Horizon HD-S2 DVB-S2  general use of a satellite meter.avi

To start the meter, press the ON key, the meter
will load with the previously used satellite position To scroll to an alternative satellite press
LEFT or RIGHT to the desired preset satellite position The initial screen confirms a “S2 – DVB-S2” lock with
RF value and MER, pressing down to the next screen
which centres and magnifies the readings for fine adjustment The next screen is the DER – Derived Error Rate,
showing the equivalent of BER as a Vector
Error rate in Real-Time i.e 5.95*10-4 is 1 error in 59,500 Exit the menu and scroll to the Spectrum Display,
press the RIGHT key to confirm this option The screen display draws the Spectrum quickly
and the text rotates between the Span, RF level,
Frequency at Measurement point Press the down key to increase or decrease the
span of the Spectrum Exit and return to the main menu,
navigate to the Constellation menu Here you can see the typical 8PSK Scatter Constellation
Diagram for this DVB-S2 Modulated Carrier Exit and we will look at the DVB-S carrier
from the DVB-S folder pack
The meter holds up to 4000 positions in 4 folder packs.
All of these can be updated from our website
Free of Charge. Again, scroll to the preset satellite of choice Pressing the DOWN key takes you through the
alignment data, through the magnified
data and then to pre-BER (Bit Error Rate);
2.73*10-5 or 1 error in 273,000 BITS
Notice the “S2” lock icon is not present, as this
is DVB-S transmission only Again exit to the main menu to look at the Spectrum
mode, here we will show you how easily you can
alter the centre frequency by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT keys Returning to the main menu we can look at the
Constellation mode for the DVB-S carrier QPSK,
notice how it differs from 8PSK Now we have looked at the DVB-S2 and DVB-S folders
of pre-set transponders, we will demonstrate how to add
to the CUSTOM folder pack Navigate to the CUSTOMIZE setting Set the Local Oscillator for the LNB.
Add the carrier information with Frequency …Symbol Rate FEC… and we will use an example from the Preset 8PSK values for DVB-S2 Pilots can be ON/OFF or AUTO; these are exclusive to
DVB-S2 carriers and sent alongside the transmission as a guide for the data sent by the broadcaster.
If you are unsure, select AUTO Notice in the top right corner this has created
the “9th” custom file, held on the internal database for
future use and reference The Spectrum, Constellation and other features
are now set to the Custom data entered We will revert to the pre-set DVB-S2 mode The Orientation is an option that offers a suggested
installation angle look-up table for the chosen
satellite and nearest city We will alter the country to the United Kingdom, London Another feature is the LNB DiSEqC switching system There are 16 SMATV Switch commands for DiSEqC installation LNB Drift offers information from the published values
of transponders compared to actual value The LNB Cable test sends both
Current and Tone to check the integrity of the commands from the
testing point to the LNB and back Finally we will activate the “Log All” feature
which saves the data for downloading via a USB
cable to you PC at a later stage

11 thoughts on “Horizon HD-S2 DVB-S2 general use of a satellite meter.avi

  1. Refresh rate on spectrum far too slow.

    it is not possible to input a frequency and simply pan the sky for the spectrum.

    Without the particular settings for a transponder Ie. freq ,S/R,Fec it is not possible to get a lock on the transponder.

    If the transponder is not Dvb no lock will be found.

    It is not possible to obtain a lock on satellites,Hellassat,eutelsat W3a with the frequencies and the correct dish size.

    I have wasted my cash.
    south africa

  2. Why does this meter look almost exactly like a Birdog? Is it the same thing, sold under a different brand? Thanks in advance.


  4. That's why you should let Satellite Oasis distribute your product in the USA! You referred to the Birdog as a generic version of this awesome product. I'm telling you 🙂

  5. can this peak in hughs net gen 4 satillites? i saw a description stating it could. just wondering im a satellite installer. it would come in good use to me if it does that. i work on alot of gen 4 satellite jobs.

  6. I`m in UK, My birdog usb plus has lost the dual display (sat FOUND)but in custom carrier the dual display is working fine
    I tried an upload of SWM dual display from birdog USA and the dual display work fine with their upload but not with European
    uploads from Horizon UK

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