There are a few important things you’ll
need to prepare before your smart meter installation. Firstly make sure you know
where your current gas and electricity meters are located and check that
they’re easy to get to. If you think this might be an issue or you believe your
current gas and electricity meters are difficult to access or locate, please let
your energy supplier know well in advance. Your supplier will have been in
touch to arrange this installation they will never turn up on your doorstep
unexpectedly. When the Installer arrives they should present you with the valid
identity card including the company name and phone number as well as their name
and photograph. You can ask to see this if the installer does not present it
upfront. You’ll need to be present during the installation which will take around
an hour for your gas meter and an hour for your electricity meter, during which
time your energy supply will be cut off for a short period. Once your smart meter
has been installed the installer will talk you through how to use your new
in-home display. If a gas meter is being installed, the installer will also
perform additional safety checks on your gas appliances as part of the
installation. It’s worth remembering that smart meters are provided at no extra
cost so you will not have to pay your smart meter installer on the day. Contact
your energy supplier today about getting your smart meter at no extra cost

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