– Don’t judge me, don’t judge. (trumpets blaring) Hey guys, how are you doing? If you all don’t know that
I love America by now, I don’t know where
you’ve been, oh my gosh, I’ve made so many videos
about America on this channel. I’ve been to lots of different places, I’ve eaten a lot of
different American food, I’ve even lived in America. In fact if you haven’t seen
all the American videos that I’ve done on this channel before, then just click on the
little I in the top corner of the screen once you’re
done watching this video, as I’ve made a whole
playlist of all of them that you can watch next. So seeing as I love the place so much, I was wondering how
stereotypically American am I? And so I did what all
people do when they want a deep and serious question
about themselves answered, I prayed to the BuzzFeed
gods, and they gave me a quiz. So I’m gonna go through this quiz, check off all the things that apply to me, and see what the result is at the end. By the way this video was
inspired by my friend Che, who did a how British am I quiz, so make sure you’ve seen his video too, I’ll put a link down
below in the description. But for now, how American am I? Here we go. Have you ever, number one, had bacon as part of
multiple meals in the day? Like all the time, I mean,
who doesn’t love bacon? Number two, drank to
embarrassing levels of excess? Yeah, that does happen a fair bit. Oopsie. I mean, once, never. Drank out of red Solo cups? America. Been to a keg party? Yes, but I’ve never done a keg stand. Driven a truck or SUV? Yep, definitely done that. Driving, driving in my car. Owned a truck or an SUV? No, I haven’t done
that, but I do want one. Gotten into a bar fight? Nope. Owned an article of clothing
with an American flag on it? America! Owned more than one article of clothing with an American flag on it? USA, USA. Had a closet full of American flag gear? No, two is enough. Worn a denim jacket? Hmm, close but, hang on a sec. (fingers snapping) Oh yeah. Ever thought I looked damn
good in a denim jacket? I really look damn good in a denim jacket. Ever said ‘Merica? Yeah, twice already in this video, oops. Been to a country music concert? Nope. Watched or been to a NASCAR event? No I have not. Attended a Major League Baseball game? I was supposed to this one time, but I didn’t because of the
number two thing, question. Number two, drank to
embarrassing levels of excess? Oopsie, so that’s a no. Eaten a hot dog at a ball game, nope. Drank a Slurpee? No, I need to do that, oh my
God, how have I not done that? Eaten a T-bone steak? Oh yeah, I love the steak. Talked shit about the metric system? Nah, I’ve gotta say, I quite
like the metric system. Apart from miles an hour,
always stick to miles an hour. Bought something in bulk? Yes, I did, do you know
those little biscuits that you get with your
coffee in a restaurant? I once bought a box of 500
of those, I don’t know why, I just really used to like them, but I did not get through
that box, no, they went stale. Eaten fast food multiple times a day? I mean if you start the day
with a McDonald’s breakfast you gotta carry on as you started, right? It’s the rules, the law. Drown in student loan debt? Oh yes, you don’t want
to know how much I owe. But I guess to be fair, it’s
not as bad as in America, it’s a bit cheaper over here. Drank a Budweiser? Of course. Drank far too many Budweisers
on American holiday? I mean you gotta play beer pong
with something, haven’t you? And you gotta drink all the Budweisers in the beer pong cups. Barbecued, yeah. Voted for a reality show? No I’ve not done that actually. Tried to get on a reality show? Yes, you guys ever watch Total Wipeout? Yeah I might’ve applied
to be on that once, but the application form was so long, it took forever to complete,
but they didn’t pick me. Had road rage? Maybe once. Gotten a speeding ticket? No, but I might’ve come close once. Gotten into an uninformed
political argument? No, I tend to avoid all politics and arguments surrounding such. Been to the Statue of Liberty? No not really, I saw it
from afar and was satisfied with that so, didn’t go any closer. Been to Mount Rushmore? Nope! Given a stranger directions? Yeah of course, but my
directions are usually terrible so it probably didn’t help them. Complained about President Bush? Oh my God, yes, he’s a fool. Complained about President Obama? Nope I think he’s a sound guy. Complained about people complaining about President Bush or Obama? I don’t know, probably. Signed up for a credit
card at a too young an age? I did try to get one when I was 17, and they wouldn’t let
me, so yeah, I guess I. Spoken in a horrific British accent? Yeah I like to take the
piss out of Americans that try to British accents,
’cause they all sound the same. Hello, my name’s Harry Potter,
would you like some tea? Hooked up with a foreigner
solely because of their accent? No, but I do think the American accent’s quite attractive to me,
so it probably helped. Only watched soccer during the World Cup? Yes, that is me, and it has
to be like the World Cup Final for me to turn on soccer. Sung the national anthem at a bar? No, don’t think so. Started a USA chant? No I have not done that, I
might’ve joined in with one once. Watched fireworks on the Fourth of July? July, July, July, yes I have done that, I did that in San Diego a
few years ago, it was cool. Set off fireworks on the Fourth of July? No. Burned something down
because of the fireworks you set off on Fourth of July? Not that I know of,
unless question number two came into play once again. Acted like you knew all the
words to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA but sang only the chorus? I think that is everyone in the world. ♫ Born in the USA, I was (humming “Born in the
USA” by Bruce Springsteen) ♫ Doo, Scooby Doo ♫ Inexplicably gone crazy over Journey song? Yeah. (humming) Embarrassing, fired a gun? I have shot a rifle when
I was in the Boy Scouts, like when I was a little
kid, but I must say, I do think American gun
laws are pretty silly. Gone hunting? No, gone fishing? Yeah, a long time ago. Gone camping, yup. Hiking, yup, and it was in
LA, oh my God that’s so LA and so American of me, I should
get double points for that. Served in the military? Not that I remember,
hmm, let me have a think. Sarcastically made fun of Canada? Who hasn’t, eh? Voted, yes. Given money to a homeless person? Yes, wish you lived in California? Yes, and I did for a bit,
and I would still go back. Wish you lived in New York? Yes, all the time. Wished you lived anywhere else? No, pretty much just California
or New York to be honest. Truly believed in the American dream? Nah. Considered yourself a
big Harrison Ford fan? Who doesn’t love little
Harry Mr. McFord man, dude? But big fan, go on then. Gotten choked up when
Goose died in Top Gun? No I haven’t seen that film, oh my God, I probably should lose a point here. Know how to properly
fold an American flag? No I didn’t really know that was a thing that you needed to learn, is it? Oh no, losing points here. Swelled with pride when watching Rocky IV? Again, negative point, sorry. Bought something from an infomercial? No, I’ve not done that,
I’m not a fool, oopsie. Done something unspeakable in Las Vegas? No, I’ve never been to Las
Vegas, oh I want to go. Rode a Harley Davidson? No, oh my God, I’m losing
all the points here. Owned a pair of Levi’s jeans? Yes, I’ve done that. Spent five plus hours on a
Saturday watching Netflix? Yes, hell to the yes I’ve done that. It probably would’ve been when
I was watching Breaking Bad, if I had to guess. Had a crush on a cheerleader? You know that film where there’s like all the guy cheerleaders? Yeah I think I did then. Been a cheerleader? Don’t think so. USA, USA, US of A! Owned cowboy boots? No, I’ve not. Considered yourself a patriot? Eh, spent an unhealthy amount
of time on the internet in one sitting? Oh my gosh yes, every
day, that is my life, what else do I do, I’m just
on the internet all the time. Looked forward to the Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? No, it’s usually girls isn’t it? Looked forward to Shark Week? I don’t know what that is. Owned a skateboard? Yeah, not very good at it though. Read The Great Gatsby? No, got inappropriately
drunk at a work happy hour? So they have happy hours at YouTube, so let’s just say that may
have happened once or twice. Been to a US National Park? Yes, when I was in New England I went to Arcadia National
Park and went climbing and abseiling at sunrise
and it was awesome. Hated communism? I mean yeah, it’s not great. Believed in conspiracy theories? No, I don’t think so. Had a disproportionately large ego? I hope not, I mean it’s a
bit large though isn’t it? Gone line dancing? No. Gotten fired up for a saxophone solo? I mean I do love a good saxophone solo. (hums jazz music) Think that was a trumpet. Fought over a parking space? No, I don’t think so, we don’t
really do that in England, we’re too polite. Enjoyed watching Seinfeld? Nope, never seen it. Considered Die Hard a Christmas movie? Oh my God yes, it is the
ultimate Christmas movie. Made an apple pie? No, I haven’t, apple crumble,
but not an apple pie. Hitchhiked? No, too scary. Been to Disney World? Yes, many times, where
magical things happen. Eaten a Twinkie? Yes, in a YouTube video, too. Gotta say, I think I have to remember them being better than this. Enjoyed your freedom? Yes, freedom! And the results are
in, are you guys ready? Let’s find out how
stereotypically American am I? Here we go, make sure you give this video a thumbs up by the way if you enjoyed it, and if you think I’m American. And subscribe if you’re not
already a regular viewer, but here come the results. I checked off 54 out of 100 on that list, that means I’m as American as
a scruffy, blue jean wearing, Bruce Springsteen standing
in front of Old Glory, I don’t know who that is,
maybe I should lose a point. I am America, and I’ll fight
anyone who says otherwise. ‘Merica. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, as I say, I made a playlist
of all the other videos that I’ve made about America, so click on the little I,
and you can watch them next. Also, follow me on all my
other social media channels if you want to keep up to
date with what I’m doing and all the American
things that I’m doing. I’m actually going to LA next
week, woohoo, I love America. All my social links are around, and down below in the description, and you can follow me on
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all that stuff, that would be cool. I had fun today, I hope
you guys did as well, and I will see you again
very soon, goodbye!

100 thoughts on “HOW AMERICAN AM I?!

  1. Great video. Gotta love a good Buzzfeed quiz. I really want to move to America, more specifically LA at some point! Going there for a road trip in September and I CANNOT wait!

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