HI98193 Waterproof Portable Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter

The HI98193 is part of Hanna Instruments line of portable meters and is used in the measurement of dissolved oxygen, bio chemical oxygen demand, oxygen uptake rate, and specific oxygen uptake rate. This user friendly, ergonomic, waterproof
meter is built to withstand the harshest of environments while maintaining bench top level performance. The meter features a large, back lit dot matrix display and dedicated keys for calibration set up, GLP data, and contextual help. Logging data is made easy with the simple press of a button. These logged measurements can be transferred to a PC using the supplied Windows compatible software and USB cable. The HI98193 comes packaged in a rugged, heavy duty carrying case, that is thermoformed to secure the necessary components for routine measurements. In each case, along with your meter and probe, the following materials are supplied. Two membrane caps, two component zero oxygen solutions, one bottle of electrolyte solution, two plastic beakers, four double A batteries, a micro USBCable, Windows compatible PC software, an instruction manual with quick start guide, and the instrument quality certificate. The portable meter also comes with the HI76403 polarographic DO probe with integrated temperature sensor and protective shield. The probe connects to the meter through a single cable with the waterproof quick connect DIN connector. The HI98193 has a dissolved oxygen range from zero to fifty mg per liter and an accuracy of one point five percent and resolution of
point zero one mg per liter. Measurement modes of DO in mg per liter and percent saturation can be switched with the push of a button. Measurement options such as the set up parameters for performing a BOD, OUR, or SOUR test, can be fully customized through the set up menu. Dissolved Oxygen measurements are effected by a variety of external factors, including temperature, pressure, and salinity. The H98193 allows the user to automatically compensate for these factors starting with the use of the integrated temperature sensor on the probe. The meter itself features an internal barometer which permits the user
to automatically compensate for pressure. Furthermore, the salinity of the sample can be input by the user in order to enable salinity compensation. Pressing the dedicated CAL button allows users to enter automatic calibration. Calibration can be performed for dissolved oxygen up to two points at zero percent and one hundred percent saturation. The integrated temperature and pressure sensors can also be calibrated. Calibration data is stored upon exiting and can be reviews by pressing the GLP button. The GLP data includes the last calibration date, standards that were
used, salinity, pressure, temperature, time, and days to expiration if enabled. To switch between DO, BOD, OUR, and SOUR modes, simply press the range button while in measurement mode. A reading can be logged by pressing the virtual log key. Stored data is easily recalled by pressing the recall button. The HI98193 can store up to four hundred measurement readings. The HI98193 is an excellent choice for the customer that is looking for a rugged, waterproof meter that encompasses the features of bench top instrumentation with the convenience of a portable meter. For more information about this or any of
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