Hirose U.FL Series Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

Hirose offers their UFL series of ultra-small,
surface-mount coaxial connectors that are widely accepted as a standard in the industry. This connector series features a nominal mated
height of 2.5 millimeters maximum and has a small mounting area of 3 millimeters by
3.1 millimeters. In order to meet the frequency requirements
of a wide variety of miniature devices, the connectors offer high-frequency performance
from DC to 6 gigahertz. Their characteristic impedance is 50 ohms. These connectors are packaged on tape-and-reel,
and the receptacles can be placed with vacuum nozzles of the automatic-placement equipment. Ideal applications include smart phones, wireless
communication devices, electronic measuring instruments, GPS, Bluetooth, and any other
application that requires high-frequency transmission using small coaxial connectors.

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