HoRNet VU Meter MK3 overview

Hi I’m Saverio from HoRNet Plugins, today I want to show you our latest plugin the the HoRNet VuMuter MK3 it’s the
third version of our famous VuMeter that is very useful both for recording
and mixing in fact you can use it for monitor your signal while recording
that’s what I’m gonna show you today with this friendly bass and you can use
it while you mix to auto gain stage your tracks and speed up your workflow
from version two so many things have changed the meter is now really
accurate to the pixel so if it says zero VU it’s zero VU and we have improved the autogain algorithm we include a peak protection to prevent your
peaks from exceeding your set value even if doesn’t reach
the VU level you set because since VU it’s a slow integration times-standard you can have peaks that exceed 0 dB FS and peaks and clip
inside your software and to avoid that we introduced this peak protection
that it will never allow any peak to exceed the set value then we kept the
reference that is used to calibrate the VuMeter and we added a complete color wheel to change the color so you can choose the color you want both this two options can be grouped, what does it mean it means that if you have for example a drum bus and you want to
change all the settings of the VuMeter for the bus at once you can
simply puts every instance of your bus inside the same group same group 1 and then you can send the changes you
make here using this button to the whole group all the changes you make here the
whole group so if we want to change the color of the whole group will just turn
on matter and change the color now I’m gonna show you how you can use the
VuMeter for recording and then how you can use it for gain stage before mixing
so let’s try to record something that’s set our levels before we are aiming to
record around zero VU so we don’t overload the converter I’m going to play
some random notes ok it’s definitely to loud turn the volume down and record again ok a little bit more volume we are about here so let’s record
something ok now that we have recorded this track we can playback and see that’s the meter is still working we could auto gain the
track right now but we are going to the auto gain the whole group so we are so we can see how the grouping work so to do that we are recording a new track and record some random notes together
with the other recording ok now we have this two tracks playing together and we want two auto gain stage them the level is set at 0 VU so we group the two VuMeter
instance now they’re both in group one and we engage the gain for the group turning
auto on will make the volume knob here adjust itself so that the maximum peak sits at around the 0 VU When the playback stops auto is automatically disengaged so the levels are not messed around if you happen to play to press play again and if the auto button would be on the computation would start all over again so we see that the other instances has being changes accordingly to the setting to this preset VU level now we could
also change the color of the meter for the whole group let say we wanted to red we change this instance on the audio track number four and it changed on
the other one so as you have seen you can
use the VuMeter while recording to make sure that your signal doesn’t come
into hot inside your software and you can use it while mixing to make sure that
your track are gain staged correctly and do it very quickly so this is HoRNet VuMeter it is available for download on www.hornetplugins.com so thank you for watching, go there download it let us know

26 thoughts on “HoRNet VU Meter MK3 overview

  1. In Reaper there is a "input track fx" that comes before the normal "fx" or vst's that you have, which allows you to have vst's before anything really (I believe). Would you say that this VU meter would be better at the very beginning of the input stage. I'm not sure if the Input fx comes before the gain fader though. Would it make sense to put this plugin in that area in Reaper, or does it make more sense to just put it on the track FX VST section that comes after the tracks normal fader.

  2. I like that you add kinda Star Trek LCARS design. You should continue adding it. btw can you show how the group mode works in Reaper?

  3. Hello, please excuse my ignorance. Why are the meters on the plugin showing a different readout from the ones in Ableton? I was thinking this would be good for like gain staging samples etc. Like before you mix down to make sure a sampled drum sound for instance has a nice volume?

    Thank you

  4. Just wanted to give a balanced review from my experiences.

    The good is that this works as advertised and I've gotten good results. It goes great with the MixFX Console Shaper in Studio One as well as with any inserts modeled after analog gear.

    The downside is that I feel it uses far more CPU per instance than it needs to, particularly after the AUTO is disabled and the gain reduction value has been finalized. — Because at that point, (AUTO off) its not really doing anything more than a stock plugin like the Ableton Utility with it's gain lowered by the same value.

    I really like this plugin, as it does save an enormous amount of time during the gain-staging process. Very useful if I have it inserted over a soft synth timbre with large dynamics, where I can play at the hardest intended velocity while the plugin automatically gain-stages in real-time. — Unfortunately, my projects tend to have a substantial amount of channels with some rather CPU intensive synths and effects like the 2C-B2, and each instance of the VU Meter MK3 raises the CPU meter by an additional 1%

    If I might make a suggestion — If there is anyway to release a more CPU efficient update where the plugin goes into a sort of "Passive Mode" when the AUTO is disabled (and the gain having been set); this would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hello. Thanks for the tutorial. Do you guys have a plugin that helps with balancing a mix? I try to use my ears but my room is not ideal even with treatment. It often leads me to a lot of rework. Thanks.

  6. Hi, when you set the reference level for 0 VU, e.g. -18 dBFS, does this mean the auto gain function will raise or lower the level of the incoming signal so that it is on average around -18dBFS? Also, what is the difference between this plugin and Autogain Pro?

  7. How do you install it on macbook? I bought it and paid for it. But the link gave me zip files and other shit that confused me. I don't know how to even open it and the link expires in like 40 hours. Any ideas? I have a macbook air from 2015.

  8. Hi, man, great video. I wanted to ask you, which plugin would be better used AutoGain Pro, Hornet Mk3 or VU meter 2.1? Thank you

  9. Hi Saviero,

    I have this plugin. Can you explain the function of the the VU section? It seems redundant to me. What is the significance? Why is the option included as it has no effect on auto gain. It always stays the same.


  10. Apologies in advance for what may be a stupid question but if I use the plug in to set good levels prior to bringing in other tools when mixing should i use another instance of the plugin to ensure i'm not clipping later?

  11. Hello guys, just a quick question I've purchased this yesterday and installed into my system, Logic Pro X, I have watched all the videos here too and tried to do my research but I just can't seem to get it to work in Logic Pro, I have inserted as the first in my effects slot, 6 tracks, all grouped to 1, reference set to -18 = 0 VU and tracks to -12db, when I engaged the gain and then auto button I could see the gain changing for one of the tracks but it doesn't seems to affect the other tracks in the same group, I saw a video in here where they have multiple windows of this open in DAW studio one, and every time a parameter gets changed the other windows updates automatically, I can't replicate this in Logic Pro, could you please advise of what's happening or even a simple workflow for Logic Pro X…thanks in advance! One more thing for some reason I can see when I play the tracks after disengaging the auto button all of my faders where pulled down to -11db…? Any idea why this is happening I thought they're supposed to stay in unity gain 0db.

  12. Holly shit, i'm learning so much stuff about mixing/mastering from dancemusicproduction courses and on a video he said i should lower a Volume and use a VU meter plugin but instead of me manually lowing the Volume i can use this Plugin there be shit tons of headroom for mastering.

  13. Great plugin idea. What happens after you have applied the plugin across all your tracks and you want to adjust volumes of different tracks making some louder in parts and some quieter in parts. Can this still be done after using this plugin okay?

  14. Would be nice if the plugin had a passive mode (as light as possible) after auto is completed. If i can make a suggestion. Create a "Single Pass Mode" button – So all you need to do is put one on every track with that mode on and play the track once, after the next stop is pressed (so not even grouping is required), plugin automatically switches itself to "Passive mode" saving CPU. Passive would be static gain only (preserving gain change but turning the detection off).

  15. I just bought the plugin and love it already but I wanna know can you record threw it on the incoming signal long as the hardware preamp is hovering around 0 or before I'm running a focusrite isa one preamp going into a art pro vla compressor

  16. Hi, I love this plugin. I am new to mixing. Should we have different Hornet VU settings for percussion vs melodic mixer channels? I use FL Studio 20, when using the auto feature in the plugin, do I need to adjust the volume on the. plugin itself, or does this plugin take care of all gain staging matters? Thanks.

  17. Hi, I bought this plugin and am enjoying it very much. I am new to mixing so please excuse my question if it appears rudimentary. If I am producing a song and I adjust the faders for each channel as I go long, can I then turn on this plugin, set it to auto gain with a Max Peak of say -10 db, would my song be auto gained to -10 db while respecting the levels that I had already set with the individual mixer channel faders before turning this plugin on?

  18. well i am a little bit confused, i own both vu meter and normalizer, what is the difference between them? you havent made a video about the normalizer….but still thanks for what you do

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