Honda Jazz – Which? review

few cars get such unanimous price but can
you guess which cars it is? It is of course the one only Honda Jazz.This is the assign
model which incorporates some hot styling features like the body kit, tinted windows
and bigger wheels. Two petrol engines power the entire conventional Jazz line. up with
a 1.2 or a 1.4 like this one. There’s also a 1.3-liter Jazz hybrid which
launched in 2011. Like the music, the Jazz is all about smoothness. This 1.4 petrol engine
feels nicely refined, and it actually makes the Jazz feel like a bit bigger car than it
is. Our only small issue with it is it feels a little bit under powered at lower revs. it’s pretty quiet, even at motor way speeds,
there is some wind noise but that’s not surprising with a boxy car like this. the 1.2 is only
10 brake horsepower down on the 1.4 but noticeably more frustrating to drive so we’d recommend
going for the bigger engine.This five speed manual gear box feels slick. and pleasent to use. The one area that was
marked for improvement on the much loved first generation Jazz was the harsh ride. Now, this
has been bettered, but it’s still not as plush as the Ford Fiesta. is tuned for town, so
it’s light but lacking feedback. However, it’s very easy to use at all speeds and in
all environments. braking field is good although in our controlled
test stopping from 62 miles/hour It took the Jazz 40 meters to come to a complete standstill.
That’s not as good as some rivals. so you like how the Jazz drives so lets find out
what it’s like to live with day in, day out. getting in and out should be a doddle for
anyone. It’s got this high roofline, the door apertures
are nice and wide and the doors open to almost 90 degrees. Once seated, it, you’ll notice
this cushioning is quite firm, but not at all uncomfortable. All the main controls are
simple to use, and with an easy reach. Our only gripe is that the glovebox is unlit. Cabin space feels incredibly roomy for such
a small car. You really feel like you can to spread out and relax. In the back there
is plenty of room for two adults, or up to 3 children, and these large windows and the
function of having a panoramic sun roof only increase this roomy feel. Load lugging and
storage is where the Jazz makes most of its friends [xx]70 liters of space and when you
fold the rear seats down this expands to 850 liters. then there’s also Honda’s magic seat system.
Now this allows you to lift the rear seats like this and it gives you the option of storing
taller objects. like a bicycle or a potted plant. While the Jazz is competitively priced,
the least expensive models aren’t particularly well equipped. The basic S trim level has
air con as an optional extra and alloy wheels and parking sensors aren’t even available
on this spec. Car tax isn’t as low as some of the supermini
competition. The 1.2 and 1.4 cost 100 pounds annually, and the hybrid doesn’t even get
under the magic 100-grams-per-kilometer banner, so it will cost you 20 pounds a year. Fuel efficiency is acceptable, but not as
good as Honda’s suggesting. This 1.4 petrol engine fell 10 miles to the gallon short of
the claimed figure in our test. The hybrid performs better, and our tested
60.9-mpg figure is only a smidge of Honda’s claims. But the Jazz won’t cost you a lot in repair
bills. In fact, it’s got a glowing reliability report in our latest Which Car survey. To
find out all the results, click on the link below. It’s easy to see why the Jazz gets
such a high recommendation from owners. it’s good to drive, spacious, and more versatile
than some cars twice its size. If you are looking for a super-mini, small
MPV or family size hatchback you should really think about the Jazz. All of these owners
can’t be wrong.

13 thoughts on “Honda Jazz – Which? review

  1. In terms of practicality it wins hands down, the magic seats does folds down and I actually could sleep on it, I think it even can compare to cars like golf boot size.reliability is top notch as well as depreciation. Only thing to complain is the cabin refinement and ride quality. Like all Japanese small car you get blown away on motorway and you get lots of wind and road noise. A polo or fiesta do better on that!

  2. Yes the Ford Fiesta I have one, its great not without fault I find the handling isn't as good as my old Focus, a bit of body roll.
    However I can see why its the UK's biggest selling car.
    Hondas are generally good cars, but styling wise they always seem to date quickly.

  3. The Jazz is old, if the new Accord is any indication the new one will again be far better than any blue oval sub-reliable

  4. Now why did they go change a perfect looking car for the Western market for? Looks so much better than USDM Fit.

  5. It feels as you say under powered at low revs because it's an i-vtec engine. it's in eco mode until you rev it past 5'000 revs. Single cam i-vtec's don't produce much power at low revs in any stock version.

  6. I dont get the obsession with everyone saying lack of power, I'm not a racing driver and I can only got the speed limit. Its a decent reliable practical car. What's it was built for.

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