Hollywood’s Most Secretive Religious Relic: E-Meter Testing

ROCCO CASTORO: So we bought
this E-Meter– it’s a Mark VII, I believe. We got it just because you’re
not supposed to have these unless you’re a member of a
certain organization that’s responsible for their creation,
courtesy of Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing. I’ve always wanted one of these
just because they’re kind of goofy. And they supposedly will tell
you certain information about your spiritual being. And if you’ve rid yourself of
past spiritual experiences that were negative, and how
whole of a person you are. The Hubbard Electrometer, more
commonly known as the E-Meter, is a “religious artifact” used
to measure the state of electrical characteristics
in the static field surrounding the body. E-Meters operate in a similar
fashion to lie detectors. Relying on a type of electrical
circuit called a Wheatstone Bridge, which
measures the subject’s galvanic skin response. In short, the device produces a
small electrical current and measures the subject’s
electrical resistance to that current. Wilbert? WILBERT: Yeah? ROCCO CASTORO: Please
come over and get an E-Meter reading. WILBERT: [INAUDIBLE]. ROCCO CASTORO: Pick them
up again, take them off the table. OK, if it rises, the dial moves
to the left, that means that you’re non-confrontational,
your fear or responsibility or identification is coming through. If it moves to the right, that
means you’ve got losses, lies, present time problems, and a
disagreement with reality. OK, so it moves to the right,
which it’s doing, I think Wilbert’s got a disagreement
with reality. Considering that Wilbert was
spiritually void, I decided that a wider group of test
subjects was needed. And headed out to Union Square,
where I told people whether or not they were
good individuals. This is a sign we made
before we came. I just want to make sure people
know we’re not “those” guys, if that makes sense. I’m winking. You can’t see it under
my sunglasses. Now, don’t tell anyone, but
we’ve commandeered some public electricity from
the park here. We don’t know if we’re
going to get fined or arrested for that. Hopefully we at least get a few
meter readings beforehand. Ladies, would you be liking
a free E-Meter reading? Would you like to have a
free E-Meter reading? Ma’am, would you like a
free E-Meter reading? Come get your E-Meter
readings. E-Meter readings right here. This is so fucking silly. Get your E-Meter readings! Hi. FEMALE SPEAKER: Hi. ROCCO CASTORO: Are you
interested in E-Meters? You’re just going to grip these
as so, very lightly. Oh, wow. You got some energy. If you could transport to a time
period, any time period throughout history, and off
the top of your head, what would it be? FEMALE SPEAKER: Harlem
Renaissance. MALE SPEAKER: 1930. ROCCO CASTORO: So dinosaurs,
you said? FEMALE SPEAKER: Dinosaurs,
have said 1950. ROCCO CASTORO: Why 1950? MALE SPEAKER: Well, I
guess I like retro. I’ve developed more of a sense
for vintage things since I’ve seen all these hipsters. ROCCO CASTORO: Is that right? From antiquity, basically. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. And it just feels familiar. ROCCO CASTORO: Do you feel
like you might have been around during that time
in a past life? FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, yeah. ROCCO CASTORO: Yeah? Do you have any inclination of
what you might have done? And you’re falling right now. So it looks like if you were, it
was a traumatic experience of some sort. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, there
was, but I don’t want to get into it. ROCCO CASTORO: It
was bad though? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. ROCCO CASTORO: Do you think that
whatever happened to you then that was a negative
experience has impeded you in this life in some way? FEMALE SPEAKER: Has it affected
decisions I’ve made in this lifetime? Yes. The answer is yes. FEMALE SPEAKER: I thought maybe
these rings were messing it up because you
got me nervous. ROCCO CASTORO: Well, you’re not
supposed to have rings on. But this whole thing’s complete
bullshit anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Like what’s your
favorite color? MALE SPEAKER Red. ROCCO CASTORO: OK. It’s dropping, so that kind of
means you might be lying. What’s your name? ALZEENA: Alzeena. ROCCO CASTORO: Alzeena, OK. And it looks like you’re kind
of lying about that. Are you sure that’s your name? ALZEENA: This might be some BS,
because that is my name. ROCCO CASTORO: OK. So that does show you’re
a good person. FEMALE SPEAKER: Glad
to hear that. Not that I needed proof. ROCCO CASTORO: No, you didn’t. But apparently certain
people believe that this is proof of that. So I’m not sure what
to say about that. FEMALE SPEAKER: Good for them. ROCCO CASTORO: Good
for them, right? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: So now,
am I a good person? ROCCO CASTORO: You’re at 2.56. So would you consider yourself
a good person? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, I do. ROCCO CASTORO: You do? FEMALE SPEAKER: Falling. ROCCO CASTORO: It is falling. Would you consider yourself
a good person? MALE SPEAKER: Yes. ROCCO CASTORO: Let’s say
somebody beats up your mom or your sister. You have a chance to send the
guy to jail, or you can kick the shit out of him
for an hour and then send him to jail. Which would you rather do? MALE SPEAKER: I’ll
send him to jail. ROCCO CASTORO: Oh, look! He’s fucking lying! MALE SPEAKER: Nice. ROCCO CASTORO: I think
we’ve got a good fix on your moral character. The majority of the subjects I
tested seemed to believe my E-Meter readings wholeheartedly,
which makes me think that true auditors
are full of shit. So, oh wow, you’re
really just– FEMALE SPEAKER: What
does that mean? Is that bad? ROCCO CASTORO: It’s
kind of bad. FEMALE SPEAKER: So what
does that mean? ROCCO CASTORO: I don’t know. FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you
mean you don’t know? ROCCO CASTORO: I don’t know
what any of this means. I’m just making it
up, kind of. How old are you? FEMALE SPEAKER: 30. ROCCO CASTORO: 30, OK. Oh, you’re telling the truth. Oh, maybe not. Maybe something bad
happened to you. FEMALE SPEAKER: I was probably
a heroin addict. ROCCO CASTORO: It seems like
you’re pretty at peace with yourself, and there are
no evil engrams eating away at your soul. FEMALE SPEAKER: Really? ROCCO CASTORO: Yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh. So I would have thought
the opposite.

100 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Most Secretive Religious Relic: E-Meter Testing

  1. preconception, unprofessionalism, spreading unconfirmed "facts", invalidations of individuals… SP 🙂 
    As by your own definition: "full of shit". Most likely due to ignorance and fears. 

  2. Wish they would take this E-meter to one of those guys that picks it apart and looks at all the components and how it's put together, just like Mighty Car Mods did with that PnP ECU thing.

  3. LOL There is always a population of people that will get sucked into this stuff 🙂 Anything that looks kind of technical and scientific and you sound like someone who knows what they are doing, you will catch fish.

    This is why these cults work, they throw a wide net, and your bound to catch some dolphins.

  4. I don't know if the thing works, but for Vice to put a guy out there that has no clue as to what he is doing with it is beyond irresponsible. But this is Vice.

  5. that stolen ohmmeter looks like it was taken from toys r us, but it makes wads of cash from the gullible. here's their glossier latest model to prove it.. apple fans-stay jealous..

  6. Scientology has been ruined by Miscaivage. He should be overthrown if there is to be any hope of this "church" regaining any moral authority

  7. black guy wants to go to the 30's…. somebody needs to look up the years the civil rights movement went on

  8. I can actually see a value in this device as it measures electrical resistance triggered by conscious thought, but how concisely is it used in regards to the Church of Scientology? Clearly its incapable of revealing a truth or a lie.

  9. If you go to their youtube page you'll notice on every video they censor negative comments of any kind and only leave positive ones.

  10. when the needle falls doesn't mean he is lying, that mean he has released energy from that thought, so the thought was true otherwise it would not have fallen, it also means no resistance because is not hiding anything so is true, that is how I understood it, when I read the books about the emeter. am I wrong?

  11. why not stick your hand in a coffee cup and dance around with a roll of paper towels hanging from your butt cheeks? You will get the same effect.

  12. I fuckin hate scientology with a passion. How can the members fall for that bullshit? (PLEASE LOOK IT UP WHAT THEY BELIEVE, we studied the south park episode in class, they said to avoid getting sued, they had to be 100% accurate )
    And come on. L. Ron Hubbard was a fuckin science-fiction writer when he made up the Scientology bullshit. So its OBVIOUSLY FAKE. GOSH

  13. Only in America someone would believe in this and actually pay for it… But then again I don't see the the difference between Scientology, Christian, Muslim, and one hundred more religions or sects which exists right now. All of them are completely nonsense the only difference is that they are free in Scientology you have to pay so double dumb people I would say.

  14. I am Scientology, take this down you goddamn supresive Psychlos. This shit is an blasephemy of all that is theta and tone 40. Take your aberration and your Q&A and knock it off!

  15. «If you could transport yourself to any time period, what would it be?»
    I would like to see that bitch running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I bet that would change her mind.

  16. I startled when i thought i heard the e-meter device honking, but it appeared to be an obnoxious saxophone (or car horn) that the maker found necessary to dub over.

  17. Hey guys were there any OSA agents standing off on the side or in the distance watching that they didn't think to look for and capture on camera? lol

  18. Ok…so I could stand with a scalpel in public with a sign that says "FREE SURGERY!!!" And if anyone is dumb enough to volunteer and I fuck up and they die…what can I say "LOL scalpels are clearly bullshit" The E-Meter is a TOOL that may only be properly used by trained auditors for dianetics, and later, OT purposes. Scientology WORKS.

  19. Dear Scientologist, I am currently Doing auditing. If you want to reach the highest level of the church. Contact me. for a small fee of 500,000 Us. Dollars. I will talk to you. For another 500,000 i will help you achive your goal of being the best and highest level of scientology. Only Scientologist need to contact me. I accept Money orders. Cashiers check. Money transfer. Remember a contrabution of 500,000 Dollars is required for me to speak to you…

  20. What the hell was this? When I click on a Vice story, I usually learn something. I was hoping to see how the E-Meter was used by the Church of Scientology for real. What I got was just you goofing around with people while mocking the whole process.
    What was the point?

  21. Usually Vice does some pretty good stuff, but I learned absolutely nothing from this except that the "journalist" thinks it's silly and a fraud. Look, I'm no scientologist, but this proved nothing one way or the other. What would be nice is having Marty Rathbun, who left Scientology and who Vice did an interview with, talk about the emeter and break it down. He was supposedly one of the best auditors there was in that organization. I'd love to hear his take on it.

    Otherwise, making snarky videos with obvious bias and your conclusion made before any real investigation doesn't make for very good INVESTIGATIVE journalism.

  22. seriously I'd like to know how I go about purchasing one of these as a display piece. bust it out at parties

  23. I've been reading lots about Scientology, this is the first negative thing I have seen. it is making me question my newly found beliefs and I don't like it!

  24. So if someone who doesn't know anything about wrenches sticks one in his ear, that means wrenches are a fraud.

  25. 2: scientology = is clear you watch in mirror, you seeing rescue hero deception scammer, clear diagnose you are depressioned , cash in cash give money to us , we gone clear you tested & save you ! Cash in ! Easy sum dude!

  26. I don't care what claims are made about the E-Meter, least of all from Hubbard and Miscavige. The e-meter is a common ohmmeter of the kind that is used by electricians to test resistance in a wire. You could also call it a biofeedback device.
    I have owned and used ohmmeters and biofeedback machines and I can testify the swinging needle on these devices does not reveal thoughts or the hidden secrets of your imaginary "soul". The E-Meter is an electronic toy used by Hubbard and Miscavige to rob people by convincing them the magic needle can detect space aliens trapped inside your body. The space aliens are imaginary so you must first create them and then ask them to leave so they no longer block access your godlike powers. The resistance meters cost $400 and Miscavige charges $4000. Better get two in case one stops working!
    Check with the OT8's and see how many of them have control over MEST (matter, energy, space & time).
    Kirstie Alley just made OT8 so now she can control the people around her and transport herself like a beam of light!
    Stay tuned.

  27. Would be more efficient to simply disassemble the shit and actually verify WHAT it is… Probably some random circuit that randomly moves a thing.

  28. The E meter is just a basic ohmmeter . The body resistance will vary with perspiration, pulse and pulse. The clip leads provide a poor connection that with movement will create a small galvanic change in current. If the leads were more permanently attached as if soldered the current would be a steady constant measurement. The interpretation is pure BS, just like Scientology.

  29. It is b.s but you contradicted yourself saying if it goes to the right you are in disagreement with reality, while telling people on the street if it goes left they are in disagreement with reality

  30. It is nothing but a ohm meter. Harbor freight has coupons for free E-meters every month, why does scientology charge 5k for something harbor freight gives away.

  31. scientologys so cool, realy blows your mind, its quite an adventure down the rabbit hole, a real red pill religion, check out independent scientology

  32. How can anyone actually beleive that your video proves anything. Note, it may be complete bullshit but this video does nothing to prove that. All you are doing is making fun of scientology, this isn't journalism. Down vote.

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