HONDA SHOWDOWN — 2019 Honda Civic vs. 2019 Honda Accord: Comparison

Honda sedans are leaders in their respective classes not just on sales but also in technology driving dynamics and pricing but say you’ve already Decided you want a Honda sedan. You still have two excellent options the Honda Civic and Honda Accord While they’re obviously not in the same class or even the same size The Civic is definitely good enough to make you think is it really worth the extra money to upgrade to Accord So to answer that question We’re going to compare them point by point to find out once and for all if the Accord is truly superior For this comparison we chose both models to be equipped in the highest value trim called sport This trim gives some of the high-end styling and equipment from the top-of-the-line ups But brings it down to a lower price point for the mainstream crowd Starting with the Civic Sport is a new trend for 2019 positioned between the LX and the e X. It starts out at 20 1950 dollars and since Honda’s never have any options. All we have to add in is the 895 destination charge With that factored in the total is a very reasonable twenty two thousand eight hundred forty five dollars Moving to Accord, of course It does carry a higher starting price in this case an equivalent sport trim will start at twenty six thousand one hundred eighty dollars Destination for the Accord is also eight hundred ninety five dollars. So it’s total rings in at just a touch over 27 grand That puts our price difference between the civic sport and a court sport at four thousand two hundred thirty dollars Which is a pretty significant amount of money for the average consumer Therefore to represent this the Civic will receive 1 point per one thousand dollars of price difference or four points to start So with all that said let’s go ahead and see if the Accord offers enough to overcome the price difference Starting out under the hood indeed the Accord already offers an advantage While the civic sport comes with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine the Accord has Honda’s newer and more powerful 1.5 liter turbo 4-cylinder this produces a pretty large power difference between them at 158 horsepower versus 192 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque versus 192 pounds of torque However for the transmissions, they both have CVTs putting power to the front wheels only Now as far as driving dynamics, both are very pleasant to drive and near the top of their respective classes As you would expect power is definitely better in the Accord and it also delivers it in a much quieter manner Both of their CVTs are tuned very well So you won’t feel any of that rubberband feel or hear any of that annoying drone that’s common for a lot of the rivals But what I’m most impressed about of all the things is the extremely button down in agile feel of both of these two chassés They certainly represent the sportier side of the class, but without sacrificing ride quality The only other notable difference between the two is the quieter cabin and the Accord So overall the Accord does have the more refined driving dynamics finally the Civic does come out on top for fuel economy at 32 combined versus thirty-one combined but that is below a five percent difference so it won’t receive a point Anyways, now that we have that stuff out of the way, let’s move on to the updated exteriors and features The first thing I like to start out with is the overall styling which is a lot more different than you would think for two siblings Beginning with the Civic its grill has been refreshed for 2019 to be completely black no matter what exterior color This gives it a really mean look especially when paired with a black exterior The grill on the Accord is distinctly different with a really large opening that goes all the way to the bottom It uses a darkened chrome for the sport instead of full black. So it does look a little less sporty than the Civic that said, however the headlights on the Accord are definitely more premium since they are LED instead of regular halogens on the Civic and the same also goes for the fog lights as Far as the rest of the styling is concerned both look pretty athletic for their classes But some elements of the Accord seem kind of forced like the tail lights that don’t blend into the body as well as they do on the Civic Overall, the Civic just has a more cohesive design Now we’ll start working our way around the cars and check out all the features Starting up front Both models actually give you the larger wheels straight from the highest trim 18 inches on civic and 19 inches on the Accord and Then for the mirrors neither model has heating or any kind of blind spot monitoring since that will require at least the EX However, that said both models do come standard with pretty much every other kind of safety system available included within the standard Honda sensing suite or emergency pre-collision braking Lane Keeping Assist Automatic high-beam headlights and adaptive cruise control Those are very impressive systems to have standard on vehicles that are in the $20,000 range and Then to finish things off on the outside. We have the fuel ranges Accord has a 14 point 8 gallon tank while Civic has a couple gallons less at twelve point four gallons That doesn’t mean that the Accord wins here for fuel range since its fuel economy is very similar to the Civic the actual numbers are 459 miles for the court and 397 miles for the Civic Well that wraps up everything on the outside, so now let’s go ahead and move on to the interiors and see how they stack up Now just getting into the interiors There are already important differences somewhat surprisingly The cheaper Civic actually has both smart entry and remote start which are missing from the Accord But once inside things get more similar since you’ll notice that both sport trims are only available with black Interiors and the seats are mostly cloth but trimmed and leatherette on the outside edges However, the adjustability is very different with the Accord having 12 white power seats versus only six way manual seats On the Civic and it is worth noting that they both have the same front legroom measurement Once inside I have to say both look quite nice considering their modest price tags Interestingly the materials are pretty much the same in both With soft touch plastic across all the upper areas and then some faux carbon fiber trim or black trim through the middle part The lower areas are hard touch, but they fit together in a way. That doesn’t feel cheap at all The tiebreaker here though is the door trim where the Accord has more leather and soft touch materials to rest your arm on For both press the button to start When you do an eight inch display will fire up on the Accord and a seven-inch one on the Civic And then coming back to the gauges while their designs look very different they’re both premium digital setups with a lot of different functions They both also have leather wrap steering wheels with manual adjustability and paddle shifters on the backside Now moving on to the important subject of storage you’d think heavy Accord would easily defeat the seven, but you’d be wrong Both have absolutely massive center consoles for sedans However, the Civic does have to use this area partially for cupholders while the Accord has dedicated ones However up in the front the Civic has not one but two large storage bins, which exceeds that of the Accord Overall, I’d have to call this area a draw Checking out your shifters here. They’re both conditional ones that are easy to use When you go into reverse, you will find multi view backup cameras with active trajectory However, the Accord does have a noticeably better resolution quality Moving on up to the climate they both actually have automatic climate setups even on these lower end trims However, you will find on the Civic it’s single zone and on the Accord, it’s dual zone plus the Accord has much more intuitive controls Neither of these models will have heated seats on these trips Now coming back here to the screens as you can tell besides for the different sizes they also have different software The Civic is still running the old hondalink system Which definitely feels a lot less responsive and intuitive plus the graphics in general lack the classy look of the court It is worth noting though that no matter what both models do support apple carplay and android auto if you prefer those systems and Then wrapping up the cabins neither model offers a moonroof until you get to the EX trim But overall both are fantastic places to spend time and they have features which far outstrip their modest price tags Now moving into the back just like a lot of areas both civic and Accord have some of the most spacious back seats in their respective classes obviously the Accord does have more space at 40.4 inches of legroom and 37.3 inches of headroom But the Civic isn’t too far behind at 37 point 4 inches of legroom and 37 point one inches of headroom Once we get into the back seats There aren’t a great deal of amenities and either but the Accord does have a storage area where vents would be on the upper trim and it also has a center armrest that the Civic is lacking The other important space in the rear is the trunk where the two looked very similar The Accord does have a little bit of extra width which allows it to outdo the Civic at sixteen point four cubic feet of space versus fifteen point one cubic feet of space In both cars, you will find that the rear seats can fold 60/40 split So there you have it the Accord slightly edges out the Civic despite the price disadvantage But I’m sure as you can tell by now, the Civic is neck and neck with the Accord in most respects If you are thinking about either of these two, excellent products, then we highly recommend checking out the other one as well in person Anyways, thanks for joining us on another car confections face off comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature Full Review videos. Take care!

100 thoughts on “HONDA SHOWDOWN — 2019 Honda Civic vs. 2019 Honda Accord: Comparison

  1. Accord has 2.0 sport that isn’t EX; unless I am mistaken. It has blind spot, moonroof option, 10 speed automatic and auto start if you purchase key separately. Important to note for anyone with a 2018 accord: any model you can purchase ex/lx key with auto start and have Honda program key andnget free autostart upgrade for your accord as well.

  2. what do you get if you compare an Accord with a similar priced Civic? Civic Touring v Accord Sport? Civic Si v Accord Sport?

  3. Newsflash…Remote start is NOT missing from the accord 1.5 sport…All you need is the remote fob programmed to the car, and voila…Remote start activated

  4. Led-headlights are not always better than basics. Basic halogen lamps are cheaper and easier to maintance or replace…

  5. Wow honda city which is a cheaper sedan from honda costs more than 23k USD in India you guys are so lucky that pricing are so much more less than what is been sold in here

  6. ??‍♂️ basically, you want to be fancy but can’t afford it, get an accord or if you don’t give a F from here to Sunday and want a functional car go civic, why is that so hard ?

  7. "Accord has more intuitive (dash)."
    Because they listened to our complaints about earlier-released Gen-10 Civics having moronic decisions about burying things behind touchscreens vs real buttons and knobs. Hence the volume knob back in the Civic, among others.

  8. I bet if you spent $27k on both an Accord and a Civic, the outcome of this video would be significantly different. $27k gets you a Civic Touring with even more than the Accord has. You also get the 1.5T motor.

  9. The only thing that will stop me from getting an Accord is the relentless theft of the rims here on the East coast, they will take your rims on all 2018 and 2019 Accord Sport and Touring models, so I guess the Civic or Insight is safe??

  10. I’m 16 and I’m trying to decide which one is better for me. I’m not a big fan of cars who are super powerful with the gas. I do however, like cars who look nice on the outside and have advanced systems on the inside.

  11. I feel the Accord didn't just edge out the Civic, it won big. I mean the Civic started at 4 pts because it was less expensive and only got 1.5pts thru the entire comparison. The Accord gained 8 pts in the comparison, so clearly the Accord is better. Nothing wrong with the civic. But I would forget the 1.5T and CVT and get the 2.0T sport. It now becomes an EX trim level and 10 speed auto. Well worth the extra $3-4k and it would still win in this comparison.

  12. The civic hangs with the accord! I raced one last night lmao ? I figured it blow by but nah, just a foot ahead the whole way . Love my civic ?

  13. Love these videos. One suggestion…make it a little more clear when you give points. Sometimes I look down and don’t know why the points changed.

  14. Money wise just get the Civic. Accord's pricing is almost on par of SUVS or Crossovers. Unless you want to go fast then get the Accord.

  15. We just bought a civic ex on Friday and I absolutely LOVE it. We were in a toss up between the accord and civic and went with an ex which has all of the features you mentioned the sport models didn't. Sunroof, heated seats (though still cloth), dual climate control, power driver seat, a camera on the right mirror for lane departure. It's a beaut.

  16. So no one is going to talk about the CVT Transmission but when you go under any Nissan car review that’s all that people comment about how CVT Transmissions are so bad lol people really kill me

  17. I love my 2019 civic sport in a lunar silver metallic..great car to drive and price u can’t beat under 21k I paid for.

  18. Weird thing is that on paper they have the same front seat room. At 6’7” I fit in the Civic but not the Accord. Weird huh!

  19. I'm a tall guy and was about to get a new Accord but my leg was hitting the center console and since it's hard plastic it was a no go for me

  20. I love my 2019 Accord Sport. In Canada, they come with remote start, heated seats, moonroof plus blind spot camera.

  21. between 2019 civic hatchback turbo sport touring vs 2019 accord 2.0t sport, which one would you get? paying $3k more for the accord worth it?

  22. 6MT LX Honda Civic HB ,40 MPG
    Blast to drive, drives well in winter, 60k miles/2 years no problems
    All the car you (or anyone) need.

  23. $4000 difference and Accord doesn't have the remote start? failure. you are too generous on the points toward Accord. That auto start should be a +3 for civic.

  24. I'm surprised the comment section isnt all cvt transmission complaints even though Nissan gets so much shit for it, In the end, both companies make beautiful cars I guess it just depends on a persons personal opinion ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  25. The Accord has that stupid huge tablet glued to the dashboard. That immediately takes it off the table.

  26. I want to know your opinion on this matter. Right now, my dealership is offering the civic sport for 20k and the accord sport for a little over 3k. I honestly could not conclude if I should go for the accord or the civic with having that kind of price difference. I do think the amenities that are missing on the accord are somewhat of a deal breaker but the interior space, quietness, size and overall look does make convincing. I just don't know if it would be worth the 3k premium for having some of those other features lacking in it.

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