Hot Borsch

Aah Good borsh Mmm blyat! Still need more! A lot more! Your are my only friend Ay blyat… Is actually not bad Ah Good stuff Still long way to go, mead Uhh Borsh not mead Ay blyat good stuff AY BLYAT Long way to go Foaming borish Ahhhh Still the best Not bad Mm Is good Still hot Ahaha Borsh you my best friend you never let me down And i never get u down You good Still warm I do feel better Nose is clear! What is this magic? We found out soon Ending is a bit intense But no problem We get through this Davai Savic squats and cheeki breeki uh… Cold kompot with chebreki! Always moving, never down Such is life with Eh? Sing blyat! Yes! With slavs around! Good No, you, good friend *Singing “Kalinka” Opa! Davai! The cough is gone! Ah nose is clear! Good job Mr. Borsch Still warm! Alyooo? Come on come on I know you’re inside! Ahh come on! Aaaah well borsch its been fun well Back to videos! BAI EVERYWAN it took an hour of endless typing to finish de subtitles well BAI

100 thoughts on “Hot Borsch

  1. dιd тнe мιnced garlιc noт worĸ ιn prevenтιng yoυ ғroм geттιng ѕιcĸ?

  2. If I didnt know better I'd say hes getting a blowjob during this video. The camera stops just before his waist and he keeps sighing and groaning while looking down. I wouldnt be surprised if a slav woman was squating down below the camera chugging Boris's sour milky cock.

  3. I have to ask….did Boris really drink all that Borsch? I mean, I don't doubt his Slavic powers but…just watching him drink all that for ten minutes makes my bladder hurt.

  4. Parents: What are you doing?
    Me: Watching a slav superstar drink hot borsch for 10 minuttets straight
    Parents: Should we be concerned?
    Me: Is only slav buisnes… you wouldn't understand…

  5. I love how to pass time while waiting for my choir concert to start I just watch a pure Slavic man drink hot borsch for 10 minutes

  6. I remember I got pneumonia once and I thought it was just a cold, I basically just lived with it and got through it no problem somehow, with only the aid of about 10… million cough drops… and my throat felt like it was melting from the inside and there would be holes forming in it at any moment but, that luckily did not happen.

  7. Currently sick, I pass time drinking my own "hot borsch" while watching this video over, and over!

    Cheers comrade! Thanks for sharing these video we will all, at some part of of our lives, be able to relate to!

  8. how have you been sick for two whole weeks? whenever i get sick (which is barely once per 3 years) it lasts 2 days for me at most. are you sure you are in good health. even if this video was uploaded a while ago it still worries me

  9. So, the next time I have a cold/flu/pneumonia/etc., I now know to just drink 5gal of "not mead but good hot borsch"….

  10. I just right now watched a slav man drink what? 50 liters of mead hot borsch? I seriously need to do something with my life

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