HI2020 edge pH EC DO meter overview

Hanna instruments is proud to introduce the
world’s most innovative pH meter edge edge measures pH conductivity and dissolved oxygen
through it’s unique digital electrodes these digital electrodes are auto
recognized providing center type calibration data and serial number they
connect to edge with an easy to plug in three and a half a millimeter connector
edge is incredibly thin and lightweight measuring a half-inch thick weighing only
8.8 ounces edge features a 5.5 inch LCD display they can clearly be viewed
from over five meters away and a capacitive touch keypad to get a
distinctive modern look its bench at cradle is equipped with an adjustable swivel
electrode holder to charge in Hold edge securely in place at the optimum viewing angle it has two
USB ports one standard USB for exporting data with
the flash drive and one micro USB port for connecting to
a computer file export and for charging your edge when the cradle is not available edge is available in three
configurations pH EC and DO along with the edge each kit comes with it respective
electrode a benchtop docking station with electrode holder a wall mount cradle a USB cable a power adapter and instruction manual for more information please visit us at
our website www.hannainst.com

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