looks, hey classic Mustang, nothing is exactly the
same as a Mustang, they always got that little bit of something that the other
cars don’t have, so now you know what you get for $38,000, and if you’re
willing to spend that price, ah odds are your going to be happy,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. I always thought the late 80s early 90s 5.0 with flow master exhaust was the the best ever sounding ever heard they just had a sound all their own they even had better sound than a Lamborghini.

  3. This is a very nice stang but I like the styling of my black 2009 GT 45 Anniversary Edition better just something bout that retro look and 10 years later she still gets looks every time I take her for a spin👍

  4. Just don't get in a smash with one. Under engineered death traps. Originally this version only had a 2* Ncap rating. Eventually they added a couple of safety features and it went up to 3* – 3/5 wouldn't fill me with confidence driving one.

  5. You know that good feeling when you love a car soo much and find out that scotty didn't tell you for the 9 million time
    "go buy a toyota" instead he said it's quite nice
    dam that feels great

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