HI98107 & HI98108 pHep Line of Handheld – Waterproof  pH Meters

In 1986 The pHep family of pocket meters revolutionized
pH measurement by providing millions of users access to an affordable and easy to use pH
meter. In this video we will introduce you to our
latest generation of testers. Our two most popular meters in the pHep family
have been redesigned. They are:
HI98107 HI98108 Both meters operate in the same fashion with
the only difference being the resolution, The pHep meters are designed with accuracy
and simplicity in mind. Starting with a slim ergonomic design that
fits comfortably in your hand and a high contrast large display that is easy to read. The daily operation of the meter has been
simplified to just two buttons. One is for turning the meter on and off while
the other is used to enter the calibration mode. There is a third button in the battery compartment
that allows the user to choose the displayed temperature unit and adjust the automatic
shut-off time. Looking at the sensor portion of the meter
the pH electrode, temperature probe and cloth reference junction can be seen. The cloth reference junction is extractable
when there is a stability issue with the readings the junction is pulled 1/8” from the meter
to expose a fresh surface. The extractable cloth junction offers a great
benefit in extending the life of the pH electrode. The exposed temperature probe of the pHeps
provide for a rapid temperature measurement in order to compensate for any temperature
variations in the calibration buffers or samples being measured. This is absolutely necessary to achieve a
high accuracy reading especially with samples at the extremes of temperature and pH. To operate the meters simply press the left
on/off button to turn on. All the LCD segments are displayed then the
battery % level is displayed, notifying the user of the remaining battery life. In operation mode the following can be seen:
Instability indicator that disappears when a steady reading is obtained
pH reading Temperature readout
And if calibrated, calibration tags showing which pH points have been calibrated To calibrate the meter press the ‘CAL’
button while the meter is on to enter calibration mode. For two-point calibration, the meter will
prompt for the pH 7.01 buffer. Once the buffer is automatically recognized
the buffer will be updated and REC will be displayed and the meter will then display
pH 4.01 For single-point calibration, press CAL Key
to exit SAVE is displayed and the meter returns to measurement mode. If needed, the default settings for temperature
unit displayed and automatic shut off can be adjusted. With the meter turned on and the battery cover
removed a microswitch inside the battery compartment is pressed to enter the setup mode. The first setting displayed is the selection
for temperature unit. At default the TEMP measurement unit is °C.
Pressing the CAL button changes the displayed unit to oF. Pressing the CAL button again changes it back
to °C. Pressing the ON/ OFF button moves to the next
setup option, which is for automatic shut-off. The default setting is for 8 minutes. Pressing the CAL button cycles through to
60 minutes then disabled and finally back to 8 minutes. Pressing the ON/ OFF button again exits the
setup mode and the meter is back in measurement mode. We hope you have enjoyed this product video
and for more information please contact us at 877MYHANNA or visit us at hannainst.com.

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  1. I pulled the junction out about an 8th of an inch and the plastic /rubber stopper that holds it in place got pushed all the way inside,I am unable to get it out so I left the junction out about an 8th as recommended but had to use a modified pencil eraser to hold the junction strip in place,,I don't know how it will work until I get it re-calibrated,any thoughts on the pencil eraser effecting the way it will work or not?

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