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Hello HI anna, How are you?
Whats up? How’s your life? No ma, I dont want Life Insurance again Ayyo anna, it’s Vicky’s wife Krithika talking Oh, tell me ma Nothing, Vicky’s birthday is coming up No problem, tell me when and where treat, I will be there Ayo, you need not come and all We have arranged a small get together within our family OK What should I do? Record a selfie video of you wishing Vicky for his birthday and send it! Ok ma
– Anna ask your friends to talk jolly ah and casual ah Ask them to freely speak their minds The video should be nice and whacky Whacky only no? Will be done! Hi da Happy Birthday Vicky, I wanted to tell you
something last week, I went to Los Angeles I saw your lost angel there It was Pavithra, not Kavita Hi Pavitra how are you she asked She immediately asked a lot about you “Did he get married?” She didnt ask one word about me da.
She even named her kid after you I always used to tell you something remember? Sacrifice will only take you high, it came true see? Praise the lord It’s me Paul Jebamaline, the head of the Red Roses Gang Vicky Jesus blesses you a happy birthday Happy Birthday bro Ei, remember the story you used to say every week in college? orange fruit at 9 o clock That heroine taking a bath Peeling the orange *preaching* *still preaching* *….* * -.- * Bro, Susai Hold this camera Your wife told me its your birthday What is this? What wishes for you? Remember last year’s birthday? You me Priya Maya Anjali Ranjani What fun we had!
Even this year we should celebrate the same way at Dublin But you are married this year It’s ok, do something and come out, lots and lots of love *this guy again* *preach rap* Only if you say it right, chocolate
-Ah ok
Talk Talk Hi pa! Happy Birthday! When are you going to take me and mum to Kishkinta? Come home atleast this weekend pa Bye pa Now give me my chocolate Vicky! Leave aside your birthday wishes First stop sending me these Candy Crush requests! It is such a pain with you Is this the age to play Candy Crush? See even my kid is getting tensed *preaching again* Dei You didn’t come to Maya fdfs right? You missed it I went to Devi for a night show What a response! Who?
-Shankar sir means? Director Shankar uh?! Sir sir tell me sir! Ah sir, thanks a lot sir! Endhiran 2 is it? ok sir ok sir Machan Shankar sir on the phone Bro, then Why am I doing this? Oh yes, Sorry ! Happy Wedding day machi! Hi sir I got a message to send a selfie video for your birthday wrong number only I checked truecaller and found one beautiful girl’s picture Then I figured it was your wife She is awesome sir, pretty I mean, very homely …. Dont have the sense to settle 60,000 rupees what birthday celebration for you? Yella I am your agent first And then only your friend You will come next trip la? I will let you off at Tambaram and go off! Moonjiyum Mogarakkatiyum Sir it’s me, Wrong number Cut the cake? To all husbands and wife who think this is a trend and follow this I will say this Please stop it If birthday, call and keep treat If not What happened to Vicky will happen to you … Who’s birthday next? Oh Deepak uh Hi Deepak, Happy Birthday!

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  1. Boss! Its an amazing talent to capture the comic in a small time frame of 4 min 51 secs… Great creativity!!!, you guys are breaking your own record in creating a new benchmark !!!! But honestly a slight refinement on punches is required else is perfect, Enjoyed the Video, Good Luck and Best wishes to the Team!!! Cheers!!!

  2. Dude that is messed up .Don bring religion into any stupid act … If u wanna troll there are so many topics . this is utter stupidity and irresponsible attitude …

  3. Your past videos are really good but Y in this video U unnecessarily insulted Christian Pastor & their prayers.??
    What happened to You & your Team.???
    Do U have the Guts to do the same with other people beliefs.???

  4. super super super… balaji sir.. ippo mentor aagiteengala.. Rakesh ji u have done a wonderful job and no difference.. same kalaai and that X factor is still there.. wishing you grand success and ill be happy to remember that ive been a subscriber of this channel when it reaches greater heights..

  5. I'm following your page for a long time but after this i'm feeling really ashamed for that.. stupids do you think no other religions have such things if you have guts pls put up a video about this

  6. I'm following your page for a long time but after this i'm feeling really ashamed for that.. stupids do you think no other religions have such things if you have guts pls put up a video about this

  7. I liked all your videos but in this video you should have avoided criticizing a religion and after watching this video I feel ashamed for following your page. my kind request is don't criticize a religion, every religion has a good and bad thing and we people were strongly bonded with it and these kind of videos were hurting us a lot.

  8. Its a good video. I know many are feel offended by this video, but sadly, this is a truth in Madras, and such people are looked as entertainment by others.
    See as a fun. Cool guys.

  9. unsubscribing madras meters! you guys are fools for mocking at a religion! and you'll face the consequences for this very soon!! You cannot hurt religious sentiments!

  10. this is really a disgrace… yes you guys are great but making fun of religion is not okay…. this is terrible… you guys are earning your self some hate because of this… good luck…

  11. You all aren't that smart in criticizing the Christianity. I'm not a fanatic, but I'm suppose to condemn this. I knew for sure nothing is going to change after this comment. But you all will know the truth one day. JESUS, please forgive them.

    "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. Exodus: 20: 7 (Bible Verse)"

  12. I have always enjoyed madras meter… but insulting religion is pretty too much… would u guys make fun of things sacred to you

  13. thevdya ethukkuda cristionsa otura
    un amma una oruthanukku petha muslimsa ottu
    ootha punda
    punda mavane aitem potta punda
    ungathava kooti kudithuttu enda cristionsa paththi thappa pesura
    aambalaiya iruntha muslimsa ootu puda mavane

  14. please don't troll religion. especially Christianity. if you don't know clearly about don't just make fun of it. if you not believing its ok. don't make fun out of it. don't mess up with God.

  15. the video was amazing, but you could have stopped mocking Christianity….😔😓😕


  17. ppl who are getting offended forget that they should stop religious conversions first. be strong bro it's just for fun. tolerance.

  18. Don't troll religion nu inga comment la paathen.

    Where is religion being trolled here ? When everyone can make fun and laugh at this bullshit of Hara Hara Mahadevaki which totally insults Swamis and Gurus. Isnt that insulting Hinduism? Kamal Vivek and much more people have trolled so much. Where were you people when they were trolling ?
    I have many christian friends who take things lightly and you guys all of a sudden realise about your religion is it !!

    There was a huge national debate on tolerance, now the comments below expose on who is really tolerant. Grow up !!

  19. No point mocking a religion down and getting views, if muslims were mocked that would have been a rage by now. If you cant respect the values and beliefs of our religion dont mock the way it is. 🤔👿

  20. insulting religion has become mainstream nowadays. but this video has gone to the extend of insulting the way of a Christian prays. totally wrong guys. nobody has rights to tease or insult an individual's way of praying. messing with a creation then its your business but do not mess with the Creator !!!

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  22. Plz don't involve religions in your videos. Even if u include please don't make fun of it. Don't make any sort of controversy. Don't try to mess with God. It is written in the bible that "Don't use God's name in vain". So I request you to stop creating such sort of problematic situations. This is my humble request to u. Thank you

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